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  1. yeah cooling solutions can get crazy sometimes. i was considering evga or full on pure nvidia refrence card. but sounds like a evga dual slot like a ftw3 or something gong to be my best options. its my case thats requiering a dual slot since im using a SilverStone Sugo SG13. supports a mini dtx mobo and dual slot grapics. i got a sg13 pink for cristmass from my aunt. other cases i was considering s the bitfenix portal with window or hull hog option was the rog hellios case. but woerking with what i got an id go hybrid gpu except im gettihng ENERMAX: AQUAFUSION WHITE 120 to cool the
  2. im know with what i want to do i need masive cores and gpu horse power with driving a 4k hdr10 display. but i decided to do a SFF build in the SilverStone SG13. so im limited to a dual slot GPU. so im wondering if Asus offers one there 2080 Ti's in a dual option like that. Thanks in Advanced: AlicePA
  3. Ahhh since this is my 28th post may need it for a bit. Found out PSU will fit with drive rack removed. But the Corsair h80i v2 couldn’t fit. & I doubt cooling a Ryzen 9 3950x with air would be wise. Maybe I could do a CL post in my area for a local swap.
  4. Forgot to mention I plan to run a 4K HDR10 display & everyone recommends a 2080 Ti. founders ebition is for dual slot formfactor & looking at a AMD Ryzen™ 9 3950X for my media creation as well as light gaming.
  5. I have a SFX adapter I bought same time. I actually have 2 cable sets for the SilverStone ST1500 Silver PSU. Was looking at a push pull AIO in a 120 or preferably 140. But clearance with the long PSU & a 2080 Ti Founders Edition I worried about cleanses. originally I was debating between a SilverStone: SX800-LTI or a Corsair: SF Series™ SF750 with the bracket. where could I sell a old PSU that’s 4 SLI/Crossfire Compatible??? Would consider a swap even. Because it’s a high power Setup. thanks in advance: Alice
  6. I have a SilverStone ST1500 silver psi laying around & got to wondering. Can I install it in the SilverStone SG13 if I remove the top drive mount??? I know it’s MASSIVE OVERKILL, but this psi is laying around collecting dust. I plan to invest in shorter cables. Other cleance I’m worried about is cpu AIO cooler with the SilverStone ST1500 as well as 2080 Ti with best cpu cooler options that would fit??? Looking at the Corsair H80i v2 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler as a option to cool an AMD Ryzen™ 9 3950X. Thanks in Advance: Alice
  7. Found out the Noctua NH-12S is 70mm and has the clearance needed. But can it cool the beast of a cpu???
  8. if it matters, im planning on the SilverStone: SX800-LTI for jy psu with custom cablemod pro wires
  9. so far i have acquired the SilverStone:SG13, SilverStone:G11313530-RT, SilverStone:PP08, and Phanteks: PH-LEDKT 1m & 2m RGB Strips. haven't gotten my psu yet and finding the cooler clearance has been difficult. i do know lots use this pp08 adapter with a sfx psu but not having much luck on cooler hight. all ive found is a YouTube Video by The Tech Buyer's Guru (Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review: NH-L12S and NH-L9x65 vs. Shadow Rock LP, Big Shuriken 3 & NT06-Pro!) but dont think it mentions exact dimensions. so was hoping someone r might have a good idea on it. my backup idea is
  10. Looking at 2 coolers by noctua. The NH-L12S or NH-L9x65 I’m using a adapter to use a smaller SFX-L psu to game clearance. Like noctua for quality, reliability, & versatility (Rotatable). edit: if I didn’t want the 3.5” drive I’d just use a thick 120mm AIO. But if cooler is to limited i could use a external raid solution.
  11. As the title suggests, I’m trying to find Cooling Options for an AMD Ryzen™ 9 3950X in a SilverStone SG13 with a SFX-L PSU. I want do air because of wanting a mass storage 3.5” Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Main Boot Drive will be a NMVE with a second as Project Scratch Drive. My Steam Liabrary Drive will be a 2.5” Solid State Drive (SSD). I’d like to store my projects locally as well as a thunderbolt 3 external RAID 5. thanks in advance: alice
  12. Definitely sounding like the x570 with a 3900 or 3950 is best setup there. Also PCIe 4.0 as well I believe. It’s GPU’s that are constantly out dating themselves. Since I tend to like to have settings turned up it sounds like a to what ever generation is available would be my best option. One my current favorite games is final fantasy 15 As well as the tomb raider franchise. I do play WoW as well but not what I’m basing gpu for.
