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  1. What kind of hardware would you recommend for a NAS/Video recording setup with 6-10 4k30fps streams?
  2. This build isn't my decision, its the homeowners decision. im merely the person thats going to be physically assembling it and working out the software kinks. They want the factor of it all being 1 machine. I personally do understand it would be easier, cheaper, wiser to build individual work stations but in the end im merely recommending, the final decision isnt mine. @BlueScope819
  3. @Electronics Wizardy Have you done this before? What hypervisor do you plan on using? The closest ive done to something like this is "2 computers, 1 desktop" with a GPU pass through on UBUNTU, if there is something better for this scenario please let me know. How would the users connect to the system? Will they directly connect or use some sort of remote desktop connection? The only way i personally know if is Hard wired, running cables to each room. But if there is some super low latency system to doing this wireless im always open to ideas. There are some issues here
  4. Budget (including currency): $10,000-$15,000 Country: United States Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: CAD, AI learning, Gaming, basic computer use Other details : The primary goal for this computer will be something similar to a 4 "gamers" 1 cpu project but with the extension of the same computer acting as a NAS, networking hub, and Building surveillance, etc. This build is basically going to be any tech nerds wet dream, the use case of it is for a College House, for students to be able to use the computer for their daily tasks as well as in the
  5. I've started having issues where my applications randomly freeze. I've experienced this in only 2 so far, the rest seem to be fine. Steam and CSGO. before i post what ive tried, here's some insight on what's going on. Heres the link The CSGO video is a shadow play recording of it happening, while steam+csgo is a phone video trying to show what happens in steam and the cpu usage dropping for csgo. What ive tried so far- -Turning off shadow play -Downgrading nvidia drivers -turning all clocks to stock -disabling xmp -reinstallin
  6. I do have 2 computers lying around without a purpose. One has a q6600 and one has an Athalon x4 with 8gb ram already
  7. My desktop itself is filled to the brim 1tb Samsung SSD's but its not enough with 100's of games and Ai data i gather (yeah im pretty inefficient but im getting there!). But how would I achieve 1gb speeds with a single HDD? don't they only go to like 70mb/s? scrapping the idea and getting one off eBay is a great idea. But im interested in making a purpose built pc for it.
  8. Well, id say under 600 for the system itself with no drives. I plan on getting alot of ssd's in enough raid configs to meet the 1gb goal. If its difficult, ill stick with 1gb. I just dont want to be left with hour-long loading times in games you know! But i dont know what component (except for the storage drives) gets stressed the most in a NAS. Im mostly going for my own build since i want to add more drives in the future, and i cant do that with a NAS built for just 2 lol.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, should probably add in the software in the question.
  10. Hey there, just got confirmation from another thread that its possible to game over the network! But I'm completely clueless when it comes down to what hardware to utilize. I'm planning on making a home server NAS to store all of my games and large files since its a pain to try and keep them on every device while my main drive suffers on my pc. If I were to create a NAS that's capable of around 1-2gb speeds. What kind of hardware would I be looking at? I don't need to look at the storage devices itself yet, ill pick those out myself. But what CPU /mobo/ram/ PCIe hardware would be beneficial? I
  11. Dont worry about the network got gigabit and if its an issue ill throw in a card and plug it directly in for 10g. I mainly want to move it so i dont take up so many gosh darn PCIe lanes on my main rig. Also a NAS is a nogo.
  12. I see, but wouldn't i be able to make my own with a basic computer with a good network card and a raid controller?
  13. That's awesome to hear, will be using cat 7 ethernet, however. Any recommendations on what specs the server or NAS whatever it is should have?
  14. Im planning on moving all of my big games and heavy-duty files somewhere else. What i have in mind is a 4x 1tb SSD network storage solution. But i would like to put these SSD's in RAID 0. I dont know if thats possible or not, im assuming i would need a host computer for the storage system. But does anyone have any recommendations of what SSD's to get and if this whole gaming over the network instead of installing it on my pc thing would work? I don't care about drive reliability btw. If one of the SSD's fails ill just replace it and redownload everything overnight lol. So to sum it up, is i