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  1. Funny
    Vector0102 reacted to SupaKomputa in Report suggests many Gen Z students do not know how to use a basic file directory   
    Wa.. wa ... wait.. It's not???
    My grandfather told me he use to do a circular motion to communicate with people.
    I told him he's crazy.
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    Vector0102 reacted to J-from-Nucleon in Report suggests many Gen Z students do not know how to use a basic file directory   
    Huh, guess I'm part of the minority then.......
  3. Funny
    Vector0102 reacted to Spotty in Report suggests many Gen Z students do not know how to use a basic file directory   
    It's because everyone just watches porn in their web browser these days. They never learned to navigate elaborate folder structures to hide their porn stash.
  4. Funny
    Vector0102 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Report suggests many Gen Z students do not know how to use a basic file directory   
    Considering this is the generation that thinks that WiFi and LTE is the only way to get internet... I'm not surprised. 
  5. Like
    Vector0102 reacted to Caroline in Windows 11 - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!!!   
    Is W11 the Cyberpunk 2077 of the operating systems? delayed 3 times, rushed at the last minute even though it's not even 50% complete, has ridiculous hardware requirements and performs like shit.
  6. Like
    Vector0102 reacted to Salv8 (sam) in Windows 11 - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!!!   
    agree, i bet some stores will offer a downgrade after the inevitable user backlash just like the vista days.
    windows 10 is gonna be microsofts new xp, and i don't think they are gonna be able to kill it this time.
  7. Agree
    Vector0102 reacted to LAwLz in Windows 11 - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!!!   
    And, Microsoft could just make the new scheduler available for Windows 10 if they wanted. Hell, the new scheduler was most likely developed on Windows 10.
  8. Like
    Vector0102 reacted to LAwLz in Windows 11 - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!!!   
    Windows 11 is so unpolished and rushed I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
    Microsoft should just postpone the release by at least a year.
    So many missing features, UI inconsistencies (which is the main selling point of Windows 11), bugs and broken promises.
    I'll just stay on Windows 10 for the time being, and I recommend everyone else do the same too.
  9. Agree
    Vector0102 reacted to Murasaki in Windows 11 - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!!!   
    see you in 2025 i guess lol xD
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    Vector0102 reacted to GoodBytes in Windows 11 - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!!!   
    Windows 11 is coming in a few days. Windows 10 was released 6 years ago back in mid-July 2015. Windows 10 had a similar life to Windows XP, which also was out for 6 years before its successor was released. And like XP had, Windows 10 is under a long-extended support despite a new version of Windows being out. Microsoft continues its long line of multi-year continuous support despite having a new version released.

