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  1. ill try it out, my memory is already set to xmp also
  2. same thing happens, 100 percent the same if i play an online game vs an offline game. Same amount of freezes
  3. ill take a look at this later, i need to do some other things first, ill let you know if it helps!
  4. dude, a full lobby is obviously full of people, which means your cpu has to render more things, resulting in lower fps. An empty lobby literally has nobody in it, which means it doesn't have to work nearly as hard, which results in higher fps.
  5. I checked and no softwares are installed on my hdd, only games are. I'm not entirely sure on how to enable a graph for each component using afterburner, maybe ill try a different software unless you know how to. And I also have 16gb of ram
  6. All drivers are up to date as I know so far, games ran off of a 7200rpm western digital caviar blue hard drive, im not that tech savvy so im not sure what a "Pagefile" is. If you know of any apps that let you monitor in game while the lag spike occurs, that would be great. The lag spikes are usually half a second each, and actually freeze the game instead of lowering the fps, it happens so fast, my fps counter only goes down by like 10 instead of going to 0. Also, I only have the main softwares running that I need, like razer synapse for my mouse and keyboard. Also I have MSI afterburner runni
  7. I don't really think ping or bad internet messes with your frames. Far cry 4, Far cry 5, and battlefield 1 on single player all still have random lag spikes.
  8. battlefield 1, far cry 4 and 5, overwatch, star wars battlefront 2, and some low end games like gmod, and team fortress 2
  9. i tired it and it still didnt fix it :(. Do you know what else could be an issue?
  10. I'll do that quickly. But how come audio? How does it create lag spikes?
  11. Hey, exactly 1 week ago I built myself a new pc, it's really fast and pretty high end. I realized each and every game runs at over 100 FPS, but randomly I get a lag spike almost every 10-20 seconds. My specs are: 2060 6gb i7 8700k 16gb of ram if you need anything else, i'll put it in
  12. no spacial sounds. I've been troubleshooting all day and I still can't find anything
  13. they are plugged in all the way. Also, what do you mean by "you should check the settings of your pc and optimize the sound coming out"
  14. this is what it is set to. Also, apparently it needs to be called "realtek hd audio" instead of "Realtek(R) Audio"
  15. I've always used headphones when gaming. I used them all the time on my old gaming laptop and the audio sounded crisp and clean. But now, i'm on a new pc, and the audio just sounds like your ears are plugged up with water and it just sounds really muffled. I honestly don't know what to do. Any help?