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    toasty99 got a reaction from Ev3NNN in Does old Motherboards supports newer Graphics?   
    Just wait until you have the funds to do a full upgrade. It'll be much easier that way.
    You are just gonna bottleneck a RTX 2060 and not get great performance anyways. Might as well wait a few months and buy it all at once.
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    toasty99 got a reaction from NZgamer in help with my upgrade   
    You shouldn't upgrade because it's stupid. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a piece of shit game. Ubisoft doesn't optimize games for PC well at all, and the Assassin's Creed games have always been horrible. PCgamer tested Odyssey performance with multiple GPUs at 1080p ultra when it came out (no 5700 but don't worry, doesn't matter). They are using an i9 9900k! You see that? A 9900k!!!! The best CPU for gaming on the market. The RTX 2080ti, a $1000 GPU is getting destroyed in this benchmark at 1080p. 86 FPS average and 62 FPS 3% low. That's with $1500 in the CPU and GPU alone. 

    The reality of it is any a Ryzen 1600AF is able to hold 60FPS in any NORMAL game that is optimized if the GPU doesn't bottleneck it. Doesn't matter if it's 1080p, 1440p, or 4k. Due to this, unless you are playing at 120fps it's pointless to upgrade. 
    You have to understand, game developers are back to getting lazy and stupid. Skyrim (with mods in the original 32bit version) at 4k looked as good as a modern game, was a buggy mess, but it did run on GPUs like the GTX 780ti with CPUs like the I5 2500k. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Warzone won't even get 60FPS at 1080p low settings with a GTX 780ti due to the textures it uses being so massive. 
    Skyrim (the original version) was a 6gb game (the remastered version is 22gb and really doesn't look any better but is more stable with mods due to 64bit allowing more than 4gb of ram). Most games today are 50gb or more. It's just game developers disregarding optimization. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from NZgamer in help with my upgrade   
    Yeah if we are discussing potential upgrades for 1080p 60fps it's entirely pointless to upgrade anything. 
    Nothing you do will improve performance today. Take the money you are considering spending now and put it in a rainy day fund. 😂
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    toasty99 got a reaction from GreyestGoat in Xeon X5660 Overlcoking Help   
    Yeah you're done. That's pretty much what these do. 4.15 is completely normal max OC for these. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from jones177 in ASUS 1080ti warranty   
    So let's get this right:
    ASUS sells cards in your country (Australia). 
    You skirted the higher Australian prices (that factor in different legal issues like this that don't apply in the US) by purchasing from the United States and importing it. You could have purchased the product in Australia. 
    Asus will simply say that they sell the card in Australia under Asus Australia , and offer warranty only in the home country. 
    No matter what the law says, law is universally based on ethics. It's going to be extremely hard to fight this considering you could have purchased the product in Australia and instead imported from the US to save money. That's a risk on your part. 
    Upon researching this a bit this definitely falls under the "parallel imports" category: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/sales-delivery/buying-parallel-imports
    According to law the seller (Amazon) is required to provide you the guarantees of the Australian Consumer Act. HOWEVER, no one (Amazon or Asus) is required to honor that warranty so you are out luck. 
    The basics of this case really are: 
    You imported a product to get a cheaper price. This is the risk of doing that. Law isn't going to side with you on this one. Hopefully you've learned a lesson on skirting the prices in your country by importing and now understand the risk. You could probably use a US import/export company to process the RMA in the US somehow but you'd have to do a ton of research on the company you chose, it'd be expensive, and generally I don't reccomend it. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Mister Woof in Do motherboards matter?   
    Motherboards matter but only because manufacturers release needlessly s***ty ones at prices they shouldn't be at. 
    There's plenty of $80 quality B450 boards that are awesome. You don't need more than that for a 3600 or 3700x. Just need to avoid the horrible ones at the same price. 
    Getting an X570 board will not be any better performance wise necessarily. There's some awful x570 boards too. The best X470/X570 boards are nice to have for the really high end stuff like a 3900x or 3950x but not exactly needed unless you are going for major overclocking. 
    If you find a cheap b350 or x370 board don't be afraid of those either if the bios is updated and reviews are good. Many of them are actually pretty good quality. 
    I'm still not a fan of x570 boards. Price is way too high and having a fan on most boards isn't good. Noise isn't the issue.... The problem is that stupid fan can fail without you noticing and cause some serious issues. You don't really need PCI-E 4.0 for anything so the only reason I see to justify a X570 board is if it's the same price or less than high end x470 boards which they aren't typically. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Newblesse Obblige in Does the Ryzen 5 3400G have a no-iGPU variant?   
