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  1. i think only the Haswell and DEvils Canyon i5s have exposed caps
  2. oh thanks, i thought polish was the same thing as remover in english, my bad sorry, thanks for the advice!
  3. i thought nail polish is isopropyl alcohol? I mean some sort of isolation material for aroudn the die
  4. Hey guys, So if you're delliding a CPU and you use liquid metal you have to make sure that no liquid metal spills off of the die and touch capacitors around it so I wanted to know if theres some sort of thin and cheap isolation compound available that you can just put around the cpu die to make sure that there will be no shortages? thanks in advance, Vintovka
  5. Anybody here had good experience with the Remignton 783 rifles? Considering one as a possible purchase in .223 

  6. some folks here claimed, that my issue might not actually be the PSU but the mobo, so I am thinking about ordering some DDr4 memory and using my brothers "old" 6600k and z170 board PS:nvm I forgott that he only replaced his CPU, not actually the mobo, so my only try is the PSU, if that one doesnt fix it then I wont play demanding games then...
  7. uninstalling GPU drivers is easy but wont be necessary
  8. 650 watt would be better for me, 550 seems a bit tight
  9. thanks for the help, i do even have access to a new CPU and motherboard, but they are 6600k and z170 and i would have to order DDR4 ram. I could just "upgrade" to those, but I honestly dont want to reainstall my whole windows, so is there any way i can uninstall my Motherboard, CPU, Intel INF drivers and then hook it up to the new mobo?
  10. ordering from amazon.de, not more than a 100€ for psu pls
  11. most of these are available, but I dont want to spend too much on it, i dont care that much about efficiency as long as its at least 80+ certified. I should just work without crashing
  12. Also which brands have good Support in Europe in terms of making use of warranty if the product fails within the warranty period?
  13. so oc'd i5 4690k and oc'd 1080 ti from aorus will easily pulll 550W under full load? so will a EVGA SuperNova 650 GQ 80Gold work? Budget wise I dotn really want to buy a gold 750watt psu because they are another 20 bucks more. The EVGA 750 BQ 80+Bronze is only 80 bucks and efficiency isnt a big deal, i just want hte PSU to last 2-3 years with heavy use
  14. how can you tell that its the mobo? I mean usually it either works or doesnt from what i can tell, its really just demanding games causing trouble