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  1. Thank you to everyone who replied you have really helped me a lot with this decision. I think I'll go with the Ryzen 5 1600 AF
  2. I understand, however would overclocking the 1600 AF close the gap in any significant way when it comes to gaming?
  3. Unfortunately I'm not around the US, I live in South Africa. I haven't dealt with newegg yet do you think it would ship here?
  4. I see, so it really depends on whether I'll be gaming more or using other applications. This is a tough choice for me I really want one that can last a few years
  5. Luckily I am in a country where stock is not bone dry. Maybe it's because most people already have decent rigs
  6. I didn't know the 1600 AF doesn't work on B550, thanks for letting me know now I can make a better choice
  7. I've been saving up for a while now and I can finally afford a decent build, however I'm not sure which CPU to pick. So my choice is between the Ryzen 3 3300X and Ryzen 5 1600 AF. I'm not sure which one to pick since they each have their own advantages so I would like a second opinion on what to choose. I'll be using it for gaming (GTA5, DOOM, some newer AAA games if I can), Blender and possibly After Effects so it needs to be able to handle itself good enough. However every comparison video I have seen only tests the 2 CPUs for gaming and completely ignore the productivity side whi
  8. Thanks so much for all the suggestions guys. Also sorry for not replying sooner, timezones are wack. At the moment I can only think of Computer Mania as the best shop for parts, other than that Takealot imports some pc parts and Evetech but that's about it. Also replying to Manderis I don't think it killed any other hardware but I'm not able to test that, I did test the PSU though and it's definitely dead. And yes prices are very different here which is why I wanted more people's opinions because I'm not sure what's worth spending money on, retailers push up prices insanely high here even for
  9. I was just worried about getting stuttering or low fps but I checked some videos and it seems that's not the case with this setup. You're also right about "better well spent than much spent". I don't want to have to spend money on things I already have. Thanks!
  10. Thanks alot for the recommendations. I had something similar to the second build in mind but I see now that I could just save up a bit more and get a much better pc. One thing I do want to ask though, I see the RX570 is actually a bit more than I would like to spend on a graphics card, would the GT 1030 I have already be good enough? Would the system be bottlenecked?
  11. I'm in South Africa so the used market isn't the best, also my budget is about R4000 ($282.49)
  12. I need advice on what to do. This is my first time posting so I apologize if I missed any rules or am on the wrong thread/topic idk how this site works yet. My pc power supply just died on me and i'm stuck using my laptop for now. I'm not really surprised as it was an old Dell Optiplex 780 SFF which I had for about 3 years. Now I've been wanting to upgrade for a while but I never really did because I had good enough specs and I could run most games at 60 fps on low settings but I've always wanted something a bit more capable as games are getting more demanding. My current specs are: