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  1. I can not get the graphics card NVIDIA GTX 1050 to work on my Lenovo Legion Y520. Recently, I formatted the PC because I thought some issues with windows were preventing the graphics card to work properly. However, it did not solve anything and despite that the graphics card shows up in the Device Manager, it does not show up anywhere else. In the Device Manager I can see the error 43 appearing but after searching a bit I could not find any solution that worked for me. However, if I disable and re-enable the graphics card every time I restart the computer, the err
  2. Further testing seems to indicate that the FreeSync of the monitor was causing the issue. We say so because another monitor with FreeSync that we tested showed the same problem but two TVs didn't. Installing the AMD drivers using their automatic detection tool solved the problem. Thanks again for your help! Here is my friend when the computer displayed something for the first time after too many hours of dealing with a PC for the first time:
  3. NOW IT JUST WORKED. IT WAS THE F***N MONITOR We dismissed it because the monitor is brand new and works perfectly connected to a laptop with exactly the same cable at the same ports as we were testing the PC. Thanks a lot for your help! This community is the best
  4. Already tried. Nothing displayed after almost 20 minutes and multiple reboots after them.
  5. We got a new HDMI cable. Same result. However, we realized that there might be a video output, but just pitch black.
  6. The cable (HDMI) and monitor work fine displaying output from other devices (and sadly it is not "very easy" to find a VGA right now under the lockdown we are having). Even with that information, do you still think that a cable swap could be worth trying before sending the motherboard for reparation?
  7. I'm pretty sure they are all properly connected. All fans spinning and leds lighting up. The CPU gets warmer.
  8. Tried both. Same result: black screen and all fans spinning and leds lighting up.
  9. Sadly, I do not have any knowing GPU to try it out with. Shouldn't the bios or at least any message be displayed even if the GPU is dead and/or we are plugging the display into the motherboard? Couldn't be dead motherboard also the problem?
  10. There are only 2 ram slots in that motherboard. Tried with none, either one or the other and both. And yes, we cleared the CMOS. What I found in this webpage is that all CPUs are compatible with the same version, so I presume that my version is compatible with my CPU...?
  11. A few days ago I was helping a friend build his 1st computer through a video call. When we finished the build, we found that we were in a no-post situation. W've tried to troubleshoot it, but we have had no luck on finding a possible cause. We tried to boot the motherboard with only one component a ta time, playing with the ram sticks, ... Tried a lot of things that we didn't even expect to work and did almost all reasonable things we found on the internet. So we concluded that the motherboard, somehow, could be dead (however, no significant damage could be seen with the naked eye).
  12. Obviously I wasn't thinking on all of them. Just some curious/good/bad ones.
  13. Watching their last video (A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook) I had an idea: a comparison between different keyboard's layouts trying to look for good and bad characteristics. It would be very subjective but at the same time I would find it curious. Maybe I'm not the only one not used to see different keyboard's formats. What do you think?