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  1. Yeah il just leave the mesh in front.
  2. I am probably going to get a corsair h100i, the coolermaster rgb cooler, the evga clc, or the nzxt kraken. The kraken is the most expensive at $130 ish and the cheapest is the evga and the corsair at $90 and $100 respectively. The coolermaster rgb one is $115 without the rgb and $120 with the rgb
  3. And that will cool a 3900x adequately? Im not overclocking whatsoever but I will do some content creation on it. I thought the 3900x needed a 280m cooler or bust. Honestly, air cooling seems awesome but I would have to have 2 extra fans on the top the exhaust the heat away, as opposed to having a liquid cooler up there which is the exhaust. The bequiet dark rock pro 4 and the noctua nh d15 are 2 air cooling candidates. I want my PC to look clean on the inside but if a bequ8iet dark rock pro 4 is much better than any 240mm cooler at cooling a 3900x then il just go that route. But if its not th
  4. Yes but it doesnt say h500m, its just the straight h500 with mesh and the option for acrylic. I personally like water cooling because it keeps the case very clean looking inside.
  5. I am getting the coolermaster h500 (the one thats around $100). I want to put a 280mm cooler on my 3900x. I currently have a gigabyte x570-i motherboard. Will the 280mm cooler fit on top of the case because it has the 2 140mm fan spots or do I have to go with a 240mm cooler on the top? If a 240mm cooler has to go on the top, then il just put a 280mm or 360mm cooler on the front. Do I have to get rid of the 2 200mm fans, or does the 360 or 280mm cooler just go behind the 200mm fans? Or can the 200mm fans just go on the top of the case?
  6. Thats actually a good idea to just put the motherboard in the new case, when I upgrade to intel or a higher end AMD CPU in like 5 to 10 years anyway, I will probably switch motherboards, get a larger SSD, etc. I probably will just do a case, cooler, and PSU swap.
  7. I currently have a gigabyte aorus pro wifi x570-i motherboard, I want to put my ryzen 9 3900x into a larger case, so naturally I would get a motherboard to fit the larger case. My 2 preferred options are the gigabyte x570 ultra and the x570 aorus pro wifi. Do I need to reinstall windows when switching motherboards,or could I simply put both of my nvme SSD's into the motherboard no problem? Or if I do reinstall windows, I do have some important programs in the main drive, would I simply need to move them to my D drive before reinstalling windows, or could I simply create an image of th
  8. Will I need to remove both 2 x 200mm fans on the h500 to install an evga 280mm cooler, or could I mount the 280mm cooler on the top? I looked at the specs of the case and it says the 280mm cooler can fit in front but I dont want to remove the pretty fans to do it. I have a 3900x in an itx system and I have been wanting to put it in a larger case.
  9. So Verizon uses 2, 4, 5, 13, 46, 48, and 66 for their 4g lte network , just looked it up. The main ones are 2, 4, 13, and 66. These are the bands that the phone I am looking at supports on 4g. B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B4(AWS), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B12(700), B13(700), B17(700), B20(800), B26(850), B28(700), B66(AWS-3) TD B38(2600), B40(2300), B41(2500) If I had to guess, the B just stands for band, so I can safely ignore the B? In any case, bands 46 and 48 are missing from my phone. That shouldnt be an issue right? Since they arent the main bands on Veri
  10. So essentially I can buy any high end phone I want and just pop my sim card in it and it will work? As long as the sim card fits?
  11. So how do I find a phone that is compatible with Verizon when its so hard to look for a CDMA compatible phone on Newegg/Amazon? Do I even need a CDMA phone to use Verizon? Do the listed bands just need to match with Verizons bands?
  12. I am on Verizon plan with my family, and I desperately need a new phone for Instacart. My price budget for a new phone is $300 to $450 for a nice mid to high end phone with tons of storage, tons of ram, and tons of CPU cores, and big.LITTLE technology. I am NOT going to buy a phone directly from Verizon, its either hot garbage or overpriced for what it is. The reason I made this post is because it is SO HARD to find phones on Newegg or Amazon that WILL WORK with CDMA networks. I spent a few hours looking on Newegg and Amazon for phones that WILL WORK with Verizon. I am going to move over
  13. You may need to set a static IP address on your new PC depending on how your network is set up. It doesnt have anything to do with the BIOS time.
  14. I wouldnt buy a 650 ti at this point. I would get a gtx 1050, 1050 ti, or 1650 super.
  15. Hello, does anyone know of a website like PCPartPicker, but for servers? I want to put together a server to make sure everything works and is compatible, similar to how PCPartPicker works, but there is no AMD EPYC Rome options for the CPU. It could have RAID cards, single/dual socket motherboards, hyper cards, stuff like that. Specialized server cases in tower, rack, or blade form factors, server coolers, racks, etc.
  16. I have 3 laptops, I accidentally logged into them with my google account instead of using the guest account. I need to remove my google account from the chromium os laptops. How do I do this? I cant do Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R and I cant do powerwash because they do nothing. Powerwash isnt even visible. I own the laptops.
  17. Oh. So what im getting from this thread is my PPX dell latitude is really a CPxH dell latitude laptop and I need to search for a dell latitude CPxH charger?
  18. If you dont mind, why were you wondering if there were any thinkpads in my lot?
  19. No thinkpads in my lot. 2 Toshiba's, 1 gatwway, 1 dell, and 1 asus. These are very old and not working but I will put linux on them with a 500 gig ssd each and a ram upgrade. They will then be sold as general purpose workstations. Schoolwork or cheap disposable laptops will be their main plus, disposable as in they take it to china for a business meeting and if they confiscate it its not the end of the world.
  20. So I just bought 5 laptops for 16 bucks, I found chargers for 4 of them, but I can not find a charger for one of them. It is a Dell Latitude C family, model number is PPX (apparently google doesnt show anything for ppx, only cpx), reference number is 99080, input is 20V = 3.5 amps. Do all dell latitude C laptops have the same charger? I could use a hand. Thank you
  21. Oh no I know that, we were talking about the X vs GSP that was on Dell's PDF CPU compatability list.
  22. Oh thank you! I did just that, but with a delloptiplex 7010 and I went to the CPU compatibility page and I see GSP on the higher end CPU's and an X on the lower end ones. Should I treat the GSP labeled CPU's on the list the same as the CPU's with an X in the list?
  23. Is there any dell CPU compatibility list that is based on the model of the system, or based on the chipset? Like I could type in dell optiplex 3010 or something and get a complete list of cpus I can install based on Dell. I have browsed for a little bit and I cant find any, however I'm not the best finder of certain things.Thank you