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  1. Sometimes you can install a driver and there was a bug in it. Try DDU and then one of the older drivers to see if it helps.
  2. Not an expert but have you tried new drivers?
  3. I just got a gigabit per second Ethernet connection in my house. The download speed on speedtest.net reaches 600 mbps, which is enough for me, but my upload speed is only 17-18 mbps. This is slower than my wifi upload speed that reaches around 25 mbps. My friend who lives a couple minutes away also has a gigabit speed and gets 650 mbps down and 550 mbps up. I tried different cables and different devices and none of them change anything. Is there a way to increase the upload speed?
  4. My graphics card (rx580) runs very hot, and I just found out that all of the exhaust from the fans blows directly into the side panel which increases the temp really fast. I don’t want to keep the panel off but it drops my temps by 20C instantly when I remove it.
  5. Not anyone that I know of has one. Btw I just started a stream to see how it sounds from OBS to see if my internet is causing it. It still sounds really good thorugh the stream so I guess the only thing left is the way games compress the sound. It's still weird how it only happens to me.
  6. Yeah that's basically the only thing left that could be causing it. But someone who had 900 ping still sounded good so maybe it's my upload speed or something.
  7. I already disabled all other inputs and all of the apps I use have the Yeti as the device, and Fortnite doesn't have voice chat settings so I don't know what else could be causing it. Does WiFi effect mic quality a lot?
  8. I use my Yeti for everything chat related. It sounds amazing through apps on my PC like Audacity and OBS. It sounds almost top notch through those. But, when I use anything to chat to others: Fortnite, Discord, Overwatch, or Team speak, it sounds like garbage. I watch my friends videos with me in them and I cringe because of how much worse it sounds through those apps and games. I wouldn't think that it is because of the apps because all of my friends have much worse of a mic but they sounds really good and the same through OBS and Fortnite. Also, I ask what mic some people use through things