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    I was injected with code at birth.
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    Spectrum ZX81 (With the rubber keys)
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    Hand soldered PCB
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    Visual Cortex.
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    18MP Foviated focal ral time (no lag)
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    To the right of me.
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    Stereo with virtual presence.
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    Evolution stage 3.

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  1. Doesn't say anyting about the 29th on that link which I have looked at nearly every day for the past week. See attached image. Also done CTRL F and searched for 29 (nothing found). Amazon now has it listed but 1 to 2 months delivery but amazon is never a good place for tech thats just come out prices are always out of wak.. UK btw.
  2. Still can't find this monitor anywhere... There are now rumors that it's not going to be released... I'm considering the XG43 instead, cheaper, bigger, freesync 2 etc If they did a version that doesn't waste it's time with HDR or GSync (nvidia verified freesync 2 would be better) or RGB or speakers or usb hub, might be worth it then... If they ever release it.
  3. Hi, Though I would share this with you, a monitor size comparison tool, might be informational / useful to someone somewhere: http://aftc.io/monitors D
  4. ah well... easy come.. easy go... Sorry to whomever i was talking to... if you get this message... I helped while I could... Good luck with the build.
  5. https://discord.gg/ltt result is invalid or expired...
  6. i have no idea... server just dissapeard form my side bar... was not swearing or being racist etc so no idea why that happened. no warnings either.. got a link to the discord server?
  7. i guess someone must have kicked me... how rude.. was mid convo with someone....
  8. Starglider


    Did the LTT discord server just get deleted? I cant seem to connect to it anymore?
  9. Going by image above, the room is 280cm (9.2ft) top to bottom, and 310cm (10.2ft) left to right...
  10. I would be about 2 to 5ft away from the speakers, depending on which side of the sofa I would be sitting on (I'm a corner seat kinda guy)... But when working I would be center room and about 4ft to 5ft away from both. I'm am thinking about mounting the speakers on the left and right of the sofa on stands rather than on the desk/table positions.
  11. I'm still google fooing which ones to get... Usage: 100% PC connected, no need for mobile connectivity etc PC Usage: 40% Music listening, 40% Movie watching and 10% FLStudio messing about (nothing professional, fun hobby, with my oxygen 49 usb keyboard) So now thinking of setting up 2 x JBL LSR308 on each side of the room... Not sure... Might be overkill, maybe the 305 is a better idea... Maybe the KRK 508 and 506 are the same?
  12. Some gifs 4 u... http://allforthecode.com/fun/gifs/all.php
  13. What do you guys think of the JBL LSR308 or the JBL LSR305? Is the 308 worth the extra cost? Is the 308 too much for a living room? Movies, gaming and music.
  14. Sorry for the lack of response lately, my daughter has strep throat, so everything is hectic

  15. Hi, I am in search for a replacement for my once loved Edifier S730. My current ideas are: 1. KRK RP6 G3 (pair) or KRK RP8 (pair), stands & foam or 2. Audioengine A5+ or ????????? The Edifier S730 was good but it was far too loud and far too much bass and not that good treble / mids. The speakers will be used for pc gaming, movies and music listening... And rare occasions of FLStudio use with usb keyboards. Suggestions, thoughts anyone?