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  1. yes of course Thank you for your response @Zenedge@Ankh Tech Really appreciate it.
  2. Yh I get it. I think I'll buy the Mechanical one.
  3. @ZenedgeYh me too, I personally like MK851 coz the volume control + less rgb. But Optical vs Mechanical thing is my main problem like you said @Ankh Tech
  4. Hello friends, Need a little help. Can anyone tell me which one is the best budget keyboard between these two keyboards? (Both are same price in here) Fantech MK851 (Mechanical) Fantech MK884 (Optical) Thank you.
  5. What does this msg mean? "HDD MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT HDD MANUFACTURER. PRESS <SPACE> TO CONTINUE" When Im going to turn on my pc now this msg will appear, my OS is running on separate SSD, so after I press <space> my pc will turn on like normal. but I feel this HDD seems damage, coz when Im going to read data on that HDD I feel different, and sometimes it gets stuck when I read data on that HDD. I tried another HDD using same cable and same sata port, it worked without showing this message. So is my HDD about to fail? Is
  6. Actually my budget. Below $50. I've ordered mamba elite btw.
  7. Oh I'll edit that. Thanks buddy. Sorry for my English, English is not my first language.
  8. yes, most of feedback are also positive.
  9. Anyone know if these Razer products are real? Razer Mamba Elite Razer Deathadder Elite
  10. Hi guys, I need a help from you. Which one is the best budget gaming mouse between these 2? ? Razer Deathadder Elite Cooler Master MM711
  11. Is this website secure to link our steam account?https://rocket-league.com/trading