    Before upgrading to Windows 11, ensure the following:
    Your UEFI (BIOS) is updated to the latest version. Many motherboards in the DIY space have been identified to have issues when fTPM is enabled. This issue, to my knowledge is ongoing to this day for many people, this is despite multiple updates released so far.
    Note that: There is a risk of bricking your motherboard while updating the UEFI/BIOS, if things don’t go perfectly for you. So, please: Carefully read every step from your motherboard manual and be prepared for recovery steps and troubleshooting steps beforehand. Don’t assume it will be a nice experience. Ensure that when you download the new UEFI, that you are connected on the internet with a strong connection to avoid the chance of corrupted UEFI downloaded.
      Aside from this, if you are using a third-party security software, update it or uninstall it before starting the Windows 11 update process. Back in Windows 10 days, with new Win10 version updates it has been identified that they might create issues with the updated system and ended with an unbootable OS (example, anti-virus flagging system files and blocking them from being updated).
      Backup all your personal data before updating to Windows 11. You never know when bad luck can strike.
      Once you update to Windows 11, check for updates to ensure you have the latest “day 1” updates, and ensure that all your drivers are fully up to date. This includes: Chipset, SATA Controller (if you are using a SATA drive), Audio, GPU, printer, webcam, and so on. Windows 11 drivers have just been released for many manufactures. Of course these are initial releases, so minor issues might occur in some games or software. Should be mostly fine, but something to expect. If this is a possible issue for you, best to wait for the GA of Windows 11, which by that point should have updated Win11 drivers with fixes, and Windows 11 should also have, at the very least, its first round of cumulative update fixing discovered day 1 issues. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Special thanks to @linkboywho discovered it, a day early!
    Update Assistance, Media Creation Tool (for Win11), and Win11 ISO download:
    (All on the same page)
    System Requirements
    As with new version of Windows, it brings updated system requirements. However, as you most likely have heard, this time, that the requirement is more than just performance related. There is a lot of mud on the message that Microsoft has said. Part by click-bait articles, part by journalists who report on technology barely knows how to turn on a computer, and part by Microsoft themselves who clearly faces internal communications issues. So, I’ll do my best to clear things up. Apologies, if they are inaccuracies. I’ll update this section if they are any.
    Gathering all the info, including being part of the Insiders Program, it sums as follows:
    Minimum System Requirements – No support from MS, but can install
    CPU Arch: 64-bit CPU (x86-64 or ARM64) CPU: Dual core, 1GHz (not part of Windows 11 supported list of CPUs, see "Minimum system requirements - With Support, bellow) CPU Modes: any RAM: 4GB of RAM or more Storage: 64GB or more BIOS Type: UEFI Security: Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 (physical hardware or firmware supported) GPU: DirectX 12 with WDDM 2.0 driver model or later Display: 720p or higher Internet: Internet connectivity is required for Home edition, and access to many built-in apps (they require or use the internet, and also are not actually pre-installed. Will install when clicked on for the first time, to help keep the OS clean) If you only meet these minimum specs: You’ll be able to install Windows 11. HOWEVER, Microsoft won’t be supporting you. If you face crashes, performance issues, you are on your own. The Windows 11 update WILL NOT be available through Windows Update for you. Future updates of Windows 11 might not be available for you. In other words, if there is a security update that requires a CPU security feature that you don’t support, it won’t be available to you.
    Minimum System Requirements – With support.
    Same as minimum above with:
    For Intel: Intel 8th gen CPU or later (Select 7th gen CPUs are also supported) For AMD: Zen+ and later with some exceptions (DCH drivers required) For ARM: Snapdragon 850 or later DCH-based drivers required CPU features: Virtual based Security (VBS) - protects system memory Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) – Protection against Windows (or any supported OS) kernel code injection Mode Based Execution Control (MBEC) Part of the supported CPUs list (or newer, of course): Intel, AMD, Qualcomm Optional feature requirements:
    Pretty obvious stuff, but for completion, here it is:
    4G / LTE / 5G: Modem with 4G or LTE or 5G is required with valid active SIM card (or eSIM) Windows Hello Facial: Windows Hello Facial Camera supported Windows Hello Fingerprint Scanner: Fingerprint scanner supporting Windows Hello Hyper-V: Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) DirectStorage: NVMe SSD DirectX 12 Ultimate: Graphics card with DirectX12 Ultimate support WiFi-6E support: WLAN IHV hardware and driver, Wi-Fi 6E capable AP/router Windows Projection: Wi-Fi adapter that supports Wi-Fi Direct (aka: Miracast), WDDM 2.0 Android support: 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended for optimal functionality) AutoHDR: HDR compatible monitor  
    If your system does not meet the requirements, fear not:
    Windows 10 is supported until Oct 2025, if there are no date extensions DirectStorage is coming to Windows 10 WSLg is also coming to Windows 10 The new Store is also coming to Windows 10  
    Windows 11 Story
    Release date
    Windows 11 will be released on Oct 5th for those who wants it. However, Microsoft will make it available to all supported system (general availability (GA)) by early next year. So, it expected that, or a few cumulative updates will be released. If you seek for the best experience, might be worth waiting for the GA of Windows 11. If it were my guess, Oct 5th was picked to ensure that this holiday season Windows 11 is on every new computer. But that is just my guess.
    What’s New?
    New Interface

