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  1. Sometimes, adding a little 90-100% isopropyl alcohol inside works wonders too, but most of the time, if the switch is malfunctioning, it means that its time has come. All switches have not only physical lifespan, but also electrical lifespan, and if it's the latter, there's no fix to that other than to replace the switch altogether.
  2. I see. Thank you for the answer. Strange thing though. AM4 is supposed to support all Ryzen series, so why would they drop some of them from time to time?
  3. There were reports about bugs and malfunctions when 3000 series were considered new thing. I'm wondering if after 5000 series, it's safe to update it. On the other hand, I agree with you on the rule "It it isn't broken, don't fix it".
  4. Hello everybody, I have MSI B450i ITX motherboard, Ryzen 7 1700X, MSI RX 580 Armor MK2 and G.Skill Ripjaws 3200 MHz 14 CAS. I read on some old posts that 3000 series BIOS updates make the 1000-2000 series buggy. Currently, I use 7A40vA4 version of BIOS (before the 3000 series BIOS update), and I'm curious if by updating BIOS to the current one will ruin the compatibility between 1700X and motherboard? Unfortunately, this motherboard doesn't have any kind of BIOS backup to downgrade the BIOS.
  5. As Dudis already mentioned, clean, re-paste/replace thermal pad if it has any, maybe even reinstall OS just to make sure the HDD/SSD is clean too, undervolt if the BIOS has this option, and put your laptop a little higher than usual with cooling pad/laptop stand/erasers.
  6. Well, here's the source of the problem. Every electronics should be either opened and cleaned or blowed with air by leaf blower (anti-static ones) or air blow guns at least once a year. Otherwise, you can end up like me when I didn't clean my Toshiba Qosmio laptop for 3-4 years, and it resulted in half fried CPU. Funny thing is, it still worked with one of the two fried die, and games even run smoothly, just a tad slower than usual.
  7. First of all, try to check if it's the normal thing among all users of this laptop. If it's then it's just laptop's "feature". Do you have any kind of background processes (programs, utilities additional malware from Asus...), which uses your CPU/GPU while you're playing games? If not, then you don't need to reinstall OS. Did you or the technician ever open the laptop for cleaning and replacing thermal components? If not, start from this and then check the temperatures again. Also, this may not help a lot, but most of the laptops have very thin stands. so if your laptop
  8. Crave

    Upgrading panel

    I see, thanks for the help. i'll probably either sell it after i purchase a new 240 HZ monitor (hopefully without any defects) or just continue using it and wait till it completely dies, so i can replace it.
  9. Crave

    Upgrading panel

    To be honest, when i first got Acer XF250Q, i had a black dot (not a dead pixel, looks like a smudge/bug) on the upper right corner and semi-dead pixel near center, which shows up only on blue and kinda on purple. Also, when i was doing a research on monitors, i found out that the flickering line underneath the monitor, which appears when you're using an overdrive is a defect. Due to distance and high shipping price. I couldn't send it for RMA when i had time, but at least Amazon returned me some money for the inconvenience. So the main reason for swap is mostly, because i want to get rid
  10. Crave

    Upgrading panel

    Hey everyone, I use Acer XF250Q monitor and recently i found out that Acer made a new version of this monitor, XF252Q. Upon doing some research, i found out that this monitor pretty much has the same parameters as the previous version, but with better response time and somehow better colors etc. even though it's still a TN panel. Now, as i already have an old version of the monitor, i was thinking if it's possible to find the model of the new panel and simply switch XF250Q panel with the XF252Q one. Does anybody have experience in these kinds of
  11. Hello everyone, I've undervolted MSI RX 580 Armor MK2 in WattMan to see how much temperature will drop from the process of doing it. While the undervolt of all states was successful, i've stumbled upon some strange voltage readings from HWiNFO and GPU-Z. When i was monitoring the card's core voltage, the core temperature was higher than the voltage, which i set on certain states. So, on 600 MHz (which is an idle state of GPU) i found that 750 mV is a stable voltage, but software shows that the current voltage on 600 MHz is 900 V. I'm using Radeon 19.12.2 version. Is it
  12. If the memory is going to be GDDR6 and max temperatures are going to be around 60-65C, it's going to be a good 480-580 (maybe 590) replacement.
  13. I've got nothing left, so i'll try it out and see what happens. I've already used EaseUS and GetDataBack programs. While GetDataBack found everything, but in corrupted form, EaseUS found some useless garbage, which didn't even know i had on my drive.
  14. Thank you for reply. Welp, time to redownload every program, game and music, i guess. One bad thing about it is that the drive had some of my work, as well as personal stuff.