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  1. Thanks Kilrah - they do look quite good. Can't seem to find any in the UK though unfortunately - one EU stockist that might be an option but they only stock one model.
  2. Hi Hive Mind... I'm trying to expand the number of high-speed USB ports in my desktop. This should be easy. I have plenty of available PCI-E slots, loads of unusued PCI lanes.. I have the internet and a credit card... but no, it is not to be! I've got a lot of peripherals and cables that I'd like to have plugged in at the same time for convenience. I don't use it all at the same time, that's not the problem. Yes I have hubs - powered and un-powered, and they're ok but somehow just don't seem to always be reliable. They're also adding to the cable mess that I'm try
  3. Technically not true. EVGA released a Quad-SLI X58 Classified board, but as far as I can tell that was the only one!
  4. Thanks - really appreciate the advice.. I have it somewhere so will give that a go.
  5. I was originally going for an X58 build, but finding a Quad-SLI supporting board has proved to be essentially impossible so far.
  6. Aha ok thanks..., that's useful advice. Part of the reason for wanting SLI is to cater for my Ultrawide display which I believe the extra cards will help with. Going to Win7 is certainly an option though, especially if it makes it work!
  7. Thanks, and I agree XP is potentially a hinderence to the hardware, but the other way of looking at it is that it should be the best XP can be... The whole point is to be retro. I'll probably end up having multiple boot environments anyway, but wanted to start with XP. DX9 and below is fine, as I'm looking to only use this machine for DX9 or older games.
  8. So is that it - 32bit doesn't support SLI? That'll be great if that's all it is
  9. Hi all, I'm new to the forums, and new to this whole endeavour so please be gentle with me... I'm trying to relive my youth, albeit with a budget that I couldn't afford now if these parts were all current and new, and build a gaming machine the likes of which I could only have imagined back in the day... The Plan Over the last month or so I've started to accumulate parts to make what I hope would become the most ridiculous/brilliant but functional Windows XP based gaming machine. I did a fair bit of reading and decided that I wanted to base my build around a Quad-SLI