    A completely new interface is introduced. Like Windows 10, we have the lite and dark theme. Screenshot above is the dark theme. The ribbon background represents abstractly a blooming flower at the center which follows the moto of Window 11, which is focused front and center on the user, centered on the user.
    The Start menu is by default at the center of your screen (which should be welcoming for ultra-wide and super-ultra-wide screen users) and has been simplified. Its most notable change is the removal of the live tiles. 
    Android App Support
    This feature won’t make it day 1 on Oct 5th. Microsoft has announced that the feature has been delayed. The feature would allow one to run Android apps under Windows. Android app can be side-loaded or acquired through the Store via Amazon Store which will be integrated into the Store. Only systems with 8GB of RAM can enable this feature. 16GB of RAM is recommended for the optimal experience.
    Start / Taskbar
    Start menu and task bar items can be move between the center layout (default) and the traditional left side of the screen.
    Simply go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors and set Taskbar alignment to Left.
    Windows 11 introduces a new update model, which results in updates being (claimed by Microsoft) to be around 40% smaller in size. This ends up having update that are faster to download and install.
    In addition, when you restart the system from the Power button for a pending update, if the system has an SSD, you'll get an estimated install time.

    Improved Bluetooth audio experience
    Unified audio endpoint: Bluetooth headsets used to feature multiple end points to manual switch between headset mode and audio mode. Headset mode would drastically reduce the audio of the headset (telephone quality) but gave you mic support. Audio mode, you got the best audio quality your headset could produce, and Windows allowed with its Bluetooth stack. Now, Windows 11 has a single endpoint, which the Bluetooth Stack of Windows will auto switch. So, you can listen to your music, and switch directly to meeting without having to adjust your settings.
      Support for AAC codec: Windows 11 finally support AAC codec for audio. AAC is a lossy codec that delivers high quality audio streaming via Bluetooth to your headset. Most headsets support AAC due to Android and iOS, but Windows never did support it until now. OOBE
    Windows 11 introduces a new Out-Of-Box Experience (the wizard when you first install / run Windows on a system). The OOBE has been simplified and Cortana is no longer there.

    x86-64 support on ARM
    Windows 11 on ARM finally gets officially x86-64 emulation support. Introduced under Windows 10 Insider program initially for Windows 10 on ARM users, Windows 11 is now taking that option. This feature allows the translation of x86-64 instructions set to ARM64 ones. This means that now Intel/AMD 64-bit designed applications can now run under Windows 11 on ARM. Previously it was only 32-bit which was an issue as many programs only exist in 64-bit variant.
    Windows 11 on ARM feature which allows running hybrid architecture applications. This means that if the developer has not fully converted their application to ARM64 native, Windows 11 will run the application in this partial ARM64 and x86-64 (or x86) state. This is big advancement as many developers could not port their application for ARM64 due to dependencies that didn’t exists in ARM64. This also allows program extensions/add-ons to be loaded in the ARM64 version of the application despite compiled for x86-64.
    Auto HDR
    If you have an HDR compatible monitor, you can enjoy Auto HDR, which is a feature introduced back in the Xbox One days, which uses an AI system to update games who don’t normally support HDR in adding support for it and augment the game visuals.

    Read more: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/auto-hdr-preview-for-pc-available-today/
    HDR support to color managed apps
    For programs that uses ICC profiles, such as PhotoShop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Corel Draw and more. These programs where limited to sRGB color gamut. Windows 11 introduces a feature to allow applications get accurate color and access the full gamut of the user HDR display. Simply turn on "Use legacy display ICC color management" option under the executable Properties panel > Compatibility

    Clipboard History (Win+V) Improvements
    Using Win+V will display the clipboard history panel. This panel has been improved, with the ability to paste formatted text copied as unformatted (text only). Just hit "..." on the item you want to paste and pick the paste button.

    New System Font
    Segoe UI is updated with a new version of the font called Segoe UI Variable. This font was designed to better scale with different display sizes, it also improved legibility at small sizes.

    Segoe MDL2 also gets updated. The "icon font" if you want to call it that, has been updated to feature the new updated Windows 11 design language, with its rounded corners and simplified look.

    New Settings Panel 
    A complete reorganization with new settings and more ported settings from the old Control Panel.

    New Touch keyboard
    Microsoft has completely reworked the touch keyboard. It is now more responsive, feature improved layouts, and many other quality of life improvements, including scaling the keyboard larger or smaller. In addition, it is now customizable. The background can be change, the key colors, key text size, suggested text color, and keys background color. It also features direct paste of last copied text in the suggestion box, like most mobile phone keyboards.