    No one should buy any quad cores *with hyperthreading.* 
    There, now it's fixed. 
    Seriously though $20 gets you a Xeon x5650 on lga 1366. $40-50 gets a Xeon e5 1650 v1 on lga 2011. Both 6 cores. Motherboards are a pain to get but the Chinese make junk boards for $50 in a pinch. 
    You've got 6 cores for dirt cheap either way. Step up just a tad and you can get the 1600AF for just $85. 
    The 3470 and 2400 are the only CPUs less than 6 cores really "worth" it these days. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Neotec00 in Will my i5-4690k bottleneck a modern GPU   
    I'd say you should wait to upgrade everything at once. 
    Your CPU is gonna bottleneck a 5700xt or a 2070 Super. Getting a 5600xt/RTX 2060 or something lower isn't really worth it in your case because the R9 390 is still a decent GPU. 
    I'd tell you to get a 4770k but they are so expensive used it's just not worth it. Getting a Ryzen 1600 isn't worth it really because then you need a whole new motherboard and ram to go with it and it's just a stop gap upgrade. 
    Basically, sit tight and wait until you have the funds for a full upgrade. It's gonna be a rough CPU bottleneck at 1440p but manageable if you decide to upgrade anyways. Then you'll be kicking yourself when your 5700xt isn't good enough for your upgraded CPU and Motherboard in a year. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from cobalt77 in Help me find ram upgrade (HP Pavilion 590-p0340ng)   
    You can probably hop on eBay and find a 8gb stick of Ddr4 that matches the stick in it and save a bit of money. Or just get that 16gb kit you linked. Up to you. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Kilrah in where is the bottleneck?   
    No it requires a higher driver for optimal Performance. An older driver will still work better than Linux. 
    Linux is horrible. There's no way to play GTA V or 90 percent of games on Linux and have it run well. End of story. 
    If you want a plug and play system buy a real GPU. If you don't, that Windows driver have will work better than Linux but worse than having a real GPU. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from DaniExQw in Graphics Card Fried after Power Outage   
    Do you have two PCI-e slots?
    Put the 750ti in a secondary one and put the other GPU in primary one. Plug the HDMI cable into the other GPU. Once you are in Windows see if the 750ti is detected at all as a second GPU in Windows task manager or in gpuz. If not, it's fried and junk. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from genexis_x in 4900HSlow - 4900HS laptop has a new competitor   
    MXM is obselete anyways. My point is someone needs to take that idea and actively support it at an affordable price. 
    It would really improve the longetivity of laptops if 2-3 years in you could just replace the GPU. The GPU tends to be the bottleneck in games long before the CPU. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from svmlegacy in Ryzen 5 1600 AF won't post on a B450 ASRock board   
    I'm actually thinking the AF may be the issue as well if the 1200 is working fine. 
    I guess grab a magnifying glass and see if there are any bent pins. 
    If not, I'm stumped as well. Guess you would need to test another motherboard with the 1600AF or another 1600AF in the motherboard. I'd probably just RMA  the 1600AF if you can and see if that fixes it. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from _namenick_ in 4690K useless for simulations   
    I buy mostly used parts and used laptops so it doesn't normally affect me. 
    Knock on wood but I've never had a part fail that was not already failing when I bought it (cheap deal on a GPU I thought was a driver issue, was not). Well, I did blow up a motherboard but that was my fault for putting a voltage in that was absolutely nuts. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Zando Bob in General Intel HEDT Xeon/i7 Discussion   
    Yeah my chip is really not great. It's taking 1.39 volts/2.1 input voltage to run 4.5 ghz. There the max temp running r20 is 87 so pretty good. Past that I can throw more and more voltage at it and get a bit more out of it but it basically stops at just below 4.6ghz all core and above 4.7 ghz single. I've got the uncore at 4.1ghz with some tinkering with the other voltages. 
    Maybe I should just stop at 4.5 but that wouldn't be fun. 😂 Though I may do that because then I can run the fans way less. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from _namenick_ in 4690K useless for simulations   
    Well if you are worried about the warranty just run the CPU at 100°C  until it breaks and/or right before the warranty expires get it replaced by telling them it is overheating. 😂
    I wasn't really thinking about a warranty. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from _namenick_ in 4690K useless for simulations   
    Just use the laptop. 