  13. i do a ton of multi tasking because i dj in a online world called Second Life. that eats up cores like crazy and have killed a i7 on a p55 before from it. one reason im looking @ a 3950X. i'm only using a 2017 Sony BRAVIA 55” 4K HDR TV (KD-55X720E) i got a deal on for $250 with static cling protection still on it 2 days ago. still looking for all the specks but doubtful its HDMI 2.0. i do know HDMI 3 is also ARC, but not sure what it means but betting its best for 4K 30 FPS PC hookup.so with what i'm hearing a 2080 Super or Ti are my best GPU options though. if it is a good option on intel chi
  14. So the ti is recommended over a super it seams. Wasn’t sure if it be to overkill.
  15. I’m trying to think of a good computer I can put together. But I wanna maximize my dollars on it. I’m looking at the AMD X570 or the new AMD TXR40 and for doing up a computer build for the main board. But as for graphics I’m not sure what’s going to suit me best. But I do know I need a lot of quarters hence the AMD chipsets. I plan to do some game streaming as well as multi media creation. I wanna run a single card but I will be running a lot of windows from the games the streaming software researching on the Internet all at the same time for DJing in this online world.
  16. I was curious what the ek cooler was they used.
  17. well i managed to get a refund and told me to keep it. came from china so i was leary once i saw china post as source. but figured id give it a try at least. but yeah it was on amazon. figure usb 2.0 2tb was doubtful but wasn't much either with cuon code i had.
  18. I’m trying to figure out the best way to format this 2 TB USB drive I just bought. It’s 2.0 USB and it is 2 TB. I’ve done a quick format but it still comes up with errors when trying to read data from it. But when I do alone format it seems not to move. Is it just take a really long time to format a 2 TB USB 2.0?
  19. i apologize for not mentioning the rest my setup. i havent built since the P55 plus ftw in over a decade. im embarrassed to admit i did have a early 2011 i7 16" MacBook Pro til the logic board cracked and was no longer making replacement parts for Aug 2017 i belive. at the time i had a choice of a $550+ used logic board and a coupon i had for hp since my bday was aug 7th. in hindsight i wish i had bought the logic board over the $360 17" apu laptop. never expected much out of it, but been in the shop busted more than i had in hand for use. my extended warranty ends on august 2020 and thought p
  20. i have a massive Steam library, so massive i can only have a portion installed. i'm designing a small gaming lan pc and want to mount a single 4tb samsung 860 2.5" ssd. ui know PRO is the fastest and used in raid solutions and that QVO is lowest cost. question is with a single ssd which would make the best steam drive??? i really appreciate any advice on this. Thanks in Advanced: Alice
  21. lack of response leaves me to believe that nobody makes a motherboard like that anymore. so time to start researching raid/sas cards
  22. i'm designing a build i plan on calling the "Monolithic Archives" built in the SilverStone TJ04-EW with the USB3.1 Upgrade Kit (G11310650-RT). its going to be a all in wonder rig for Gaming, Streaming, Content Creation, & Archive. not sure if a board like a modern asrock extreme11 exist or not, but think an atx motherboard like that would be good. the features im wanting are thunderbolt 3, 10+ sata (8x 10tb+ 7200, 2.5" ssd, & bluray burner), m.2. if a motherboard like tghat dosent exists i would do a sas card too. Thanks in Advanced: AlicePA With Great Powe
  23. that is a good heads up. thinking about going a different way now though. not as focused on rgb, but storage/content creation/streaming/gaming build in a SilverStone TJ04-EW. i do have a question thats kinda loaded but i'll post that in Mobo section.
  24. I was curious if Samsung’s 4TB EVO or QVO 2.5” ssd would be better for mass storage in a SFF Portable Build. thanks in advance: AlicePA
  25. I was curious if anyone knows about a AIO 360 that is compatible with Razer’s Synapse Software? thanks in advance alice