    (Great feature if you have cat on keyboard issue).
    A new Store
    Windows 11 introduces a new store which has been completely redone from scratch. Back-end and front-end. The new store is nothing like the old one. It features a download system that works all the time, and it is faster and more responsive at all tasks compared to the older one. It also features a more organized layout, and improved search, making finding applications and games, easier than before.
    The new Store features support not only for UWP apps or Win32 UWP wrapped apps. It now allows developers to publish their application regardless of how it is made without any additional work.
    Already, the new Store, despite having Win11 not released, has many Win32 applications, such as:
    EPIC Game Store (yes, thanks to new store policy!) Discord OBS Studio LibreOffice OpenOffice Opera web browser (yes, thanks to new store policy) Yandex web browser Firefox (Mozilla hinted that it may come... no confirmation yet) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Adobe Creative Cloud (confirmed by MS that it is coming) Foxit PhantomPDF Disney+ ZOOM Cloud Meetings VLC WinRAR TeamViewer TALK Conva Luminar AI Music Maker Clipchamp Reddit (PWA) Lyft (PWA) Wikipedia (PWA) Tumblr (PWA) Microsoft Visual Studio Code Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition Microsoft PowerToys Microsoft Edge web browser  
    You can read more here:
    Device Manager - Direct Managing of Drivers
    Device Manager now features new views option to allow a power user to manage their drivers. This is part of a new set of views called “Devices by drivers”, “Drivers by type”, and “Drivers by devices”. This permits to better manage drivers installed on the system.


    Task Manager
    Task manager now has Edge process integration
    You can now see with relative ease which tab is consuming how much of your CPU, which extension is consuming CPU and memory and so on.

    Content adaptive brightness control
    Settings panels now has a new option for embedded displays device (laptops/tablets) which helps improving the device battery life at the exchange of image quality. In other words, the options play with the contrast and brightness at a software level to help make text more visible allowing you to keep the display brightness lower than normal, and help you save battery life.
    Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR)
    This feature fluctuates the refresh rate to help save battery life from your mobile device. This means if you have a 120Hz panel (for example), it can drop it down to 60Hz when the image is still, like you are reading a document, or typing one out. Scrolling content will adjust it back to 120Hz. Same for inking. That said, the feature needs software support. Currently: Office, Edge, Whiteboard, Photos app, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes, Drawboard PDF, Adobe Acrobat, To Do, Inkodo all support it. This feature is NOT variable refresh rate. The focus of this feature is not gaming but non-gaming tasks. The option is found under: Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display.

    Virtual Desktop Improvements 
    Move: You can now drag a virtual desktop under the Task View panel. You can use, under Task View, right-click on a virtual desktop thumbnail, and pick "Move Left/Right". Backgrounds: Changing the wallpaper in a virtual desktop, will now only change the wallpaper of that desktop environment.
      External Display Improvement
    Windows 11 has the ability to retain and restore window position when a screen is disconnected and reconnected. Simply snap you window layouts on your external monitor and when you disconnect your external display, the layout will move to your other display, and restore itself to what it was once the display is connected back.
    Snap Groups
    Previously, when you snapped a program windows side-by-side or in quadrants, and minimize them, to restore you have to restore them one-by-one. And sometimes would loose the snap layout you initially had. Under Windows 11, when you roll over one of the programs snapped, you’ll see the option to select the initial group:

    Mouse is rolled over “Word”. Where in my snap group, I have Edge + Word side-by-side. Clicking on “Group | …“, will restore both window, and the border in between can scale both window, as if I never minimized either window.
    Even more snaps
    For select resolutions / Display Scale, you can enjoy Side-by-Side-by-Side window. Meaning you can now snap a window on the left, middle and right sections of the screen.
    This is achieved with the new snap layout selection. Simply roll over the mouse on the maximize/restore button on the title bar, and the following menu will display, showing your available options:

    (Simply pick one, and the window will snap directly to new location)
    File Explorer
    New Look: File Explorer has been redesigned to feature a cleaner more simplistic look and feel. It removes the ribbon bar, in favor of a simplified tool bar. The header of the window features a new material called: Mica, which is transparent frosted look but ignores any window behind it. It only takes into consideration the wallpaper.

