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  1. well, i mean we werent that far. Werent boy/girlfriends yet, we literally just met. I meant we were close friends.
  2. So i just met this girl online, we then start chatting, the first few days were going smooth, we were into deep stuff yknow? She got all personal, and i think she trusts me in general. One day, when we were playin a game together, she invited me to a discord call, i refused to since i never had a decent mic, and it was rly late anyways. But since then, she hasnt been chatting for much. We are getting distant. She was usually a talkative person, but now her responses seem straightforward and hurried.. i never had the guts to ask whether if somethings wrong, i wont think about it too much. But i
  3. i cant say i 100% trust them, well theyre official stores, theyre pretty big, atleast in my country. If you wish to see the product yourself: https://tokopedia.link/vPQKwBZyT4 --its indonesian, dont worry its safe
  4. I saw a 2300x deal, only its cheaper than a 2200g. Its a tray processor, meaning that they only give the proc. and hsf, without the box. The chip is packaged in plastic, like how eggs are packaged in egg cartons, and HSF is packaged in a black box. The seller claims that its new, and gives warranty for 3 yrs. Is it a good deal? The retail version will be coming in a few months. Should i wait or..? I have a picture of someone buying it. Sorry if it isnt in HD
  5. Alright, i broke my phone, i lost steam auth guard, and i changed my number so i cant do anything at this point, i know that steam gave me recovery codes, i didn't really expect my phone to break, through. p.s. i owe yall an apology for what i did a few months ago.
  6. My apologies, I meant that there is a stock cpu cooler. I'm using the 2200g
  7. No actually I will not put any CPU cooler. Alright, so if it has 3 fan headers, I can only put 3 fans to it?
  8. Alright then, I will be using the deepcool RF 120, I've got 4 of them. I'm planning to plant 3 in the front and 1 in the back. The motherboard I will be using is a basic B450M-HDV. Now can I put all 4 of these fans to the board without me actually buying more fan splitters?
  9. Huh. I guess this thing isn't so bad. Guess I'll let him pass
  10. Alright? But what about that 80+ standard efficiency rating, is that a bad thing?
  11. That isn't my PC unfortunately. It was supposed to be my friend's cousin.
  12. So, should I still swap his power supply? I mean, it's still got the less efficient standard 80+ certification, similar like the first one.
  13. The build itself is meant to be budget. My apologies for not telling you that. Here's the build if you need it -i3 9100F -B360m HDV -GTX 1050ti -1Tb HDD, and a s55 240gb -MWE White 450 V2 -Patriot Viper Elite 2x4gb