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  1. I was thinking if the rx 5700xt get better with age like rx 580 did?
  2. Yes it still has 2 year+3years warranty intact. While rx 5700xt has 3 years warranty.
  3. It still has it's warranty and haven't been registered on zotac yet.
  4. Please help me decide what to do. I can not make up my mind. I was gonna buy rtx but my friend told me that amd image is much sharper and better saturated. I own rx 580 atm and don't want blurry image etc.
  5. So I just talked to him and he said it comes with 1 year official warranty and it is unregistered and I will get the 2 free games with it. And if I ever need to RMA he can help me with it but I will have to pay the shipping charges.
  6. Maybe I can ask him to give me 15 days of testing time and I can ask him if the gpu has official warranty or not. If he agrees I will give it a try. Otherwise I can wait a month and hope to get more options. I am using rx 580 with 144hz so it is showing it's age now.
  7. The problem is , either there is this variant for 400$ or nitro+ which costs 550$ here. There is no other variant available atm in my country. The 550$ nitro+ comes with a 2 yearss warranty. But at that price I can get a gtx 1080ti used or 2070super new
  8. I can ask for 14 days testing periods. He is offering 7 days though. I would have blindly bought gtx 2060 super if it was atleast better than rx 5700 let alone 5700xt. The tittles I play have much highers frames using amd while rtx 2060s falls behind 10-20fps to rx 5700.
  9. But rx 5700xt is almost on par with rtx 2070super and cheaper than rtx 2060super. Is warranty really that useful?
  10. Ps: super is 30$ expensive too. What should I do? Both are new though. Rx 5700xt is open box but no warranty.
  11. Thinking about getting gtx 1080ti used if rx 5700xt is having all these issue.