    Also, notice that the “3D Objects” folder is now gone, and that the OS features new icon set. This icon set is set is nearly everywhere applied to the OS
      New beautiful menus:
    The OS features updated menus look.

    Sadly, legacy menus, like anything else you’ll notice that is legacy, doesn’t get this nice new look, however, Microsoft does attempt its best to update its look to better match Windows 11 look and feel. And of course, programs using custom GUI framework, are on their own. So, you’ll get the traditional square corner menu that you all love.
    Compact View: The updated File Explorer has items more spread out than before. However, you can return to the old way, by checking the box "Decrease space between items (compact view)" in the Folder Options panel.
     -- or -- :   
    Navigation Pane: You now Show/Hide  Network This PC

      Action Center
    Action Center has been reworked. Notifications are now separate from the quick actions of the Action Center of Windows 10. Clicking on the Ethernet/Wireless and sound icon (they are grouped together) reveal this menu:

    Customizable the same way as Windows 10 Action Center quick actions button (right-click > edit), this section allows you click access to system options. You’ll also notice on the right of the volume slider an icon. If you have multiple output source, this icon will show, and allow you to quickly change the output source, and access more sound settings:

    WSLg - WSL GUI support
    WSL now feature GUI support with Audio passthrough as well as GPU acceleration.
    For full details: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/the-initial-preview-of-gui-app-support-is-now-available-for-the-windows-subsystem-for-linux-2/

    Linux GUI program runs through Microsoft own solution which provide GUI support for Linux based applications. The solution support dialog boxes, and menus coming out of the application window, as one would expect.

    (Blurry and large font is because it uses Linux based OS (in this case Ubuntu) font rendering engine. It shows the very same if you were to install Ubuntu natively on your system. It’s bad, it is hard to read, that is normal.)

    (Again, the sharp font is also due to the font rendering engine of Linux based OS failing to do anything with legacy applications, such as the OS calculator xcalc)
    WSL GPU Drivers:
    Nvidia: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda/wsl
    AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-wsl-support
    Intel: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29526
    Camera Settings
    Window now give you control to camera and webcam brightness and contrast control. It allows you to manage your cameras as well, including adding with ease network cameras.

    Windows Tools
    Small reorganization of Windows settings in the Start menu. It now regroups all panels under "Windows Tool" folder
    Windows Terminal
    Old command prompt, be gone! Windows 11 features Windows Terminal built in. Microsoft new terminal console window replaces the old Command Prompt (you can still bring it back by running cmd.exe). It brings countless improvements, and the project has been quite active in its development. (You can get Windows Terminal under Windows 10 via the Store)

    The new terminal features:
    Tab support Configurable font and size Panel support Emoji support Full color and text formats (bold, italic, underline) support and customization Links support Transparency and background wallpaper Per console type color profiles
    And more… It is also open source: https://github.com/Microsoft/Terminal

    Widgets Panel
    Microsoft is introducing the Widgets panel which is a panel showing news which can be tailored to you by saying what you like or not (including removing sources) and features widgets which can be added. So far, the available Widgets are the ones made by Microsoft. Microsoft did mention that they aim to make the APIs public to allow third party widgets to be made.
    To access the Widget panel, simply click on the Widgets button on the taskbar or swipe the left side of the screen if you have a touch screen.

    Add Widget panel, shows all currently available widgets that can be added:

    Each widget can be resized in similar fashion to Live Tiles, where you can just right-click on one, and pick if you want Small, Medium, or Large. In the first screenshot, I put the Weather and Stock market widget, both set to medium size.
    Battery Consumption Meter
    Windows 11 introduces a battery consumption meter section under Settings panel, which is like your phone. It allows you to track battery life of your mobile system, and see which application is consuming the most power.

    UWP App archiving
    Similarly to your mobile phone, you can have Windows archive unused apps either done manually or automatically to save space. This applies to UWP apps only.

