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  1. Got it, thanks guys, ill remove this now.
  2. I know this is dumb but I simply cannot figure out how to show my build under each comment. How do I include that?
  3. I ordered 2x8 corsair vengeance 3200 mhz and to my pleasant surprise when my package arrived I noticed that I was sent two packs of 2x8 modules (32 gb total). When I looked at the pricing online, I noticed that 4x8 of the same ram was quite a bit more than double the price of 2x8. So my question is, why not just buy two packs of 2x8 and save $30 or however much the amount was? Is there any difference in performance? I am running all four modules currently and was wondering if this has the same effect of buying the 4x8 package. Thanks
  4. That's what I am currently running, no problems so far. Haven't attempted my overclock yet, however I have heard with this motherboard if you are trying to overclock you are slightly limited. If you're really trying to push your cpu, maybe think about a high end x470 or any x570, otherwise the tomahawk is a great board for its price.
  5. I understand wanting to achieve positive airflow I was just wondering if it makes any difference using the nicer fans as exhaust vs intake since there will be 2 in and 2 out no matter what.
  6. Hi, I was hoping to get a piece of advice for my airflow layout. I have an NZXT H510 case which comes with two exhaust coolers (top, rear). I also purchased two corsair ML120 fans for intake (I know this case is designed for negative pressure but I didn't want dust getting sucked in from every orifice). Given that this case prioritizes negative pressure, should I use my nicer fans as exhaust and use the stock as intake? Essentially keeping the positioning the same for all the fans just switching the exhausts with the intakes. Or does this not matter at all? Thank you!
  7. But considering the frame drops when ray tracing is enabled for the 2080ti of all things, is there any point having features ray tracing and dlss for something like the 2060
  8. Wow that was quick, I would be getting a freesync monitor. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hi, I'm in the process of building a pc and am really hung up on which graphics card to choose. My two options are the gigabyte rtx 2060 gaming oc pro for $380, and the sapphire vega 64 nitro for $400. All the benchmark testing ive seen the two have gone virtually back and forth, but theoretically the 64 should perform better. I'd be building with the Ryzen 7 2700x. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.