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  1. I recently got back into playing first-person shooters (or rather I've been playing a lot of Deep Rock Galactic) and I'm wondering what the current position is on good 3D positional sound. There are some enemies in the game that move around quickly and listening to them should be the best way to know where they are - but it feels like it's not working as well as it should. Many years ago I used to play Battlefield 2 and I remember being super-impressed when I upgraded to a Creative X-FI sound card, which had some CMSS-3D special sauce that did really good 3D audio with basic 2-chan
  2. The only video output in use on my media PC is s-video to a 25" Sony Trinitron on my desk. Watching TV on a CRT is my happy place, and it's excellent for emulators.
  3. I would like to see a TV series set in an alternate reality in which Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace use a steam-powered analytical engine to solve crimes and unexplained phenomena, like a kind of steampunk X-Files.
  4. God-Tier Windows XP machine for those awkward old games you just can't let go of.
  5. I know this, and I know you're right, but. . . . I'm that guy that's waiting for the console-only version they'll never do, because as a driving adult I have no need for a portable system or to pay for the screen. And my god the games are expensive. I think I actually want a fictional XBox or Playstation that has wireless controllers, HDMI output, and a store that has digital versions of every XBox/360 or PS1/PS2 game. I would've bought a PS4 years ago if it just played PS1 games, but apparently emulators are hard.
  6. I haven't touched modern consoles in a long time now. I was thinking it would be nice to play games more with my partner in the living room and I'm not sure what to choose, or if modern consoles are anything like I imagine. We've played older stuff (360/PS3 era) but it would be nice to move to newer things - I'm thinking couch co-op games really, more indie games than AAA titles. What are consoles like now? We have a media PC and have played some things via Steam with controllers (e.g. Portal Knights recently) but it doesn't have that nice storefront with free demos of everything X
  7. I received a free one just before Christmas. It's still in the box. I considered opening it once but realised there's no audio output jack so it's basically useless.
  8. Hi folks, I've had an LG G6 for almost 3 years now. . . honestly it's fine, but I keep noticing that I would like a better camera for stills and video. I'm not sure if what I want is realistic though. So I'm working from home and I'm trying to shoot a video in my office to demonstrate some new software feature I'm working on - I'm not trying to directly screen grab a PC, this is an embedded control system a touchscreen and external hardware inputs, so I want to shoot video of my whole setup including a screen. If I point the camera at my screen, the whole background goe
  9. As an old person (40+) I would have loved to find out if this fancy upscaling does anything good on the made-for-480p content I spend most of my time watching.
  10. That's a complex subject that you would be better asking Google and finding a proper guide, but the basics are that you'd need an older SD card (pre SDHC, less than 4GB) to transfer over an exploit file that you can open on the Wii. When opened that file will let you install a modified set of Wii operating software that will run homebrew software, including loaders that will run both Gamecube and Wii games from USB drives (memory sticks or hard disks I believe) and emulators for older consoles.
  11. There needs to be a secret pass-phrase you can use on tech-support calls to identify yourself as tech-savvy so you can skip all the stupid steps you've already tried. Or someone needs to tell me what it is if it already exists.
  12. It is possible to softmod it and run games from USB however . . .
  13. I use identical generic black HP keyboards on my computers at home and at work. After some years they get kind of gross with dust and crumbs, and I mean to clean them, but they are so cheap I just buy another. I have several gunky ones in boxes that I might clean if I feel poor next time. After holding onto a Sandy Bridge i7 for far too long, last year I finally upgraded. I was so sick of overclocking and stability testing that I bought an i5 9400f and told myself it would be fine at stock. And it is fine.
  14. If you want a PC to run old DOS games and you really want to avoid DosBox then you probably want to start with ancient hardware. Sound in particular was done very differently in the DOS days and you would almost certainly not be able to get any sound from any modern motherboard's on-board sound hardware. There were a very small number of PCI sound cards that had DOS drivers (e.g. by Ensoniq who were later bought by Creative and re-released some of those cards as Soundblaster), but other than that you are looking at much older systems with ISA slots - nothing later than about 1999 / Pentium III