    UWP Background App Control
    Windows 11 now give you control on UWP apps running in the background. Simply go to Settings > Apps > App & features > [Pick “⁝” button on a UWP apps] > Advance Options

    You can pick: “Power optimized”, “Always”, “Never”.

    Storage Drive Health
    Windows 11 now provides you the SMART state of your storage drive. If you have any issue, you’ll also have Windows pop a notification. You can see the health of your drive by going to Settings > System > Storage > Disk & volume > [pick your drive]

    New High Contrast Themes (accessibility)
    New customizable accessibility theme has now been introduced under Windows 11

    Accessibility support for WSL / WSLg
    Those with that need accessibility tool in order to better use their system should not be left out from Linux. Microsoft has implemented various accessibility features to allow accessibility tools to interact with WSL. You can read more on it, and other accessibility improvements here: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2021/07/01/whats-coming-in-windows-11-accessibility/
    Since Windows 10, Microsoft has been very serious in making Windows the best OS for those with disabilities, and despite quickly achieving this, Microsoft has continued going all in.
    Updated Apps:
    Clock with Spotify Support and To Do
    Clock app has been added with a new focus feature which allows you play music for a period of time with breaks in between. If you are the type of person who likes to listen to music to stay focused, this app is designed for you. It also integrated with Spotify to allow you to play your preferred music with ease. It also integrated with Microsoft To Do for you to setup or link up a task list. Its interface has also been updated with latest iteration of Fluent Design.


    Weather app got a new iconography for its weather, matching the rest of the icons of the OS.
    The photo interface has been cleaned up, updated to Windows 11, and is now faster and more responsive than ever before.

    The camera got updated with new functionalities. It can now take pictures of Business cards, Whiteboard, and Documents and realign them to be straight. This is the same functionality of Office Lens on Android / iOS but brought in the Windows Camera app. It can also scan QR codes.
    Snipping Tools
    Snip & Sketch and Snipping Tools got merged bringing the best features of both into one.
    Microsoft Paint is getting some love from Microsoft by updating its look & feel to better fit with Windows 11 design language.

    And that is about it!
    Video Demo
    What do you think?
    Are you excited for Windows 11 and the new features it introduces?
    Warning: Do not print this page. It is 42 pages long.
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    Vector0102 reacted to RejZoR in Microsoft provides clarifications on Win11 specs, says it is evaluating in adding 7th gen CPUs and Ryzen 1 series CPUs   
    Because MS being MS would drop Ryzen 3000 and shill 5000 series only if it was on them. They are that stupid. They are like a little child who always overreacts and never does anything right. And by legacy people mean stop dragging stupid Internet Explorer with the OS when you've released 2 entirely new iterations of it. Not removing CPU support for CPU's that are very much capable and modern by any metric.
  15. Like
    Vector0102 reacted to FakeKGB in Chinese chip manufacturer, Loongson Technology, has developed its own CPU architecture   
    Don't forget the proprietary floppy disk formatting systems!
    Commodore put the index/boot sector on Track 18 and made weird sector layouts, but no one else did.
  16. Funny
    Vector0102 reacted to huilun02 in Potentially Intel Inside everything: Pat Gelsinger anounces renewal of foundry services   
    But then they would all have to be 14nm
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    Vector0102 reacted to Results45 in Potentially Intel Inside everything: Pat Gelsinger anounces renewal of foundry services   
    Doesn't look like anybody else has a thread on this yet so here goes.........
    EDIT ~ even more details from TechTechPotato:
    It looks like Intel is aiming to offer TSMC/Samsung/GloFlo-style foundry capacity to clients wanting orders of custom x86 and RISC processors by 2023 and maybe even FPGA, MIPS, Power, analog, and other kinds of architectures later on.
    So........my iPhone, laptop, eGPU, PS5, PC, Tesla, Roomba, and AR glasses might all soon have Intel Inside®?
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  19. Informative
    Vector0102 reacted to kvuj in Lord of the Ring(s): Side Channel Attacks on the CPU On-Chip Ring Interconnect (currently Intel only)   
    A completely new type of attacks has been devised which are specific to Intel CPUs (it may be possible to port to other CPUs, but requires reverse engineering of a CPU's on-chip interconnect). This whole new class of attack ignores previous ways to prevent such papers attacking CPU architectures (such as disabling SMT, cleansing microarchitectural state when context switching, etc). 
    The attack comes from reverse engineering the ring interconnect's protocol in order to reveal the conditions for 2 processes that will incur ring contention. It can be used to leak key bits from vulnerable EdDSA/RSA implementations and also allows the attack to get the timing of keystrokes which can be used to reconstruct passwords.
    To protect your program against it, you have to make your code timing-attack free (follow constant-time programming principles). 
    My thoughts
    Woohoo, another vulnerability that takes advantages of hardware design, so it can't be patched. Even if we might be tired of hearing about yet another one, the depth and ingenuity of these always impress me. Even if I can't understand everything in the paper, it's a super interesting read and a reminder of the complexity of CPUs.
    This type of attack is currently very early in its design so it is unknown how bad it is in the grand scheme of things. I'm not super worried about the consequences of this since it will probably patched quickly in the handful programs needing a fix, but it is always interesting to remind ourselves that hackers will never stop sharpening their fangs. As such the security of systems needs to constantly evolve to keep up with the increased hostility of attacks.
    If this decade has thought us anything, is that CPU designs need to recieve extra care during their infancy to protect against such attacks.
    https://arxiv.org/pdf/2103.03443.pdf (Paper from USENIX Security 2021)
    https://github.com/FPSG-UIUC/lotr (PoC source code)
  20. Informative
    Vector0102 reacted to Deus Voltage in AMD to Finalize Acquisition of Xilinx for $35 Billion + Record Q3 2020 Earnings   
    AMD is finally announcing its acquisition of Xilinx:

