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  1. Im having alot of trouble installing windows server to my Dell r715 server and I feel very stupid at this point. I did format a partition of my drive as FAT32 because it told me it had to be that way, but when i try to install it its telling me it needs NTFS? Can it be the volume is too small? It is 28.8 GB, google says the minimum disk space is 32GB, but I am not getting a error message telling me its too small, and FAT32 doesnt go over 32GB?
  2. should be 3000 MHz, but i think its 2666MHz
  3. Recently got a new motherboard(old one is a Z170A) and after setting everything up I randomly get blue screen with a Thread stuck in driver message. Changed the old motherboard because it didnt work at all with both my GPU's,(not a problem with another motherboard) Havent tested alot with other games but it seems it only crashes when i play LoL. Have tried: Updating BIOS Updating drivers for a HDD that was funky reinstalling Oculus rift(wasnt working properly) Reinstalling Graphics drivers Tried reinstalling league(cant install it cuz downl
  4. why do you have to be a dick about it? its so obvious its not thermal throttling as i said i cant play the game because of lag, which you might understand it happens as the game starts, not later when my pc gets too hot anyway i fixed it myself, was software related so reinstalled windows fixed it
  5. Tested with the cards alone, doesnt work either
  6. Update; Earlier i played TF2 without no problem, i tried installing old amd drivers with no success, got under 10 fps on TF2. Tried to disable crossfire, then started overwatch with alot less lag spikes, then the game crashed saying it lost my rendering device?!?
  7. cant play the games because of the intense lag, im sure its not thermal throttling.
  8. Im going to try what komar said, but in overwatch its playable with vsync on, get stable 140 ish fps, if not i get over 300 and dips to 30 often. wtf? still lagging in the menus
  9. I have 2 r9 290's. When i turned my computer on today, i tried playing League of Legends, and it didnt work because the screen was just black and it said there was some problems with direct x, dont remember exactly what is was. Then i tried with overwatch to see if it was something with LoL or the computer in general, overwatch starts fine but its getting alot of lag spikes when in the menu. So i reinstalled the drivers with some trouble, and with no luck, did not fix the problem, so I tested some more with overwatch and found out when I open another window while o
  10. On CPU-Z its 3.9 GHz, windows says 3.37 GHz
  11. checked with cinebench, also says 3,4, could it be a problem with the OS?
  12. software as in OS or another program?
  13. I go into my BIOS and turn it the fuck up(OC), but when i check DxDiag and properties on computer it just shows 3.5/3.4~ GHz (still shows its overclocked in bios?) I got a MSI Z170A m5, I5 6600k, so overclocking should not be a problem. Why isnt it working? and yes I did save it
  14. I recently "upgraded" my motherboard and CPU also, to a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 and AMD FX-6100 Six Core. And now whenever i play GTAV my game crashes so i have to restart my pc, tried to downclock my CPU to under normal clock but not working. My GPU is a GTX 660 My PSU is Corshair 750W something Any suggestions to fixing the crashings?