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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac
  • RAM
    32GB Kingston HyperX
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX-1080ti
  • Case
    Fractal Nano S
  • Storage
    250GB Samsung 970 EVO, 1TB SanDisk Ultra II
  • PSU
    Corsair RM650x
  • Display(s)
    Alienware AW3418DW
  • Cooling
    Waterloop with waterloop parts.
  • Keyboard
    GMMK, Kailh Pro Purple
  • Mouse
    Logitech G602
  • Sound
    Creative X7, Realistic Minimus 7, plethora of headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Can you reuse them? No, the new system you're going to build will almost certainly be using DDR4. You should be okay enabling XMP your current build, however.
  2. I'm probably gonna keep using the slightly yellow-tinted glasses when on my computer. Placebo or not, I notice more eye fatigue without them. Especially in the office.
  3. NZXT's adapters have that, as other's have pointed out. Also it seems very similar to the Hybrid options that AIBs offer on their cards
  4. The mechanical nerd in me kinda wants one just for that awesome front plate. That's a thing of machining beauty. However the overall package is kinda fugly, and I'm already close to finishing my G5 Pro-to-ATX casemod, which is better looking overall. I do like how easy it is to reach everything with this one, though, the G5 is kinda annoying with only having one side panel that opens.
  5. Only upgrade I'm gonna do is hopefully find the time to finish my G5 casemod.
  6. I've always been a proponent of skipping a generation. With how small the performance bumps are these days, that tactic is even more valid. Hell, skipping 2 gens is becoming a legitimate approach to things. Sit tight with the 1080, it'll be good for a while. Start the research up again when the next gen lands.
  7. Also expensive education makes profits right now, whereas affordable takes a few years. We have a very, very short term outlook in this country.
  8. Funny how this is suddenly important now that a certain party is being adversely affected. Back when it the only ones that would be impacted were the ISP's pocketbook, net neutrality was a Very Bad Thing that must not be allowed.
  9. Yep. All of my micro-USB devices have one, makes them less annoying to plug in. USB C can't become standard fast enough.
  10. Got some new bluetooth headphones for the office. After my previous two attempts (SteelSeries Arctis and AKG N700NC) both died in the right earcup after a few months, I decided to go a different route: bluetooth attachment for the famous ATH-M50X. This way if the bluetooth stuff dies, I still have a nice set of headphones instead of a paperweight.
  11. Technically I bought them a month ago, but they arrived today: Burson opamps for my Creative X7.
  12. I'm really getting frustrated with Bluetooth headphones. I've had two pairs die on me with the same symptoms both times: right earcup suddenly gets static and the cuts out completely. First was SteelSeries Arctis, second was AKG N700NC. Both after a few weeks of being used in the office. Literally all I do is take them off my head and put them back on. I'm at my wit's end here and I've wasted $300 total on this bs. I don't want earbuds because my ear canals get extremely itchy after wearing them for too long, and my wired headphones that I've had for years work fine. I don't have t
  13. I'm the non-spreader crew, I just put a blob in the middle and twist the block a little as I set it down, spreads just fine.
  14. Yeah, the PC physically had the Prism, but a 2600 will work without an issue even with a small OC on the stock Wraith Stealth that does come with it. And they stated at the start of the video that they weren't overclocking, so it's a pedantic issue at best.