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  1. 40 minutes ago, brokenarrow726 said:

    Budget (including currency): $2000-$5000 USD

    Country: US

    Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: This is a small business file server. Primarily for clips/vods of our  25 - 30 Twitch Streamers. 

    Other details : I run an esports org and we are getting more heavily in to the content creation side. More importantly we are going to be capatilizing on the content cration site. To do this we are going to need a medium to large expandable file server to house our current projects. Im new to all of this sort of thing so any details, tips or anything is apprecaited.




    My suggestion would be that you let us know of your current setup and how things are, and the skills that you or someone you know has. That way we suggest something within your reach!

  2. 4 minutes ago, djd3 said:

    Hello all,


    I'm moving and I'm getting comcast but buying my own modem, 

    I got the SURFboard SBG6950AC2

    it says it has DOCSIS speeds up to 686 mbps 

    but wifi AC speeds of 1900 mbps.



    My question, does that mean I'm capped at a max of 686 total from Comcast (even if i have a 1000mbps plan) ?

    and that I can transfer files locally at speeds up to 1900mbps ?




    That my wifi will be faster than my wired connections ?

    For the speeds of the max of 1900mbps and all, here is a video: 


  3. 2 minutes ago, Snowmnason said:

    I figured out the problem. She has a shitty usb wifi card plugged in before I hooked her up, she didn't tell me till now lol

    But that little usb thing is either trash or we had a dead zone (I get 300 mbs on my phone so I sorta doubt) you have any good wifi card recommendations 

    This one should work, I don't really know much about it, except the company of it. https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-desktop-10-9-10-14-Archer-T2U/dp/B07P5PRK7J/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=usb+wifi+card&qid=1592872989&sr=8-4

  4. 4 minutes ago, Snowmnason said:

    SO i am so happy to have finally upgraded to gig speed through optimum. 

    I originally had google WiFi mesh system but had to throw it out due to the new modem router combo. removing my sister Ethernet connection. and she DEFINITELY has a wifi card built in to her computer )she had a wifi connection before I plug her in) but I can't find it, I also can't connect to the network through WiFi, I am not sure what I need to do, I tried a few different things but I believe the drivers for the wifi card are just gone.

    I know this is not detailed at all, but can anyone help with this situation? 


    Giving her an Ethernet connect is not possible now, and I rather not make a bridge, I can't really move her computer to get an Ethernet connect to download drivers so it has be through USB.


    Bonus question:

    Is there a good benefit from hard connecting as many things as I can. I have two smart TV's and a printer would I benefit with faster speeds for everything else? because they don't need to be faster on there own but if everything else got a boost in speed that would be cool.


    THank you so much!

    Could you check to see if the wifi card not disabled. And maybe open the computer and see if the WiFi card is connected correctly. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

    Depends on what you count as support, but for PPC to x86:


    Powermac g5 was last released in late 2005. Last os it could run was 10.5 which came out in 2007, 10.6 came out in 2009. Support for 10.5 was fully dropped in 2011, so 6 years for ppc to intel if you bought the last of the ppc systems.

    and with the endless upgrade options, people might just swap out the CPU for another Intel one in a few years. (Maybe motherboard, not sure)

  6. 5 minutes ago, ahmhaf said:

    I was woundering during WWDC20 if we can install macOS on ipad since it have A12Z chip like the up coming mac device??! It would be awsome to use them both ipadOS and macOS interchangebly!


    Also, how crazely thin the macbooks will be?


    What will be the other companies responses (microsoft, dell, etc)?


    What will happen to hackintosh after apple stops supporting intel based machines in 10 years or so?


    Please share your ideas and thoughts with me


    First, you cannot currently install macOS on an iPad. 


    Second, strategies such as virtualization should continue working since mac virtualization shouldn't go away. And, Apple said that they would continue supporting their intel based macs for many years, and many people have intel based Mac Pro's, and I don't see them changing them in a few years since a investment into 30+ core mac's is a big investment. 


    So, in my opinion, that many years of support could surpass 10+ years. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Denver2 said:

    I think I fixed it, I just deleted all my partitions and FINALLY got ubuntu to install. So now I’m kinda interested in dual booting linux and windows. Should I look up a guide, continue it here, or make a new post?

    Edit: I think I’m just gonna use it to install windows. For some reason most apps aren’t loading besides firefox, settings, and a few others, and the apps I try to install aren’t installing and aren’t loading.

    If you want to dual boot Windows and Linux, I suggest Zorin OS, it is Ubuntu based, and great for people who haven't used linux! 

  8. 4 minutes ago, codyturtle123 said:

    Saw Linus new video and decided to dual boot Ubuntu. I can't get past the login screen lmfao. Help? It boots, get to the login screen, I login but when the password is entered it refreshes the screen basically back to selecting which user I am.

    Did you try restarting? I recently installed Ubuntu and it glitched a bit when I switched users. Maybe restarting can fix it. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, jwk said:


    Tried searching FAQ and old threads first. Apologies if this is a repetitive topic for this forum.

    I am looking at getting my own modem and router so I can stop paying my ISP gobs of money to rent these devices. I am curious if there are benefits or downsides to purchasing an all-in-one device vs. purchasing a separate modem and router?

    My ISP is Comcast and I live in a two bedroom apartment.

    Thanks in advance!

    Well then we are very alike in terms of ISP. 


    I actually bought a Motorola MG7540 and I regret that decision since it had a Router + Modem Combo type. I just recently put that modem into bridge mode and bought a router to use. 


    So, here is my suggestion, buy a Modem ONLY, then buy a separate router. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Denver2 said:

    On may 15th, I was trying to do something when my computer automatically updated itself... and then shut off after being at “100% done” for ages. I go to reload and it gets stuck at loading for over a day. I decide to factory reset it but whoops, guess it deleted the entire recovery menu or whatever it’s called. I go to install a different operating system, can’t because of the corrupted windows files. So what am I supposed to do now that I can’t factory reset?

    Create a bootable Linux USB and get into Live CD try-out mode, open the disks application and wipe your disk!

    Then re-try installing Windows 10