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  1. I've seen more and more videos of people online with the combo of the 3900x with the X62, and they are reporting idle temps of 35~ and up to 70~ on load, makes me worry I have something wrong with mine, but I already am planning on getting the H150i as a replacement, hopefully to solve this issue. Thing is, I really like the silence and the fact that the heat gets blown directly outside the case instead of inside. Beautiful PC! Something about the G12 just makes things look more prettier IMO. I'm thinking of getting the H150i, hoping it'll do the job better.
  2. is there a good one that you would recommend for the 3900x? I'd rather a 280mm one, because I already have 2 fans for it, but I can also fit a 360mm if there's something that is worth getting. I wasn't aware until now that the X62 was bad the 3900x, was completely clueless.
  3. if the mounting pressure is not very reliable, should I apply more thermal paste or something? or maybe tighten the cooler even more? Very informative answer, thank you for that
  4. Hello, I have an issue with my 3900x CPU, that has been going for since I first got it, it runs at around 70c, sometimes spikes to 80c, when completely idle. if I'm gaming, it goes to around 95c, which is bad. My case is NZXT H710, with a front mounted NZXT X62 for the GPU (2080ti with g12), and a top mounted NZXT X62 for the CPU. My fans for everything, including the rear fan, are 140mm Corsair ML120 Pro RGB. The GPU is completely OK, with temps sitting at 30-40c idle, and around 55-60 when gaming. The CPU is completely NOT OK, well, I already explained why. I have
  5. One more thing, I opened my case(NZXT H710) and each time I do I find this disturbing(image). It's like the AIO is blocked, although there is technically a way for the air to be ventilated it seemed like it's almost nothing. I couldn't find anything related to this on the internet, probably because the case is still new
  6. I've changed the values in the registry, now when I tried running cinebench and watching the temps, I didn't hear the fans and Ive opened iCue to discovered that the commander pro section is bugged. Something is very wrong and I really don't know what, but I'll start with reinstalling this software and go from there. Should I do anything specific afterwards? Like removing the ram sticks and testing with 1 installed? is it related to the temps?
  7. I know for sure that the GPU is alright, because it was brought from my previous Intel build And the thing is that I think the freezes occur in RAM related stuff. Like whenever I use high amounts of RAM, it freezes, it doesn't happened when I'm gaming. But as for the tests, I did lots of them a few months ago with the same setup, memory held fine @3600mhz cl16 in memtest86, I ran prime95 and cinebench and heavyload and everything seemed alright. idk what do you mean by checking with afterburner? do you mean using kombustor or checking my OC? I'm not OCing at the moment and
  8. Hi, for the past few months I am having probelm with my cpu, memory and motherboard I think, the combo I have is x3900 + (4x8) 3600mhz cl16(G.skill B-die) + crosshair vi hero. Now I know that the MB is rated for 3200mhz, but it lets me put 3600mhz(not sure if that's bad or not). Now the issues are that sometimes my PC freezes completely and I have to force shutdown, and when I boot back up it doesn't boot and gives a random memory related Q code, and after a second hard shutdown it goes into safe-boot, and I restart the PC again and it boots normally. As for now I underclocked
  9. The kit is in the name, as well as all the information about it. by far it's awesome, I've left the voltage at default and it's at about 1.43 at the moment, maybe I'll change it idk if I should tbh. The sticks are at about 43c, I think it's alright ^^ will run memtest86 later to be sure of that tho G.Skill F4-3600C16-8GTZKK.html
  10. I got a great deal for the parts and that's why I took the gen1 board with the gen3 cpu, i'll OC my ram to 3800 cl16 and the IF to 1900 or at least try to, with the dram calculator ^^ Thank you very much! you and @DildorTheDecent have helped me a lot !
  11. it was cinebench r20 too. Every monitoring software shows different values I don't know what to believe anymore >< I activated the docp profile in the BIOS and it got me to 7008 pts, which is about 80 pts higher. I also found this thread: and followed the 'Best Answered' and it reduced my voltage on idle, well according to HWMonitor.. CPU-Z still says 1.5V - 1.526V, sometimes spikes to 1.199V, I don't even know anymore haha probably 'sleeping/parking' cores or something idling at about 56-63 degrees, it moves a lot seems a bit high for me but I guess that's what i
  12. at 4350mhz it should get around 7400-7600 from the benchmarks I saw shouldn't it? I've tested with 0 program running in the background besides ryzen master and sometimes cpu-z as for the 1.5V, coming from an Intel user that terrifying haha I did that, posted completely stock with these values: idling at 1.46V - 1.526V according to CPU-Z testing with cinebench r20: boosting to 4000mhz at 1.352V according to CPU-Z Thermals are at 84 according to cinebench I am using the X62 kraken mounted on top to cool the cpu my score was 6912, the last one was
  13. I set it manually to level 1, tried 2 and 3 and 4 and all it did was just make thermals worse and the cpu to clock lower because of that
  14. Is 1.5V really OK? I just finished watching this by jay2cents: and it describes my issues perfectly actually, besides that CPU error. and I thought about it.. maybe it is related to my board. I'm sorry but I'm kind of stressing out right now, it's been 2 days of booting to BIOS and changing values and watching every video I can about tinkering with voltage and the 3900x my top cinebench score is around 6950~ did I lose the silicon lottery with my chip?
  15. I was overclocking through the BIOS, the Ryzen Master was only for checking the temp + clocks + voltage Used CPU-Z to monitor voltage sometimes as well. And by locking the cores to a specific value I meant I didn't want to do it and so manual tweaking of the voltage isn't an option, as it's just lowering my performance for some reason no matter what voltage I set it to. I saw that video but i'll go through it again, maybe I missed something? BIOS is updated to the latest version as of 2 days ago, my MB boots my CPU at 1.5V and 1.45V for the ram as default settings and t