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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to neSSa in Master X5 (3rd place Case Mod WS 2016)   
    PSU cover

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to Tiger2921 in Project Storm Shadow (NZXT Noctis 450 Build)   
    Could you possibly give some more info on that yellow LED on the top? Have you managed to disable/disconnect it? If so, please tell us how you did it seeing as this stupid LED ruins many black and white builds.
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to neSSa in Master X5 (3rd place Case Mod WS 2016)   
    Back custom panel for tubing ...

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to Meaker in Taking the MSI GS30, putting a titan-x in it and then water cooling it.   
    I need to extend the bottom strip and sort the wiring still along with improving the light blanking in certain areas but it's a start
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to clarkmcc in Master X5 (3rd place Case Mod WS 2016)   
    Definitely 2
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to neSSa in Master X5 (3rd place Case Mod WS 2016)   
    First GPU instaled, Alphacool block fits perfectly

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Thanks Guys,  
    To GeekJump; 
    Yes some, A friend said to take the photos in front of the new Parliament House here in Canberra AUS, That would be like taking photos in front of the White House in the USA, People get shot for less lol. And I did not want to explain what is was while at gun point. So off to a quiet park I went. and still listening for the sound of sirens. 30 photos in under 2mins I think I did well.        
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to Owndblood in Redox - By August   
    Hello there! I'm back after a short break as I'm mostly waiting for ny parts, finally the new CPU block has arrived and already recieved a rusty finish, most of the watercooling parts will be given some kind of touch to suit the build a bit better but I'm uncertain on what I will be doing to the components as I do not want to overwhelm the build with rust.

    The new reservoir also arrived, though I can't make up my mind where to place it, I have a few ideas and I'm thinking of doing something a bit odd and make it poke out from the back of the PSU, what do you guys think?
    The fan brackets have been removed and also got a rust finish, now I'm just waiting on some custom decals with different texts and logos to blend the rust a bit further. We're getting closer and closer to assembly!

    Unfortunately I haven't recieved the GPU block yet as it has been delayed by the post office, but apart from that only a few modifications need to be done before I can start assembling everything. A big thank you to everyone who's following the buildlog
    I really appreciate your feedback.
    See you next week!
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to ripanotha2013og in Hermes (Core 2 Quad Q6600 and Radeon HD 7950)   
    Well, all but one RAM chip may be naked, but that isn't gonna stop me! I've had enough, and I want to use my 480. So, I wonder if it works...

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to MorningStrummer in XB'owner (Water cooled pc inside xbox one)   
    best reaction
    well, I have thought of that the problem though is the memory, there's no low enough profile ddr4 out yet for the mainstream. 
    IT LIVES!!!!!
    Update time  
    The mobo is dead  so I was left with a choice invest about 700-800 into a new platform or try to find a new mobo. well easy picking right?? WRONG!!!
    I thought hey that's easy just order a new mobo however since it is discontinued it is not available in my country. bummer right, so I did a decent google search and found a few in stock in France, great, one problem though THEY DON"T SHIP OUTSIDE FRANCE , so I continued and tried to find a package forwarding service to help me out a little bit. And luckily I did. actually a wonderful one they only charge shipping + €5,- and accept paypal, can't get it much cheaper. So I ordered the mobo and sent it to the forwarding service who would then ship it to me. luckily all shipping took about 5 days so decently fast, if I may say so myself.
    and now I present to you, the thing we've already seen:

    as you can see the protective plastic is even on there,
    now before i did anything, yes I did make sure it works before taking it apart.
    and now it is time to install the waterblock/loop back on the mobo

    I know what you want to say, that loop leaked right? that is correct yes, however I had tightened the fittings and let it leak test for about 3,5, after that time everything was still dry so no problems there.
    now let's prepare the mobo:

    and here is the tricky part, mounting the block upside down.

