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    Computers, vintage electronics, computers, that feeling when you need to sneeze but can't, and annoying my parents.
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  1. With excessive force...
  2. Update : Fixed the problem by disabling "Adaptive Connectivity" under the network settings.
  3. I guess but an SSD could substantially improve the experience.
  4. There is apparently an update so i'll report back when that's done.
  5. It does not seem like anyone else has had this problem...
  6. It is completely updated and I experienced the problem using the same sim in my old phone. As well I live in the middle of nowhere where I doubt they would think of giving 5G. Is there some sort of work around that you know of?
  7. (pinging My Verizon) are these considered "errors"
  8. have you tried using a different port?
  9. The only part that's different are the last 3 digits.