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  1. Part of this build has featured in Aprils edition of Maximum PC, my first article for them so super excited to see this!
  2. Well, the rads arrived!
  3. A quick video , bringing the build up to date
  4. With some test fitting of components done to give me an idea of the layout, it's time for a small update. My friends over at Seagate were kind enough to send over 2 FireCuda 510 NVME SSDs for the build. These are M.2 2280 double-sided, PCIe Gen3 ×4, NVMe 1.3 with reads of up to 3,450 MB/s and writes of up to 3,200 MB/s. They have also sent over their largest capacities, both at 2TB! Given the open design of the Torque, fewer cables are certainly going to help me with a clean aesthetic come the finish line, and going with full on board for storage means there are no extra power or data ca
  5. Not so much progress today, still figuring out the loop and other ideas but here's some more shots of the build so far. The 10920X is installed and I will be using the CPU block from my Pastel DX build, the trim will be getting a new coat of paint. I'm toying with a vertical GPU mount, mainly to show off the lovely details of the MSI 2080 Super, it looks fantastic on the Alphacool block!. The X299-Deluxe II looks amazing in the Antec Torque, I am really tempted to custom paint the shrouds but if I end up using it for another build down the line, it's going to need another coat at some po
  6. Time for another update, and time to get this project coming along. The first order of the day is a huge thank you to Alphacool for their continued support. We already have the GPU mounted but for the rest of the main cooling parts we have got 2x 360mm ST30s, XPX Aurora Plexi CPU block, VPP655 pump, and tube reservoir. Il be going with their chrome fittings for this build I think as they seem to fit it well. The motherboard, RAM, CPU, and GPU are installed for testing the final layout, I am not 100% if I will be going vertical or horizontal on this one. Our tube reservoir "exhaust" is a
  7. One of the first things I have cracked on with is getting the GPU sorted out. MSI kindly sent over one of their RTX 2080 Super Gaming Trio X cards for use on this and a couple of other projects I have lined up. Once again I partner with Alphacool for the cooling and so it was straight on to getting the backplate painted.
  8. I've been a fan of Moto GP for as long as I can remember, the racing is close and fast, and I have witnessed some incredible highs and lows over the years. I have watched Valentino Rossi go from rookie to a multiple world champion, he's one of the all-time greats and t's been fantastic to watch over the years. One stand-out moment was probably Valencia, 2009. It was Rossi Vs Lorenzo and it came down to the final lap, arguably the best final lap we have ever seen in Moto GP., in case you missed it: So there's a passion of mine and then there's Antec, well they do make a bike-style cas
  9. He also added this in the comments so explains some parts: READ BEFORE COMMENTING ABOUT SPECS/RAM! Minecraft runs on a single core, which is why I opted for this CPU as it's a good balance between single core performance (turbo boosts to 5.3GHz) and multiple cores for editing. I did look into AMD offerings but this still seemed like the best fit for me... And now I prepare for the million replies saying I am wrong! Second note - I didn't mean to read the specs twice, so it was an accidental flex, but a hard flex it definitely was. Third note -
  10. Heard from MSi that he was having issues, part of the reason he needed this out so quick so maybe why he wasnt showing stuff.
  11. Just seen, and to be honest kind of gutted I didnt even get a mention in the video Given this was a weeks worth of time in terms of build, plus planning, emails, etc its kinda disheartening. Never mind, lesson learnt, Il keep plugging away with builds.Dont get me wrong, it was a fantastic experience and great to be involved, I mean 180k views and 20k comments in an hour based around a system I built is great, more for MJ than me but I suppose thats the way this "influencer" stuff works right?
  12. Yeah certainly one to sit on top, rather than underneath a desk, that was part of the brief. Case wise, never built in a TT case before and TBH im not that impressed with the L20. For what they cost a be quiet! case is more my thing and I do a lot of be quiet based builds as the quality is top notch. I wanted to go for a TT L5 for this but again, out my hands. On GPU, again out my hands, vertical I wanted to water cool. Usually I wouldnt recommend a vertical GPU on air, the L20 does give more air flow room than most cases and MSI wanted to show off the 3090 so thats fair enough. My
  13. Thanks bud, much appreciated. Not my hardware choices but still a damn fine setup. As per thread and video, I had no idea who he was. Minecraft isnt my thing but my son loves his vids so nice to go full circle and be part of stuff he watches. Redstone seems cool, I actually own Minecraft but I`m more into flight sims etc but might take a look after all. Kind of gutted, Mumbo has a few posts out about the system already but didnt tag me on Instgram / Twitter etc Hopefully he will in the video he is making about the system, fingers crossed
  14. In late 2020 MSI got in touch with me to create a system for a client of theirs, this was to be a gift for Christmas to replace an aging system. At the time they couldn’t tell me much, just that it needed to be a show build but not over the top, have a black and white theme, and that under no circumstances should there be a hint of rainbow puke anywhere. That sort of brief doesn’t make things easy and then, more pressure was added. Once MSI and the client confirmed everything they wanted in terms of hardware, they could finally let me know who this system was for. This was a system for a gu