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  1. Can i plug a external harddrive to to modem and access remotely?
  2. whats it for? can it be used as nas. Mine says ss next to the port
  3. Hey so I made a trip to bestbuy. Got home and took the laptop apart. Just before I open the package I just wanted to confirm I made the right purchase. I have 2 pictures attached. The pcie port I’m using is just between the HDD and the battery correct? Thanks for the help. Also it came to $101 Canadian tax’s in. Good/decent deal or not?
  4. I have a asus tuf fx504GD. Im considering a upgrade to it. I am wondering if I should replace the firecuda HDD 1 TB with samsung ssd 500gb. ///// OR////// Keep the Hdd and add PCIe M.2 SSD most likely WD blue. Basicly which is better? 2.5 ssd or m.2 pcie???