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  1. yes but it happens when im not touching it too yes
  2. Hello, I have an issue with my headphones. I have a clicking sound coming from my dt 770s, when i hear the clicking sound, i unplug it, it's still there, for about 1-2 minutes. I think it's something with the 3.5 plug itself, though im not sure. But when I touch the tip of the plug the sound becomes louder, and if touch the beginning of the plug it only clicks in one side of the headphones. What could be the issue? Do you guys think it's fixable? Or should I just replace them? They are not that old, so i still have the warranty. i finally solved it, it wasnt the headphones. the sou
  3. Ok thank you both, I do need 24 gb of ram. But you two said different things, if i have 3x8, will get i lose the dual-channel for all my rams? Or keep dual-channel on two of the ram sticks?
  4. Hello, i have 3 ram sticks, 8 gb, all of are the exact same model. Can i use 3 of them? Will i benefit from it?
  5. doesnt that remove the warranty? if i open up the headphones.
  6. hello around 2 months ago i bought the dt 770s. i don't know if there was always a rattle. i noticed it yesterday, when my friends fan was blowing straight into his mic, so i had to listen that. I noticed that there was a rattle when i heard his fan. Now i tested the frequencies and it starts in the left ear at around 200 hz, gets really noticeable at 80, and really really loud at 50. At around 80 hz, i can hear some rattle in the right ear. I saw on another forum that if you dont have enough power you will might hear rattle. I have Yamaha rx-565 to power my headphones, they can power my headp
  7. not saying the quality is bad, the sorround. you hear something on your left if someone is on the right side, that is fact, and i hate that. the sorround is trash i cant hear where someone is, and maybe it is not trash compared to other virtual headsets, but with my headsets comparison you cant hear a shit with g933 people keep using arguments and makes it sounds like virtual is better... software isnt good enough today, maybe in the logic virtual should be better. but it isnt because the software is still not good enough. i for real tested my other hyperx in overwatch (with dolby) and wh
  8. i have tested many virtual sorrouned, maybe its says its supposed to be better but it isnt. any argument cant change my mind because i know that every virtual headset with hrtf has been worse. its like saying R7 2700x is better at gaming than i7 8700k just look at the specs, R7 2700x have better specs. well i7 8700k is getting better performance in 80% of the games, you cant just go with what people say because that how it should work in the theory, you have to test it before you can prove it. i have tested virtual and i know for facts that my Roccat Kave XTD is more accurate, because i have t
  9. virtual is not good, i have been testing a lot of different virtual sorround sound, i tested my friends.. people dont think real sorround are real.. virtual have 2 speakers real sorround have 5. it has to be called something.. and its called real sorround sound. and everything you here on your right in games with virtual, you here it on the fucking left side. For example logitech G933. its TRASH for gaming accept it, Software isnt good enough. and if you dont hear any difference, you are lying to yourself or lying to everyone else or you are deaf yes this post is necessery.
  10. i bought a pretty cheap case, working fine but only 1 exhaust and 2 intake. already have 1 intake.
  11. i will look into that ty when i meant case i meant cooling and all stuff inside case oops. but ty
  12. Hello, i bought a asus rtx 2060 turbo because i saved around 130 dollar because of sale. its working fine, maybe a little bit too loud. But is it possible to change case on gpu so i can have normal cooling or anything so it makes a big difference in temps..
  13. I saw that before, but didn't understand, i didn't know if that was thing. I don't understand anything on that link. Shouldnt that feature be super easy to enable? Like click on enable and 5 mbit/s per user or something.
  14. Hello, i have a huawei mobilerouter and i wanna enable QoS, but i don't know how.