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    Gaming and content creation via streaming and youtube videos.


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    AMD 3900X
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    ASRock X570 Taichi
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    G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3600
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    Gigabyte RTX 2080
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    Meshify S2
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    970 Evo 1tb, SanDisk 500GB SSD
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    BitFenix Whisper M 80 Plus Gold 550W
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    MSI Optix AG32CQ 31.5"
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    EVGA CLC 280
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    Windows 10

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  1. The issue is, any server host I've tried, I have to buy so much additional RAM for the server that I end up having to pay $50+ a month, in the long term a second PC built specifically for hosting a server would be cheaper. 1 year at $50 a month is already 600 dollars. Without having to buy a high end GPU, that reduces the price significantly. Also getting a 3300X and say... an X470 board paired with 16 gigs of RAM would be much more affordable. Especially in the long run.
  2. Oh definitely while they are both on. Though during the day while I'm not home a lower power hungry unit would keep the temp down during that period.
  3. Current PSU is a 750W 80+ Gold from Bitfenix. Runs beautifully.
  4. Thanks, I knew it wouldn't need to be too powerful, but was looking for a more solid answer since I've never built my own "server" specific PC.
  5. I wanted a separate one so I could keep it running full time, and my current PC runs high in the wattage department. So trying to minimize power usage as well if its on 24/7 as well as heat output during the summer. We get hot here and no A/C. Less power used, the cooler things are kind of thing.
  6. While true, the system starts to lag a bit with more intensive gameplay while streaming. I stream at 1080 and typically play at 1440p, though when not streaming I'm playing at 4k. Basically, I don't like having to turn graphics settings down to stream. Better quality image gives more entertainment for viewers kind of thing.
  7. Right now, I'm not a huge streamer so its not going to be anything crazy. It is going to be a heavily modded minecraft server. FTB Revelation to be specific. At most 10 ppl on at a time. Potential for more in the future
  8. Budget (including currency): 1,000-1,500 Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Capture PC for streaming purposes and also hosting a Minecraft Server First, I'll list my current PC that I am already gaming and streaming with: R9 3900X, Gigabyte 2080, X570 Taichi, 64gigs G.Skill 3600Mhz RAM, 1.5TB M.2 storage and 4TB HDD storage. Connection speed is 400Mb/s down and 20Mb/s up. Now, what I want to do is build a second pc to capture, encode, and stream from while also potentially running a Minecraft server. Primarily though, Its going to be a Min
  9. Thats definitely what its seeming like atm. Especially when it got 99% better when reverting to stock settings on the 2080
  10. To clarify, it goes away after restarting the monitor, not the pc. Sometimes taking several restarts of the monitor. This morning after resetting my graphics card to stock settings, it happened but was gone within 5 seconds vs 5 minutes.
  11. If nothing else, if it is the card that isn't holding up it will give me an excuse to upgrade to a 2080 super. Thanks for the advice as well.
  12. Yes, only for 5 minutes roughly after its been off over night or during the day while at work. I did OC the GPU, cut it back after seeing what I could do with it. I reduced the OC more, but may just go back to stock settings and see if theres a difference.
  13. After the initial artifacting, everything runs great. Dual screens with my primary running 1440p at 100-144 fps (depending on game and graphics level) and secondary running at 1080p at 60 fps. I can watch full quality movies, play full quality games, never see any other artifacting.
  14. I don't have a secondary card to test with, and I'm running a 3900x. To my knowledge there is no integrated graphics in the chip.
  15. Recently upgraded to a BitFenix Whisper M 80 Plus Gold Full Modular 850W