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    Intel I5-6600K
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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    HyperX Fury 8GB*2 2400MHz
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    Asus ROG nVidia RTX 2080

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  1. Thanks, I might end up changing my blue shirt to red after all.??
  2. Even on this site https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-amd-ryzen-5-3600x-vs-core-i5-9600k-review I saw that 3600 ends up having slightly lower fps, but, the higher the resolution the smaller the gap, and at 1440p most of the times it beats 9600. Even that I know that I'll be happy with either, and it's already a relatively big upgrade from 6600k, I still ask myself which one to go. Is the stock cooler good enough for the 3600x? On my 6600k I used Arctic i11 and it managed to keep me 30-50°C(varies because of room temp, summer/winter) with the CPU being 10% oc(4.2gHz
  3. I play games like path of exile, steep, cities: skyline, civ 4-5-6, Witcher 3, shadow of war, assassin's Creed origins, shadow of the tomb raider, going to be playing vr games(beat saber, boneworks, etc). I think you can see my playstyle. For now I play at 1080p, I plan to upgrade to 1440p soon, sometimes I plug it in my tv to play 4k HDR. The question is which one of those CPUs would be better to those games? I plan to bring another 2*8gb 2400 in the future.
  4. The stores where I live don't have LGA 1151 anymore, only LGA 1151v2, and to order it online will take a while to arrive, plus taxes, plus shipping (sometimes it's free, I know). The price I would pay for an "outdated" mobo will not make it worth instead of just upgrading. About AMD vs Intel, I read that the ryzen works better when you have a faster ram, so I wasn't sure if mine is good enough. Also would 3600x vs 9600K make that much of a difference in real use? I put it in CPU.benchmark.com and it isn't that different on paper.
  5. When connected to the electricity, some LEDs in the motherboard light up, also the LEDs from the dual 8pin in the gpu light up. When pressing the power on button in the case, nothing happens, no sound, no fan, nothing. I changed the psu to my old one, and disconnected the GPU. Same thing, mobo lights on, press power on, nothing happens. Thanks for the image, but I prefer not touching the electrical parts that directly.
  6. My mobo fried this night because of lighting that strucked my house. Funny enough, from the whole house only the mobo and the wifi router fried. I'm pretty it's the mobo because I switched the psu and tested again, it doesn't turn on. So my Asus z170 pro gaming just retired, and with it my 6600K. Looking for new parts and I don't know if I go with 9600K/or KF paired with a rog strix Z390-E , or if I go with AMD 3600x paired with a Asus TUF gaming X570-Plus. The rest of my pc: GPU: Asus rog strix 2080 (not super) RAM: hyper X fury 2*8GB 2400mHz
  7. I'm outside of my home a lot, and I like to play a lot, trying to make my PC accessible from outside i had to ask for my ISP for some help, they gave me a static IP, I can stream from my pc over the internet, but I can't Wake Over the Internet. I'm asking for help to set up my PC static IP, considering that I already have an Static IP with my ISP. Thank you.
  8. First of all, I don't know if it's allowed here or not, if it isn't I'll remove. A few days ago I saw that I was charged for a HiFi family subscription on Tidal. I do have an account there but no subscription, I was testing which one is better for me. Someone got in my account, and bought using my credit card. They have a no refund policy, and I'm trying to work my way with it. Talking with the support I got all the IPs that accessed my account, 4 in total, 2 I recognize as my own, and 2 identical, one it's an iPhone the other a Fire TV. The person, got into my account, bou
  9. I don't live in a place with professional recovery close. But thanks anyway.
  10. I decided to reset my windows, and beforehand i prepared in an external HD my backup of pictures videos, drivers, programs, and so on. After reset was finished, I was looking around about the storage options and came up with the "storage space" option, seeing my External HD there and not remembering how it ended up there I clicked to erase storage pool/space. Not knowing it deleted the partition. Since I realized my mistake i've been trying to recover the files. using programs like: EaseUS data recovery wizard Remo recover Hetman Partition Recovery No luck
  11. I already have those fans, the 3 sp came with the case, the other 2 I bought it. I'm just trying to better place what I have.
  12. I have a Corsair spec-alpha, 5 different fans, and I'm trying to find the best airflow distribution. My case has space for a total of 7 fans, 3 on front, 2 on the top, 1 in the back, 1 on the bottom. The pic shows the distribution I have for now. Intake: 3 Corsair SP120 with Airflow of 52.19 CFM, Static Pressure of 0.75 mmH20 Outtake: 1 Corsair SP120 with Airflow 37.85 CFM, Static Pressure 1.29 mmH20 (Red arrow on top) 1 Corsair ML120 with Airflow 75 CFM, Static Pressure 0.2 - 4.2 mmH20 (Red arrow on the back)
  13. So I checked the event viewer, and i can only find 2 errors right after the problem happened, one error is kernel-Power, after I rebooted the PC: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. The other I can't identify, and it happened 4 seconds after the above. Kernel event tracing: Error setting traits on Provider {8444a4fb-d8d3-4f38-84f8-89960a1ef12f}. Error: 0xC0000001 I can't find any event at the time of the problem.