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  1. I understand CDN's and setting up of Remote Servers and know most of Linux. I just created a mini platform where I used a remote server to run it. But the downside was that it didn't operate.


    I do not have a degree of any sort and my knowledge comes from my Computer Science course and Udemy and YouTube. 


    Thanks !

  2. I have a video on my website, it is an HTML5 video and the HTML code looks like this:


    <video controls>
    	<source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">

    How would I add a theater mode to this? I am looking for a way to incorporate it so it works on both Mobile and Desktop. I am not looking for actual code, but instead like an explanation to it. 



  3. If I want to create a video platform similar to FloatPlane or YouTube but mostly like FloatPlane, what will I need to know if I want to do it from scratch. 


    What languages would I need to know? 



  4. I just finished learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and working on Swift.


    I am looking for a language to learn that could grow my knowledge. I want one that fits nicely after learning the ones I listed.



  5. I am asking if maybe I don't know, but can you go on FloatPlane and watch videos in the same time as they come out on YouTube. Like instead of paying for early access you can just watch the latest videos that are posted on YouTube. 



  6. I was in the same situation a couple of months ago, but there is a way to get the full functionality and that would be either 


    A) Download Davinchi Resolve 15 to do the recording, EQ, Reverb and much more then if you want to use MIDI Piano Roll, you can use LMMS to do the MIDI work. While both software is free, I would suggest the second option.


    B) Setup a Virtual Machine for MacOS and then download Garageband on it. The easiest one to create would be to do it on VMware Player,  the performance won't be that great but I was able to use it as a replacement for my Mac Garageband.



  7. I have a Dell Studio Slim Core 2 Duo which used to run Windows Vista but now runs Windows 10 flawlessly. But I am facing one problem, I want to enable virtualization but cannot find it in the BIOS. I was able to virtualize FreeNAS on it and Windows Vista (1 Core) but what should I do to enable virtualization.


    I hope I can find a solution then this machine can be given some more love. 

  8. I am in the search for a Remote Desktop Solution for me to access my mac from windows pc. I have tried all of the following and I want one that doesn't have lag. I want something similar to Microsoft Remote Desktop but there is no server option on mac. 


    I have tried: 

    - Chrome Remote Desktop

    - TeamViewer - Fast but bad quality

    - VNC Viewer/Server - Terrible Speed and Lag

    - TightVNC - Terrible Speed and Lag


    It is surprising that when I do from Mac to Mac it is sooo smooth but when from Windows to Mac it just isn't the same. 


    i am looking for free solutions. 


  9. I came across the idea of creating a CSS Framework since I like Materialize and Bootstrap but their classes are difficult or not the type I want so I decided to create my own. I have gotten started on it, but wondering if the community would like a comment on my progress and let me know about any changes I should make. 


    I created a GitHub repository for this and the files included in the repository are basically a cheat sheat. So as I create the framework, I will continue to update the cheat sheet so I have a visual representation. 






    Also, I am new on the forum so I do not know if I am in the correct topic area. I think it is considered off-topic.