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  1. i can select myself the cheapest 480-512gb SSD i can find localy, my question was if it's worth to buy a more expensive samsung or intel or whatever the expensive brand is over the same capacity but much cheaper. my mobo can do m2 nvme or sata doesn't matter. i'll be using it for windows and a couple of games
  2. Are more expensive SSD brands worth it? What is a good budget SSD?
  3. there is MSI B450M-A Pro in tier F and you're telling me you cannot add an M to the B450-PROVDH or put a ''(mATX)''
  4. might as well add an ''M'' there to the B450 if there is only the mATX version
  5. there is no MSI B450 PRO-VDH max (TIER D) currently listed anywhere on the web, is the mobo from D tier reffering to the mATX version as there is an MSI B450M PRO-VDH max? also is the asrock b450m pro4-f same quality as the asrock b450m pro4?
  6. Romania, 70EUR is the cheaper ASRock B450M Pro4-F same quality as the former pro4 in terms of VRM quality?
  7. hello, what is the best budget mobo to pair with a ryzen 3200g? maybe achieve OC to 3.9-4 ghz on all cores
  8. haven't quite gamed for a while now. but i wanna ask, do people keep their games on high storage ssd nowadays? or HDD's are good enough?
  9. if it works fine and suits your needs..no. high end boards usually have fancy VRM's which allow higher OC's
  10. why is there such a big difference VRM wise between some mATX and ATX boards? like for e.g msi b450-a pro and b450m-a pro also, there is a simple asrock b450 board in tier C,i was curious about the model as well
  11. i really don't know why do you insist on it beeing in tier C after providing all the links and stuff and me acutally owning the card.
  12. with what cards have you compared to agree it's mid range?it says ''good PCB,mid range cooler' does an rtx reaching 85C seems like a card with good pcb and mid range cooler?not if compared to the rest of the rtx 2060. the cards looks like it has a decent cooler ant that's all, the pcb/heatsink is not good. it's a bad implemenation, something went wrong with this card. majority of midrange rtx 2060 are running into low 70C https://www.techpowerup.com/review/zotac-geforce-rtx-2060-amp/36.html . the gigabyte rtx 2060 OC performs even worse than the itx version ( min 3:56) others r
  13. why is the gigabyte rtx 2060 OC in tier C? i actually own one(REV 1.0) and it gets as hot as 84-85C. there is a known problem with this cards cooling discussed on various forums. there is a rev 2.0 of this card where they try to fix the temps issue but as far as i've read there is not much of improvement
  14. revisiting this thread after more than an year to see the updates. remember asking about the segotep gp-g and gp-t as it was best deal back then at around 50-60EUR. nobody knew too much about them except jonny guru who said they are solid, and some orion guy that had some insight. interesting too see them in tier A now