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    admkhalid reacted to HempBoosh in RockYou2021: largest password compilation of all time leaked online with 8.4 billion entries   
    I'm coming to the conclusion that keeping your passwords somewhere in your notebook that is hidden in your drawer and changing them every week is the most secure way . I imagine next time posting news about LastPass, Windscribe or any other password managers breach and it seems really f****d up. For now I use password manager, but I think it's time to come back to the old school method 😬
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    admkhalid reacted to Jet_ski in Facebook suspends Signal from it's advertising platform   
    The people behind the messaging app Signal decided to have some fun at the expense of Facebook. They created an ad campaign on Instagram that showed users some of their data that Facebook has collected on them and is selling to anyone.
    The ads made headlines quickly and Facebook decided to take action by suspending Signal’s advertising account from their platform. Because user data can be sold, but not shared with the users themselves.
    The following are a few examples of the ads shown to Instagram users, each user saw their very own extremely personalized ad.

    My thoughts
    More negative publicity on Facebook’s data collection. As if anything stops the zuggernaut.
    I actually saw mine but I didn’t read it. I can skip ads in my sleep now. I wish I had paid attention.
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    admkhalid reacted to DankDoodles in Verizon's Customer Conversations LEAKED!   
    There was a discovered leak from Verizon that has been reportedly been leaking customers' information, potentially for months, due to a flaw in a chat system on their website. This event caused addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and other personal/private information to be leaked.
    Verizon's response: “We’re looking into an issue involving our online chat system that assists individuals who are checking on the availability of Fios services. We believe a small number of users may have seen a name, phone number, and/or a home or building address from an unrelated individual who had previously used this chat system to enter that information. Since the issue was brought to our attention, we’ve identified and isolated the problem and are working to have it resolved as quickly as possible.”
    Flaw discovered in Verizon's chat system on their website Leak caused personal/private information to be leaked (Addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.) Check your security/profile & change password just in case  
    Article: https://hotforsecurity.bitdefender.com/blog/verizon-leaks-customer-conversations-personal-data-through-flawed-chat-window-on-its-website-24708.html
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    admkhalid reacted to wkdpaul in Your Computer isn't Yours   
    It's observations he and other have made, so for now, no, there are no other sources, here are some of the stuff he sourced in his post ;
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    admkhalid reacted to dilpickle in Your Computer isn't Yours   
    OK but is there a better source for this news than someone's personal blog?
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    admkhalid reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back, and still save money   
    you'd think Apple shifting its production to India for their iPhones will make them cheap as that was their pitch to the Indian Govt when they did get permissions to set shop, well you're wrong, in an other out of touch prices with its customers apples does it again. 


    iPhone 12 Pro Price in India for 128 GB: Rs 1,19,000 ($1,620)
    iPhone 12 Pro Price in Dubai for 128GB: Rs 84,000 ($1,114)

    The whole point was to eliminate customs price that you need to pay for importing them from elsewhere, i have yet again have no clue what Apple is smoking over there. 

    Source : https://www.indiatoday.in/technology/features/story/iphone-12-pro-so-expensive-in-india-that-you-can-fly-to-dubai-to-buy-it-come-back-and-still-save-money-1733722-2020-10-21
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    admkhalid reacted to FaxedForward in AMD RX 6800XT AIB synthetic benchmarks: Pure rasterized faster than RTX 3080, RT on par with RTX 2080 Ti   
    3DMark, Firestrike, Time Spy, and Port Royal benchmarks are now appearing for the AMD Radeon RX 6800XT Navi 21 AIB models. The 6800XT is the only AIB model at this time, the higher end 6900 or XTX (final name unknown) that is exclusive to AMD has not yet been thoroughly benchmarked.
    If these numbers are accurate, it seems like AMD will have a truly competitive offering for the first time in many years. The inferior RT performance is not terribly surprising given AMD's new support of the feature, but that is likely not a deal breaker for many PC enthusiasts. Of course, the major question is price. If AMD asks 3080 money for the 6800XT, the reception may not be great. However, if it's $100-200 less, AMD may have a winner on its hands.
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    admkhalid reacted to soldier_ph in QC sample picture of the Nvidia RTX 3070 Max-Q surfaced   
    The release date of the Nvidia RTX 3070 Desktop GPU is October 15th but this hasn't prevented the Company from already working hard on the mobile Max-Q variant of the Ampere powered GPU. Thus a die shot of the RTX 3070 Max-Q variant has surfaced on Twitter revealing some rather interesting information not only about the Max-Q GPU itself but also about the RTX 3070 Desktop Version and the rumered upcoming RTX 3060 Ti. The Laser engravings on the die reveal this as GN20-E5-A1 which apparently refers to the GA104 GPU which is expected to power the RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards. The full GA104 GPU features 6144 CUDA cores but the RTX 3070 Mobile is a cut down variant of a yet unknown GPU. It may have the same specs as the RTX 3070 Desktop Version which features 5888 CUDA cores. 

