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    ASUS RoG Maximus X Hero Z-370 (ATX)
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    SendowTek V30 (500/800/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/10,000)
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  1. Conversion cables are not recommended, unless it's a legacy one and it's just for a basic connection. Trying to get high/top-end performance isn't recommended w/conversions, since they often're made cheaply and don't work correctly. Pure connection w/out compromise is recommended. There isn't a DP on PS5/XB:S-X|S, but the generation after, if made due to competition and an improvement refresh, might have it to keep up. Many people have monitors that have DP 1.4, since it's an older designation, so it would assist w/fixing the issue. Many people don't even watch TV anymore, but just st
  2. TSMC has to keep up w/production, since AMD is creating/ordering chips for PS5 processors & graphics cards, XB:S-X/S processors & graphics cards, laptop processors & graphics cards and desktop processors & graphics cards. It's a major order to fill simultaneously, along w/lower yields due to it only being a 2nd gen. They'll have an equilibrium sometime next year more than likely, once people're able to purchase some and demand is below supply.
  3. I am looking to purchase the DLC for LoZ: BotW, Super Smash Bros - Ultimate and both Pokemon games. I was wondering if they have ever discounted them in the past to wait or if they haven't and I should just pick them up now; any useful info is appreciated, thanks!
  4. I'm upgrading my PC to the RTX 3080ti/3090 when they're released and I'm passing the older GTX 1070ti to my backup gaming computer which has the GTX 1070 - I wanted to know if I would need to DDU the Drivers, then install the fresh GTX 1070ti Drivers or if it would be fine just inserting the new card. I attempted to go from my GTX 1070ti to the RTX 2080 w/out DDU and it messed things up quite a bit. Any useful info is appreciated; thanks.
  5. I contacted Epic Games and they gave me the solution: If the Cloud Save feature has been enabled on your computer, then you may be able to copy a backup save to her game's save file directory. Backup saved game files are stored in: %localappdata%\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Saves\[EpicAccountID]\[NameSpace] You may be able to restore a backup saved game with these steps: 1. Navigate to %localappdata%\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Saves\[your Epic Account ID]\corydalis - Note: You can find an account's Epic Account ID at https://www.epicgames.com/account/personal . It's a s
  6. No, those're the save locations for it being stalled on the Boot Drive - I'm lookin for their location when they're on a separate drive
  7. I've been making computers w/older parts and just adding a part or two, like a hard drive, to make another comp. I purchased a motherboard that needed to be RMA'd due to the RAM slots not goin over 2133MHz, so I had her play Slime Rancher on a lower end comp; until New Egg took their sweet time to just refund me due to them bein sold out by the time it was completed. I'm trying to find the save files for Slime Rancher for her to keep playing, but all of the internet routes for the save files are as if it's on the main drive. The comp save is on a secondary drive, so the route is'
  8. I tried all of those and it notices it being plugged in, but it won't allow me to see anything or select anything. It'll show the little clock in the top-right, but nothing else will appear each time I plug it in - I'm goin to just move on and delete games as-needed, instead of just installing everything I own.
  9. Seagate Backup Plus 4TB External Desktop Hard Drive Storage (STFM4000100) on Amazon - I got it years back. I was told through research that some of the USB ports aren't recognized, as you've stated, and some of the E-HD manufacturers don't use the exact 100% specs required for FAT32. Apparently the PS3's aren't lenient, whatsoever, so it has to be an exact match or it won't recognize it.
  10. It's completely blocked out from me being able to change the option, but I'll try w/it as this, regardless; we'll see what happens. It's not recognizing it at all, even when I remove the drive letter and use YouTube walkthroughs. I'm using a 4TB E-HD, so I'm not sure if that's the problem or not, but it shouldn't be relevant. I'm not sure how to set the Create As to non-Primary, so that might be the issue. The walkthrough video doesn't even touch it and it works fine for them, but they're using a 128gb E-HD; not sure if it's relevant or not. I can't get my PS3 to rec
  11. I'll have to do this this weekend, since there're T-Storms tonight and tomorrow; thanks for the tips, so I'll be able to work on somethin hopin it'll work.
  12. I've gone through multiple tutorials of how to backup the save data on a PS3 to upgrade to a larger Hard Drive, then bring it back over. The problem is when I go into the actual Backup status under the Console Settings, it says input the drive, but it's already inserted. I've allocated 500GB of FAT32, started it up w/the E-HD plugged in, started w/it off and plugged it in afterwards and nothing seems to work; any useful tips would be appreciated.
  13. I'm looking to change my 320gb PS3 Slim into either a 1TB or 2TB SSHD, but I need to turn my E-HD into Fat32. I don't know of any safe 3rd party programs that'll do it, so I'm open to recommendations; thanks in advance for any useful info. If exFAT will work, please let me know.
  14. Anyone heard if AMD is goin to release their R9-4950X at the same time as the other processors or if they're goin to delay it like the R9-3950X? I'm lookin to make a Top Tier Build once parts are released, so I'd prefer to have the R9-4950X, instead of the R9-4900X; if anyone has any useful info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I am waiting, I'm just curious as to the differences in the boards, so I can just purchase when the time comes. I'm not making any final decisions until all of the products are out this year, then I'm giving this computer (in my signature) w/a RTX 3080 ti to my g/f; so I'll need the new comp built at that time.