    but I  managed to get it done. now let's test to see if everything still works:

    looks like I need to update the bios this version doesn't support nvme yet. other than that everything is fine.
    so lets put everything together and start testing

    and done, but wait there's more, the greatest feeling when you get a new product?? remove the protective plastic  

    and here it is in all it's glory:

    well time for testing now and see what temperatures I'll get.
    also since I am almost done with this project do you guys have any recommendations of other forums to put this up so more people can enjoy it?? don't say ROG forum though it is already there  
    Anyways I hope you've enjoyed and let's await those test results.
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to thekeemo in XB'owner (Water cooled pc inside xbox one)   
    Wait is the PSU external?
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to 50mm in [Project Log] Baby Blue - Breaking Bad themed Z170 ITX build   
    Today i started working on the Pedestal. I cut out the acrylic parts, rounded the edges and then bended the bigger acrylic part.
    Next step is to cut off the rest and put all parts together, then it is almost ready to paint.
    The 200mm radiator will cool the whole system later.

    The edges were first cut with the scrollsaw and then sanded, now they're perfectly round.

    First bend complete, turned out pretty good imo.

    And the second one done. Looks good i think!

    A view from the back. As you can see i have enough room to fit in the radiator and the fan.
    Now i don't have to worry about space problems inside the case.


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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to NuKe in Alienware Predator 2 Halo Banshee/Ghost Case mod   
    So this thread will be my build log. So to the before photos! I regret not doing it with my G5 case mod to give an idea of what it looked like before. First things first. LEDS. There are plenty of controllers out there. But none of them do a true LED breathing effect using PWM (The smoothest way out there to do it. Similar to the fade on a macbook. I will post a video on exactly how I do it. But there will be 4 different colors of LEDS all 12v. So i went through different controllers and found that only a Arduino Micro offered me the range I wanted. (On order, should get here this week). 

     UV Purple
     and Green
    all controlled at once. But the issue is, most strips out there are 12V and the Arduino PWM output is 5V. So along with the Arduino I ordered 5 (minimum order Qty) N-Channel logic controlled MOSFETs. Next up, tutorial on how it's done and less than $15!

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins got a reaction from Ace0100 in XB'owner (Water cooled pc inside xbox one)   
    oh god, why?
    damn that sucks  I hope it can be fixed 
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to pinksnowbirdie in XB'owner (Water cooled pc inside xbox one)   
    I've spent the last couple hours getting through all 6 pages to come to this, man that really sucks that your mobo is dead.
    What about going to Z170?
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to Owndblood in Redox - By August   
    Hello there! It's finally time for a new update as the new graphic cards have arrived and are slotted into the motherboard, so I thought I'd post a new update including some of the watercooling supplies and the new GPU's inside the computer, unfortunately this update was slightly delayed as I first ordered 2 Gainward GTX 970 cards and quite quickly changed my mind and went for the EVGA 970's instead. As they had much better looking waterblocks. 
    But now the cards are here and the build can finally continue! The waterblocks for the GPUs and CPU will be purchased this weekend hopefully and you can surely expect some more modding throughout the coming updates.
    Onwards to the pictures!

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins got a reaction from mcfloxxx in XB'owner (Water cooled pc inside xbox one)   
    oh god, why?
    damn that sucks  I hope it can be fixed 
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to MEC-777 in [Build Log] Jetstream - Powermac G5 Case Mod [WIP]   
    A custom Powermac G5 case mod project.

    Back with another custom build case mod project (help, I can't stop! ). Shortly after finishing Project Stalker v2.0 I picked up a cheap Powermac G5 PC for $80. This is potentially going to replace the S340 of my main gaming rig - depending on how well this turns out. Have tons of ideas for this and still haven't finalized the internal layout yet (that will be revealed later on). All I can say at this point is that it will be quite different than what most people do with these G5's when they do a standard PC hardware conversions in them. The emphasis will be on air flow, low temps and low noise - all air-cooled. One thing is for sure; this is the most ambitious case mod/build I've taken on yet and it's going to take a long time to complete. There may be weeks/months between updates (though I hope not...). 
    Jetstream (air currents in the atmosphere) is a working title for this project. Feeling pretty good about it, but other suggestions are welcome.