    My thoughts
    So according to Videocardz sources Nvidia is preparing to launch the RTX 30 series Mobile chips in Notebook SKUs around CES 2021 which would also be around the same time where AMD is gonna announce/release Lucienne (Renoir Refresh), or what ever they end up calling their Ryzen 5000 series Mobile Chips, which means that hopefully this time around we not only see High End Nvidia GPUs in Intel but also AMD powered Notebooks. I personally own a 4800H + RTX 2060 powered Gaming Notebook and the 4800H is such a great APU but the GPU is just holding it back right now, if only they could put Higher End Nvidia GPUs inside the same Notebook that is powered by thesuccessor of the 4800H than that would be absolutely amazing and wouldn't require you to go Intel only to have a High End Nvidia GPU in your Notebook.
  9. Informative
    admkhalid reacted to Yatharth Shah in Indian Governement to introduce Health ID for Citizens.   
     The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on it's 74th Independence day mentioned the "National Digital Health Mission, due to which every citizen will get  a Health ID, which will store all the medical data of the citizen.
    My thoughts
    The Initiative is very good, as it eliminates the chances of health Insurance fraud, and helps keep the medical information of the people in a digitized form and in the government's servers, thus enabling retrieval in case of a disaster and in remote locations, however with every form of Technology, it is susceptible to hacking and Cyber Crime, which raises concern in many people's mind.
    Independence Day Speech: National Digital Health Mission is "completely technology-based" initiative that will revolutionise the health sector, the PM said.
    Announcing the National Digital Health Mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that a unique health ID will be provided to every citizen which will have their details of diseases, diagnostics, report, medication and so on.
    Health ID will not be mandatory, as reported by The Print, but the government hopes it will attract more citizens to track health records – digitally – right from birth over the coming years. You don’t need to create files and keep track of older prescriptions. Instead, you can simply click a picture of your reports and add them to Health ID to make digital copies of everything accessible in a jiffy.
    The National Health Authority (NHA) has been tasked with the design, roll-out, and the implementation of this mission. This project is currently being piloted in India’s 6 union territories – namely Ladakh, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Puducherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Lakshadweep.
     Press Infromation Bureau India's Twitter post on the subject.
    ANI News post
    NDTV's coverage of the News
    The Print's coverage of the news
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    admkhalid reacted to TVwazhere in [Developing] Consumers mass troll 3080 scalpers and potentially cost them in fees   
    I've noticed this, random accounts jacking up prices on bids to 5 digit price tags.
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    admkhalid reacted to Rybo in Several incredibly wealthy youtubers claim covid relief funding.   
    Maybe.  At the time of the COVID relief packages, advertisers were pretty much the first ones to stop, so YouTuber income was probably way down.  I remember people worrying that their ad revenue was down dramatically.  That seems to have turned around (and then some) at this point.  
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    admkhalid reacted to emosun in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    They don't care bout a few pirated copies , they care about 500,000 pirated copies
  14. Funny
    admkhalid reacted to emosun in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations just now.
    My thoughts
    Well it definitely makes sense when you blab to a few hundreds thousand people about something good. None of the links work so there goes that whole project flushed down the toilet.
    Edit: torrent for the project is still operational.

    LTT , if you find anything else really cool , please keep it to yourself.
    Yes.... you were 100% correct yes.
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    admkhalid reacted to Nayr438 in GitHub Repo that Linus was talking about in the Linux Video   
    All the software and configuration that one specific person or group would ever need. Not necessarily you.
    These scripts can also remove things and configure a system in such a way that it expects certain hardware to exist.
    These are personal setup / install scripts, Generally setup by more experienced people.
    It would be a fairly bad idea to download a random script to setup your Environment, especially if you don't understand what it does.
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    admkhalid reacted to Spindel in Apple DTK rosetta 2 benchmarks geekbench have now been done (development ARM Mac)   
    In short: singel core 811, multi-core 2 781
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    admkhalid reacted to Nayr438 in How are Linux distros able to include driver codes for the plethora of hardware out there?   
    It would make a ton of difference actually. open-source means anyone can view and modify the source.
    For all you know, NVIDIA could have its own spyware inside it's driver, wouldn't matter if you knew. If you want to use your NVIDIA card you have to use the driver.
    The Community can't contribute in any way. We can't fix bugs, we can't add features, we can't improve any aspect of the driver.  If it breaks, its up to NVIDIA to fix it.
    NVIDIA likes to still introduce its own proprietary way of doing things on Linux, this causes more headache and requires maintaining multiple sets of code to achieve the same result, not to mention that it can introduce limitations. KDE Refused to adapt NVIDIA's Wayland implementation for the longest time.
    Lets take DXVK for example. There are quite a few performance improvements and fixes released, a lot of these rely on mesa changes. These changes are usually developed in tandem. So while this gets fixed or a improvement gets made for Intel and AMD, NVIDIA gets left out. A Game that works and runs near native on a AMD Card, may not work at all or perform horribly under NVIDIA due to this.
    I think another thing to look at is valves work on the ACO Compiler, in a lot of instances this smooths out game-play and generally yields a higher frame-rate and lower frame-times, It's really a major improvement imo for Linux Gaming, with stutter being near non existent. Anyone on NVIDIA doesn't get access to this.
    If the source or spec was released however, then no matter what card you chose, you would have a equal play ground for everyone to enjoy and contribute to.
    In the meantime, While NVIDIA has more powerful cards, they are often fairly crippled compared to AMD in Linux. If we take 2 similar cards, 1 from each company. NVIDIA might win in Windows and maybe by quite a bit, however once we get into Linux, the table turns and AMD is on top. A open-source driver could potentially flip it back in NVIDIA's favor, or at least allow us to see what its actually capable of.
    As to why it isn't shipped by default in Most distros, I believe it comes down to licensing issues and some distro's just don't want to support proprietary software / drivers.
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    admkhalid reacted to WereCatf in How are Linux distros able to include driver codes for the plethora of hardware out there?   
    No, the point with GPL is that you'll have to share the code to any changes you make to the software, if you share the software with others. This is to say, you can't e.g. take GIMP or Blender, make your own version with a bunch of code added or changed in it, and then spread your own version without also sharing the changes to the code you made.