    In case you are wondering what Xilinx is, they define themselves on their website as " the inventor of the FPGA, programmable SoCs, and now, the ACAP."
    AMD also announced their revenue for 2020 Q3:

    AMD has went from a company on the brink of bankruptcy to making a $35 billion dollar deal. Quite a feat considering the competition, market conditions and, well, human malware at the moment. Will the future continue to be bright for AMD? Well, share your thoughts!
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    Vector0102 got a reaction from panzersharkcat in iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back, and still save money   
    Again its because of the supply chain, things which are manufactured locally dont have extravagant taxes on them. Imported items do. As much as I hate the iPhone pricing here, its not something Apple does.
  22. Informative
    Vector0102 got a reaction from valdyrgramr in iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back, and still save money   
    its the same from the start 30k INR
  23. Funny
    Vector0102 reacted to Dedayog in Sale numbers of NVidia 30-series released by european retailer Proshop.   
    This isn't an issue.
    It's an outright fraudulent launch.  You cannot consider 106 of 4000 units (2.65%) fulfillment rate an "issue".  They outright lied about this and catfished the hype.
    Do me a favor, get married and fulfil 2.65% of your wife's needs.
    Let me know how that goes.
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    Vector0102 reacted to RejZoR in iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back, and still save money   
    It's so hilarious people yet again going like "omg greedy Apple" yet it's the India smacking ridiculous "luxury" taxes on tech products making them absurdly expensive. Yet everyone rushes to piss on Apple because you're not cool if you're not endlessly pissing on Apple these days. How old are you all, 8 ?
  25. Funny
    Vector0102 reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back, and still save money   
    you'd think Apple shifting its production to India for their iPhones will make them cheap as that was their pitch to the Indian Govt when they did get permissions to set shop, well you're wrong, in an other out of touch prices with its customers apples does it again. 


    iPhone 12 Pro Price in India for 128 GB: Rs 1,19,000 ($1,620)
    iPhone 12 Pro Price in Dubai for 128GB: Rs 84,000 ($1,114)

    The whole point was to eliminate customs price that you need to pay for importing them from elsewhere, i have yet again have no clue what Apple is smoking over there. 

    Source : https://www.indiatoday.in/technology/features/story/iphone-12-pro-so-expensive-in-india-that-you-can-fly-to-dubai-to-buy-it-come-back-and-still-save-money-1733722-2020-10-21