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  1. Mod83

    ASUSFest Build

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  2. Mod83

    ASUSFest Build

    Time to show you all how the ASUSFest build came together!
  3. GIVEAWAY To commemorate this year’s Gamer Days, Intel asked me to build a fully customized gaming PC from the ground up! Now you have a chance to win it! Yes, the dual system custom Enyo, featuring the ASUS Republic of Gamers ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial Z590 and Intel i9 119000K, an ASUS RTX 3090, 64Gb CORSAIR Dominator RAM, 6Tb of WD Black NVME Storage, and a full custom Alphacool English loop. But wait there's more! I said dual system right This build also includes an ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero, Intel 11700K, 32GB Corsair RAM, an ASUS RTX 3080, 4TB WD Black storage, and aga
  4. Mod83

    ASUSFest Build

    151mm x 473mm, its a tight squeeze! Thanks, yeah its certainly different!
  5. Mod83

    ASUSFest Build

    Tube Time and an update to the ASUSFest build! The 011 XL ROG Edition, for a first time building in one, has been a great experience, no wonder there are so many of these around. It's time to get all the pipework, the back panel, the cables, and other little details installed into this give-away PC. At the time of writing the winner of this rig has already been picked. Over 103,000 entered the giveaway so one lucky sod somewhere is hopefully reading this to see how their new PC is coming along! Granted, I'm ahead of what I am actually showing here, and the build is in fact complete, I wi
  6. Mod83

    ASUSFest Build

    Well, guys, it's time to bring an update to the ASUS Fest build! I've made some real progress on this build over the past few days so let's go over the specs and the plan for this build; The first post teased what this system will be about and some of the hardware to be used. The case is the Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL ROG Edition, a case that, well, pretty much everyone at this point has built in!. Now I have finally got my hands on one for the ASUS Fest build, I have to say I am impressed and can see why so many people are choosing this for their builds. It offers plenty of room for custom
  7. Well, as soon as I finish the Intel Gamer Days build, I have another project to work on. Meet the ASUSFest build! ASUS has asked me to build the PC that they are giving away as part of the upcoming ASUSFest campaign, and well, it's going to be another awesome build! To be in with a chance of winning this PC I suggest that you follow ASUS on social media, I wont post any links, I am sure that you can find them! For now, here's a teaser! These images will certainly give you an insight as to what is up for grabs, full custom system, avec hardline, yes it wil
  8. Well, it's done! The build is now finished and ready to be taken to Intel. I have a final video coming, but that will be after it's been delivered. Until Intel takes receipt of the build, it will be kept as its separate entities, overall I love how this has turned out. There are a couple of things I would change and the blue coolant in the rear system will also be getting changed out for a solid, EK Azure. Final spec: Front Intel 11900K ASUS Z590 Glacial 3x 2TB WD Black NVME Gen 4 M.2 ASUS TUF RTX 3090 64GB Corsair Dominator Full Custom Alphacool Loop - 2x Eisbecher Aurora, 2
  9. Good morning guys, hope you are all safe and well. The Intel Gamer Days build is starting to take shape, I’m fast approaching the deadline for this build so it’s time to take a look at what I’ve been up to and what’s still to get done The Raijintek Enyo has now been painted and well, it’s turned out great. The color combination on this matches Intel’s branding and given the layout of this dual system, it’s a great contrast that I think just fits really well. The colors are nice and bright and as you will see later on, I have actually swapped over the bottom shrouds to make it stand o
  10. Made some progress, will have a video dropping over the weekend!
  11. Well, it's time to crack on and I have a video update coming soon. Until then, here's the state of play, the case has been painted, more hardware has arrived and I have been busy cracking on getting stuff together. The case was powder coated by a local company and they have done a fantastic job, matching the Intel colors as required. I really wish I could have done this myself but for the end result, it's well worth outsourcing as the finish is excellent, to say the least. For hardware we have the ASUS Glacial and Hero, both are sublime pieces of kit. In terms of the CPUs, the 11900K
  12. Hey all, hope you are safe and well. Intel has asked if I can put together a dual system build to celebrate Intel Gamer Days and guys, this thing is going to be absolutely enormous! If you haven’t seen or heard about Intel Gamers Days, it’s a 10-day virtual festival packed with incredible deals, exciting streams, and exclusive giveaways for gamers around the globe. If you don’t already follow Intel on social media then now is the time to start because later this year they will be bringing a load of content including influencer workshops, exclusive gameplay previews, game developer
  13. Quick project update, the torque is coming along quite nicely now with the replacement rads installed, fans, hard lines almost done and the new exhaust!
  14. Ive just grabbed a new camera, the Panasonic G100 for all my future videos and pics. I want to start spending some more time behind the camera to get used to being on screen and would love to bring you gorgeous lot in. I would like to do a Q and A, ask me anything about my projects, modding etc, just really anything to give me some time to relax and get used to being behind the camera to hopefully, make future videos better. Would really appreciate your input, stay safe all.