    It's very easy to fix the thermal issues. Just buy some quality thermal paste, take the laptop apart and repaste the CPU. Can probably get that down to 85-90 degrees. 
    Another solution would be to downclock the 9750h just a little bit. 90 percent of the clockspeed with 2 more cores is still gonna smoke a 4770k let alone a 4570k. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from boey in should I wait for i9 10900k?   
    There are actually a few reasons to consider a 9900k at least today. It really depends what you do with your PC. 
    For strictly gamers a 9900k is the best CPU on the market and it isn't really close in 2020 (how long that lasts though is a different question as games start using more cores). Especially in older titles such as simulation games (iRacing for example) that only use 3 cores at the most. Even in newer games, the majority of games don't use more than 8 cores very often. 
    I'm not sure that's enough to justify it's insanely high price. However, on the other hand AMD chips have nearly no resale value in the future while Intel chips hold their value incredibly well. A Ryzen 1800x is about $150-160 on eBay used. Meanwhile, an i7 7700k used on eBay is $250+ still. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from mexashe in Will i7-3820 bottleneck gtx760 2gb?   
    I posted this on another thread but if you have an i7 3820 you should sell it and buy an Xeon e5 1650v1. 
    The 3820 goes around $40-50 and the Xeon e5 1650v1 is $45. The advantage is that the e5 1650 has 6 cores instead of 4. So basically for a few bucks of shipping/eBay fees you can get an extra 2 cores. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Underscore in Advice for a workstation CPU   
    You'd be better off buying the Chinese motherboard. The Chinese boards use off the shelf parts and normal connectors. Plenty of info online to troubleshoot them if you do run into issues. 
    With OEM boards (especially Dell) so many things will not work. For one they use proprietary Power Supplies (not ATX), the board itself isn't atx or extended ATX (to fit it in a case have fun drilling your own holes), and there is a whole host of other issues you can run into as well. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Underscore in Advice for a workstation CPU   
    So here is what I would do: Pick up two Xeon 2000 series v1 8 core CPUs. 
    Then, you will need a motherboard. Since you are on a budget and won't be overclocking or anything like that I'd chance it with a Chinese motherboard because people have had relatively decent success rates with them. Something like this: https://h5.aliexpress.com/item/4000537131040.html?spm=a2g0n.seo-amp-search.searchResult.4000537131040
    Then the nice part is you can use ECC ddr3 ram which is super cheap used. You can get like 32gb for $40. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from jcronic420 in MSI Meg X570 Unify Doesn't Support Ryzen 1600 AF?   
    This is incorrect!
    X570 motherboards do not support first generation (14nm) Ryzen parts. This would be the original Ryzen 1600, 1700, 1800x, etc as well as the 2200G and 2400G. 
    Now, an Ryzen 1600 AF is a very unusual case. It is a 12nm CPU so it *may* work. I doubt that very many people have paired a X570 motherboard with a Ryzen 1600AF. 
    Now, there's absolutely no reason you should ever buy a X570 motherboard and even be considering a Ryzen 1600AF. You'd be much better off getting a low budget b450 board and saving the money. You don't ever want to buy more motherboard than you need. It's just $$$ being wasted. 
    If you get a B450 board the roughly $50 (probably more) you save can go towards picking up a better CPU, a GPU upgrade, ram, power supply, or a tank of gas. 
    The tank of gas offers the same performance boost as getting a X570 board to pair with that level of CPU. 😂 Aka 0%
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Fasauceome in Looking for new CPU   
    How big an overclock do you have on your 4790k? Free performance boost if you haven't already done it. 
    The 4790k is a good CPU for gaming, web browsing, and basic everyday computing. 
    It only starts lagging behind in productivity workloads and when you are trying to do 500 things at once. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from Mufflen in Reseal delidded CPU   
    Yeah don't delid for temperatures like that. 
    If you want to overclock more then go ahead and delid but your temperatures are fine. 
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    toasty99 got a reaction from BloodStone in Genuine Intel CPU 0000   
    A QS and a ES chip are two very different things. 
    QS= Qualification Sample - These are review units typically, they are nearly as good as the consumer grade product. You do run the risk of someone who had this before overclocking it excessively and doing damage however. 
    ES= Engineering Sample - These vary wildly in quality. Early versions can be buggy messes, overclock poorly, and just not work right at all. Later versions can be very close to the retail chip with just lower stock clocks. These are riskier. The chip you are looking at is an Engineering Sample not a Qualification Sample despite the misleading listings online. 
    This thread provides a bit more detail about the particulars of the one you are looking at.