    Specs will be: 
    *i7-4790 (can get one brand new for $300 CAD - which right now is basically = to 40% off) - Yet to be purchased. (Currently running an i5-4570)
    Cryorig H7 CPU cooler - Yet to be purchased.
    Asus Z97-E
    Kingston Hyper-X Black 2x4GB 1600
    *Kingston Fury-X White 2x4GB 1600 - Yet to be puchased.
    Samsung 840 120GB SSD
    *2x 500GB SSD's or 1x 1TB SSD - Yet to be purchased (going all SSD's for this build as HDD's are a pain to deal with, take up too much space and are slow  ).
    Asus Strix GTX 980 OC 4GB
    EVGA 850GS fully modular PSU
    Basically most of the parts listed are from my current main gaming rig, except for those parts not yet purchased (duh) lol. This will  serve as a bit of an upgrade for this system, more or less.
    Thing is huge and weighs just shy of 40lbs as-is.  


    Can't wait to grab the Dremel cutter, roll up my sleeves and get dirty again!  
    First things first, have to gut this thing and get it all cleaned up - see what exactly I'll be working with.  
    A few tags from those who followed the Stalker project:
    Next update coming soon. Thanks for looking.  
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to MEC-777 in [Build Log] Jetstream - Powermac G5 Case Mod [WIP]   
    $80 is cheap for these around here. Most people still think they're worth $250+. Because mac? lol
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to pagani123 in [Build Log] Jetstream - Powermac G5 Case Mod [WIP]   
    subbed also just to let you know the mac pro case a a bitch to work on (speaking from experience)
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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to L3p in Project: L3peau   
    Finally .. the loop!


    On this build it's 50/50 with bends and fittings.



    Argh that space!


    But the first connections are there.



    And the last ones.






    Also decided to change the SSD again, want the original HDD holder to be smaller.








    And polishing all acrylic sides.



    Next time filling the loop.

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to ciobanulx in PARVUM FORMULA (custom one-off Parvum S2.0)   
    Hey guys,

    Here are the final photos of the build! Sorry for getting these up so late, the build has been finished for a while now but I have been super busy with a new job, moving state and city I haven't had time to go on the forums much.

    Would like to thank Parvum Systems, Primochill and Icemodz for their support on this build!

    As I said from the start this was being built for a friend of mine and with budget constraints it has taken a while to acquire everything needed to finish it.

    Anyways, hope you've enjoyed this build log and like how the build turned out!





































    Thanks for checking it out guys!




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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to neSSa in Master X5 (3rd place Case Mod WS 2016)   
    Reservoire holder

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to godsarmy in [Project Lan Syndicate]   
    package came from Germany!!!!

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    HellaflushMcSwaggins reacted to MorningStrummer in XB'owner (Water cooled pc inside xbox one)   
    Let the water flow.
    let's start finalizing this system.
    I had ordered the exact fittings in the amount I thought I would need, turns out I still ordered too much

    I had to specifically go with these low profile fittings because there's really no room for something more.

    now the pump with the fittings we have already seen but here it is again:

    now let's put everything in place starting with the ssd, it's going to be right under the pump and being held with double sided tape.

    Now I had to cut the io shield a little bit in order for the tubing to go past it.


    that tape is because the io shield has a sharp edge.

    now let's actually will her up.

    that will make maintaining the loop a lot easier, and on the plus side when it sits for a while there's no gunk build up on the bottom. this bottle even has just been sitting in my room for about a year as refill for my main rig but I never touched it.
    now before filling make sure I won't harm any electronics.

    aaaaand, she is full(ish) after about 12h I had to top her off due to all the air bubbles inside the system.
    if you're wondering this is how i did it:

    seems perfectly fine to me.
    anyways let's put her in a corner and let her run for a couple of hours to see if she leeks.

    let the wait begin and hope she is not leaking.