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About Jessica.Fawkes

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  • Birthday Aug 14, 2002

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    Mother Fawkes# 1173
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    Computers (Duh)
    Phones/Media Players
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    - Willing to destroy electronics like Plainrock124
    - Love old technology, would like to use if it was more easy to acquire.
    - Used a netbook for 6 years straight, never recieved a BSOD.
    - Stabbed an iPhone battery accidentally.
    - Whoever nails the identity of my devices, kudos to you!
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  • CPU
    Dual Core ARM A7 / Quad-core Intel i7-8550U
  • Motherboard
    Custom / Custom
  • RAM
    1GB LPDDR3 RAM, soldered / 16GB DDR4-2400 Dual Channel Soldered
  • GPU
    PowerVR G6430 (Shared VRAM) / Intel UHD 620 (1GB Shared VRAM, 256MB dedicated)
  • Case
    Aluminum / Custom (Plastic/Magnesium, I think)
  • Storage
    16GB eMMC / 256GB NVMe M.2-2280
  • PSU
    16.3 Wh li-ion, 5V 2A PMIC regulator / 51 Wh (3340mAh) li-ion, 20V 2.25A charger
  • Display(s)
    1024x768 Touch LCD / 1920x1080 Touch LCD w/ Stylus
  • Cooling
    Passive / Fan + Heatsink/heatpipe (It's garbage though)
  • Keyboard
    On-Screen / PS/2 built-in keyboard
  • Mouse
    Theoretically possible / Precision trackpad, "nipple"
  • Sound
    Cirrus Logic / Conexant SmartAudio OR Intel Display Audio
  • Operating System
    Custom OS / Windows 10

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  1. Today I discovered that my 'modern' laptop has worse battery life than a laptop made 10 years ago.

  2. Just get a USB wifi adapter. There aren't many PCIe Wifi cards out there.
  3. Time to run Forza Motorsport 6 on UHD 620... 30FPS, here we come!

  4. Older machines are great for basic tasks. I used to have some decrepit old laptop that couldn't connect to wifi no matter what, so I just used it to write a story. Now where's the hard drive...
  5. At some point I need to show some of my things. It's been a while since I last hopped onto this.
  6. Trying to make artificial self-confidence so I can keep myself alive.

  7. Could also suffer from frequent virus attacks due to other connected CPU's
  8. Hey I know people calling 5 and 6th gen Core CPU's "ancient". And that's because they bought the device with a spindle drive.
  9. Ok sorry for the mishap. I guess it's PC's, now: I have a Lenovo ThinkPad x230. Any guesses (Excluding drive, I've upgraded to 256GB SSD) ?
  10. Have fun guessing what hardware is in devices! To start off, my example is a phone with a single-core CPU!
  11. I like your Profile fox. Very intriguing.

    1. Jessica.Fawkes


      Thank you! This is an example of the kind of things I post WHEN i focus.

  12. Returning after a whole year of being inactive.

    1. Beef Boss
    2. Schnoz


      Welcome back to the rice fields!



      How many notifs did you have?

    3. Jessica.Fawkes
  13. What's the most sketchiest/dangerous looking air cooling setup/system you've ever seen?