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  1. This is actually exactly where I got the key, haha. Except the thing is, I purchased (for free) the key about a year ago, and since it's been a while, they pull the bullshit about paying like $10 to see what your key is. It's crap. And I'm not wasting $10 to get a key that I already activated once before.
  2. Hi. A few months ago, I had a working, original Windows 10 Education key. (Got it from my school for free) I lost what the key was, but since Windows keys are saved to your Microsoft account, I thought I could just click "I changed hardware on this device recently" to activate Windows. I was wrong, and it gives me an error saying it couldn't activate Windows. No specified reason, but just that it can't. Anyway, I can see that I have other devices on my Microsoft account, and a Windows 10 Home edition of Windows linked to my account. The problem is, it says the version does not matc
  3. Does that mean this isn't recommended?
  4. I'm not running shaders. It's just that I'd like to be able to comfortably run 8+ render distance with Optifine, 5zig, keystrokes, etc. on a busy lobby with 200+ player entities in a small map. Right now I'm barely hitting 40 with my R5 2400G + Rx 570 with 6 render distance. I've been looking at eBay sell prices and some people have lifted them off for $320 + shipping. Not a lot of profit, but I can't return it on Newegg either so I don't really have a choice Yeah, I understand. I think I might just upgrade my CPU, PSU, case, etc. What would be a good 1tb SSD tha
  5. Sorry, should have specified: most games run fine with my Rx 570 if I play at lower settings. One thing that I have problems on is Minecraft, because it depends on the CPU heavily, and specifically, single-threaded performance. Again, should have specified. It's new. I bought it off of Newegg on sale, for 289.99 + tax / shipping I was going to step down, since I went overkill on the GPU anyway. Honestly right now, my Rx570 is doing okay, I just wanted a little performance bump, maybe like used 1660s or something. With a good PSU and case, I doubt th
  6. It probably ended before you clicked the link. It's $69.99 now. And you can check it out for yourself in the list. It's listed as B+ in the advanced list though.
  7. Sale ends in 1 hour, but I was looking for a good PSU with 2x 6+2pin PCIE connectors, and stumbled across this: https://www.newegg.com/evga-500-gd-100-gd-0500-v1-500w/p/N82E16817438158. EVGA 500 GD, tier A in the new PSU tier list. Ends in an hour, $39.99 after MIR. $37.99 after promo code: EMCUTTD34. This is a decent deal, right?
  8. So sorry for the endless questioning, but would it be worth it to drop $120 on the 2600, or is it too little of an improvement that I should just save for the 3600?
  9. Ah, alright. This is why I wanted to ask the forums, because I knew there would be something other than clock speed. One last thing, what about the 2600? Would I see any performance improvements then, so it would be worth the upgrade? Yeah, I understand. I bought the 2400g because I was going to use the integrated graphics, and then I upgraded a couple months later. I have a RX 5700 now, so it's more than capable of running everything, thanks.
  10. Hi. I'm upgrading my current build, and with everything that I've bought, I have a very tight budget. Right now, I have a Ryzen 5 2400g, and I'm debating whether to stretch my budget to buy something like a 2600, 2600x, or 3600. The main reason why I'm contemplating this is because Minecraft is so heavily dependent on the CPU, so I thought an upgrade may boost the FPS nicely. But honestly, looking at the base and boost clocks of each, I'm wondering if I'll see a large enough performance increase that's compelling enough for me to drop more money on. The R5 2400G has a boost / base
  11. Out of curiosity, how much of a difference would a 2600 be compared to my 2400g? I know that Minecraft heavily depends on the CPU, but (at least for previous versions like 1.8) I know that it's primarily a single-threaded workload. And because a 2400g is clocked at 3.6ghz, and the 2600 is clocked at 3.4ghz, or even the 2600x, 3600 are clocked at 3.6ghz base clocks, I'm just not sure if there would be a big performance impact in Minecraft.
  12. To be honest, my original budget for the GPU upgrade was $200, $250 max. I'm already over my budget, not even looking at the higher-tier PSU that I'd have to buy. Additionally, I'd be going through the trouble of returning my current PSU, looking through something like EVGA B-stock PSUs, and more, and I already have a headache from everything. Besides, I was looking to upgrade my Ryzen 5 2400g as well, and if I go with the RX5700 and an even more expensive PSU I'd have no room for that. Here's the price breakdown of my components: (including tax) Case: $64 (need it for
  13. Alright, thank you. I may just resell the card and get something like a used 2060 or 1660ti. I went kind of overkill on the GPU with the RX 5700 anyway, since I'm really not going to be gaming at anything over 1080p, and I don't really play many games that are so graphically intensive that it cannot be handled by a 2060.
  14. I have a Corsair CX450 PSU. I recently ordered an XFX RX5700, which has 8+6pin power. Can I use the card with just 8 pin power, and if so, what would be the performance constraints to that?
  15. Hi. I have a current build: CPU: Ryzen 5 2400g GPU: ASUS ROG RX 570 4GB RAM: 2x4 GB 2666mhz MOBO: MSI B350M Bazooka I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to an XFX RX 5700. I'm planning on upgrading my CPU to a R5 2600, but I'll be staying of the 2400G for a couple weeks. It doesn't really matter since I'm upgrading, but will this be a significant bottleneck, or will it be something that only hits the performance by a couple of FPS? Thanks.