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  1. Hello good people of the forum, I was wondering if undervolting helps with the thermal and battery life of a laptop (especially gaming laptops that have lackluster battery life) If undervolting really helps then I would like to know how to do so (I know it may differ on other laptops but just the ground basics). Thanks.
  2. I just reformated it with exFAT and it's working perfectly again! ?
  3. Formatting the drive with exFAT fixed it! Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Wow it turns out that exFAT fixed my drive! Thanks alot!
  5. About that exclusive, are the exclusive games on the Xbox the same with PC?
  6. I haven't tried exFAT or NFTS, I guess I'll try that. Also my only other laptop is Windows 8 and it also didn't work there too
  7. I did let Windows to scan the drive if anything was wrong, but it says that the drive is fine. I also just formatted the drive to FAT32 but still didn't work. It is about 5-6 years old and I haven't used it since 2-3 years ago. I tried both of your suggested method but it didn't work.
  8. Why do gamers choose Xbox as their console? I'm just asking this question out of curiosity since I used to have a PS4 and not an Xbox. Is it the UI on the Xbox or the hardware or anything else?
  9. I have this Kingston 8 GB flashdrive when I tried to put files on there, it either corrupts or gone missing when I put those files inside a folder (both happens after I ejected the drive and put it back in). I need help to fix the drive because I'm using it to dual boot Linux on my laptop. Thanks in advance.
  10. I live in Indonesia and here there are some fuel companies like Shell and AVR but a majority uses Pertamina. My car uses 95 octane Pertamax that costs about Rp 9850,- per litre (1 gallon = 3.785 litre and US $1 = Rp 14000,-) or about $ 2.66 per gallon. I'll make a list of how much it costs here: Premium 88 - Rp 7000,- per litre or $ 1.89 per gallon Pertalite 90 - Rp 7650,- per litre or $ 2.06 per gallon Pertamax 92 - Rp 9850,- per litre or $ 2.66 per gallon Pertamax Turbo 98 - Rp 11200,- per litre or $ 3.02 per gallon
  11. Hey guys, so I'm planning to get a cheap M.2 SSD for my laptop (it only has a 1TB hard-slow-drive) and my OS is in a partition of it self (OS in C, the rest in D). I want to ask about recommendations for a M.2 SSD (no need for NVME, less than 500GB) and a way to move a partition without using another computer. Thanks...
  12. I just recently found out that Grid 2 is now free on Steam (maybe for a limited time), I'm just wondering is it a good racing game? I've read reviews that it's a decent game but what do you guys think?
  13. Hey all I just want to know what happened to one of Linus' video where he talks about WiFi 6. Did something happen that made him take down his video due to incorrect information or something else? I was curious to what happened to 802.11ad since I was not that tech geeky. Maybe is it because of this?