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  1. Thank you for that external IP call out. Made sure not to show it on the top. Forget to check the bottom.

    Yes I am on Windows and I made some firewall rules to let that port go through. Not sure how to disable it completely.
    The Host PC is my Laptop running win10 over ethernet.

  2. What I know is that you have pretty limited options. You can make one of your monitors the main display where they should not move.

    Otherwise if you don't like that option you may have to give in. Don't get it myself why you are so limited.

    Althrough restarting the pc should not move them but I may need to test that statement.

  3. So I got myself a second pc. With that PC I have tested the power supply and it didn't change anything on mine while running perfectly on the otherone. Should I get myself a new motherboard and if that problem persists a new cpu since I now do believe that one of those aren't Working anymore. Is there any possibillity that the cpu or motherboard just gave up while making it seem to be working (fans spinning, lights on the moba turns on). The case is dusty in the inside.

  4. 13 minutes ago, codenameClio said:

    Try unplugging any unnecessary USB devices (or unplug all of them).

    Remove all PCI * devices too, and turn your PC on.

    Check if you get some display.

    Sadly that has changed nothing. Gpu has been removed and the only cable plugged in the pc is the hdmi and the power cord. Also tried Switching to the dvi port. 

  5. The ram is seated and I have rechecked that all cables where in properly.


    I am getting no display on the output of the motherboard.


    While restarting when the problem appeared, i have not touched or changed anything on the pc. It has been restartet through windows.

  6. 3 minutes ago, myselfolli said:

    What do you mean by "did not post but all seems to be running"? Please be more specific in describing what exactly your problem is...

    Ah im sorry. What I mean is that I don't get anything on the screen but the PC fans are all spinning and lights lighting up.

  7. I haven't touched anything inside my PC for month and for some odd reason I have experienced audio stuttering. I couldn't tell what caused that problem so I just restartet my PC. While restarting the PC it did not post at all. All fans are spinning and lights turning up.


    Things I have tried are removing the ram for a couple of seconds, removing the plug to the power supply. Using the motherboard Display on all its Video output ports. (Hdmi & DVI)

    Nothing worked.


    Sadly I don't know where to look for the problem now.


    I use a intel i7 cpu. 1080ti graphics card. My motherboard is the Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon from msi. Psu is a 630W be quiet.