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  1. I'm trying to host a CS:GO tournament at my school, and i am trying to stream the broadcast to a PC which will go to a projector. i would simply connect my PC to the projector with a HDMI port gladly. however i've set up replays, and UI features into OBS that i want to include in the broadcast. does OBS support a feature like this? there was a similar question to this on the LTT forum and a lot of people questioned why one would want to do it. preferably i'd use twitch and just make the second computer simply watch it. but with the internet speed being slower than grass growing, it isn't a rel
  2. Hi there, I want to share files from my windows PC to my sister's MacBook Pro (2015 model if it helps). i've successfully shared files from windows to windows without the need for network credentials by setting the password protected sharing off in the control panel. however on mac, it still asks me for my network credentials. i've tried creating a new user in the user credential manager, using the mac's local host name ([insert name].local), I have created a sharing only account on the macbook, still to no avail. soon after, I tried sharing the file from the mac, to the PC. it wor
  3. My logitech speakers Z313 are a year old at this point, and i have just noticed this problem today, however for all i know it could've been months. I did a simple left right audio test, when meant for the left channel, the left played the audio normally, and the right also played it, however at a quieter volume, when meant for the right channel, both sides didn't play any audio. Mono Audio is off in the windows settings, and all the cables are fine and the probability of internal damage is very minimal. i think this is a software issue, any help is appreciated. EDIT: Fixed it, dont
  4. @PrinceNorris i've used hamachi before, and its just not something i want to use going forward. setting online mode to false just changes the type of account that can log in, however that cant happen when nobody could log in the first place. @Donut417 port 25565 is what i'm forwarding in my router. i have checked out No IP and its a great thing to have once the server is up and running, however that isnt possible at the moment. on any port checker, with the server running, it says the server is closed, this is further backed up by the fact that my friends cant join. ^^ this i
  5. I have a ZTE F609 router provided by my ISP. the main trouble here is that i want to host a minecraft server (childish i know). the main issue is port forwarding. according to https://portforward.com/zte/f609/ it should look something like this; Enable [checked] Name [anything] Protocol [both] WAN Host Start IP Address [N/A] WAN Host End IP Address [N/A] WAN Connection [omci_ipv4_ppoe_1] (doesnt actually say that but its the one im using, the other is [omci_ipv4_dhcp_2] WAN Start Port [3074] (xbox live example they use) WAN End Port [3074] Enable MA