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    FsyNorth got a reaction from Akila_KuKu in Which one is the best budget gaming mouse?   
    3. Glorious Model O
  2. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to minibois in RAM Dimensions compatibility with my motherboard.   
    3200Mhz C16 and 3600Mhz C18 (assuming you were going to run it at those speeds and timings) are basically the same in performance. I would probably go with the cheaper one in this case. No advantage in getting either.
  3. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Mr.Humble in Pure power 9 700W in Meshify C   
    As long as the PSU is less than 175mm long it should be completely fine 
  4. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to SeAsOn3 in Best aftermarket RTX 2080 Super?   
    East or west founder's edition are the best any ways of you wanna go cheap go for Galax or inno3d or if you love RGB go for aourus or rog strix 
  5. Funny
    FsyNorth reacted to Dedayog in GPU for my kid   
    "so she loves GTA V just for driving around town"
    You know that as soon as you leave the room she's capping hookers and boosting rides...

    Kids these days
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    FsyNorth reacted to Ravendarat in Pcie 3.0 on X570 mb   
    Yep, have 2 in my x570 right now
  7. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Origami Cactus in B450, X470 mobos for Zen 2   
    It will be compatible with a bios update, like most x470 and b450 boards.
    As you can see from here: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/X470-AORUS-ULTRA-GAMING-rev-10#support-dl-bios
    They have released the bios update already: 
  8. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Slottr in 100$ PC case   
    Meshify C supports that. If you need more room, Meshify S2 
  9. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Fasauceome in B450 vs X470   
    B450 has all the features you need to house a cpu for basic needs
  10. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to Jon Jon in Wait for Super and RDNA?   
    That's my logic as well. The existing RTX cards should show nice discounts as retailers try to clear stock.
  11. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to porina in RTX Super leaks   
    Even putting aside the rumour, list price is at best a general indication. Eventual street price is what matters. I'm still looking for something to get better than my 1080Ti so it will be interesting to see where it ends up.
  12. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to LukeSavenije in KFA2/GALAX RTX2080 EX   
    should be fine, galax/kfa2's are pretty good, tho this one is a midrange card
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    FsyNorth got a reaction from KEIN NEIN in Corsair mm200 vs mm300   
    So I need to choose for tomorrow. What are the surface differences exactly? I really love how the MM300 looks and want it, but it looks like cheap fabric rather than the MM200. What’s the surface on both of them?
  14. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to FloRolf in Headset   
    Hyper X are among the best (for the price) . I don't know for the flight specifically but the Cloud 1 and 2 are very well regarded. 
  15. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Boinbo in Glorious Model O   
    It's good, but I would wait for the coolermaster new mouse. It's 48 grams I think, but if not, ik it's lighter than the model o.
  16. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to Blze001 in Glorious Model O   
    I got mine around launch time for $50. No wear so far, although it hasn't really been out long enough to truly judge that aspect. As far as feel and build, the lightness took some getting used to (I came from a wireless G502 who's a fatty) and I can't imagine the little holes are gonna be easy to keep clean, but it's very precise and the clicks feel good.
    All in all, I'd say it's one of the best mice you can get these days.
  17. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to Noah0302 in Glorious Model O   
    Nice profile pic dude!
    But to answer your question, yes Ive had it since release!
    No wea at all, but if i press really hard on the left side of the mouse I can activate mousebutton 5 somehow... I really have to force it though, wont happen while gaming.
    It costs 50€ here in germany.
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    FsyNorth got a reaction from Noah0302 in Glorious Model O   
    Two time back-to-back champion. My man. Thanks
  19. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to imcaspar in Gaming headset   
    HyperX Cloud 2
    or if you step up your budget a bit Sennheiser GSP300 for 85
  20. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Wh0_Am_1 in Best looking RTX2080   
    Just take a look at the card in the Alta S1 at Computex (go to 3:36 in the video) 
  21. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Firewrath9 in Mousepad under 50€   
    I've had a steelseries Qck, after a year or so of decent wear and tear (folding up inside backbacks, etc) it started fraying and seperating.
  22. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to lazygood4notin in Glorious Model O not responsive after paracording   
    I contacted their customer support and they're going to send me a new one. While I think the stock cable is very good I wanted to paracord it more for aesthetic purposes to match my setup a little more. So hopefully the new one they send me works. Now the only thing is is ever since I disassembled/reassembled it I feel like the clicks feels a tad different... Could just be me but I feel the mouse buttons a little shakier and the clicks feel a little mushier than how I thought they used to feel I guess I can say... Could just be my imagination and this is how it always felt though
  23. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to GoldenLag in AOC G2590PX 24.5’   
    that monitor is fine. its a standard mid-range TN monitor. one of the best in its pricerange
  24. Agree
    FsyNorth reacted to Dedayog in Best budget gaming monitor   
    Naw, just leave it.  It's not a big deal now.
    Enjoy your new PC and monitor
  25. Informative
    FsyNorth reacted to Dedayog in Gaming monitor   
    If you have to have 144hz, then go 1080p.