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  1. Hey Guys, i am using a 2070 and play ps4 and soon ps5! i search a new monitor for this pc! comparison or experiences with these two types!? also other tips and types are welcome! happy to read from u thanks in advance!! basti
  2. Can i use the Minix 12 as stand alone? Only with a 3,5 mm on monitor/pc/ps4? How it is compared with the logitech MX Sound? Any experiences?
  3. Thanks for the idea with Logitech mX Sound..."sounds" great ? Further tips are welcome ?
  4. Hey Guys, i hope u are fine and had a good start in the new year! I have an high end gaming pc with a mini itx, built in 2019. Also in my gaming area is a PS4. In addition to this conole/pc i have a gaming monitor from AOC. This one is without speakers. In my dreams and in my world i buy a 7.1 speaker system and equip the whole room with it. But there is an objection from my wife, who has completely different ideas: The gaming corner is big enough and the speakers should be as small as possible ? ... Could you help me with a tip or a concrete product recom
  5. ok, cool! Do u have an idea for monitor @Origami Cactus
  6. Thank u! After filtering there is only AOC: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/ChfhP6/aoc-agon-ag273qcg-270-2560x1440-165-hz-monitor-ag273qcg Any other ideas?
  7. Hey Ho Guys and Girls ;-), i need ur ideas for a gaming monitor for my following hardware: - Intel i9 - Geforce 2070 gaming oc - 16GB Ram - AIO Water cooling i search a monitor for my PC and PS4 in one :-): - minimum 144 hz - curved - min. 27 size - g sync Budget: max. 500... Thanks!
  8. WHat size do u prefer and which monitor would u chose if it is urs? ? I bought the evga ?
  9. Ok thanks! i think to buy the evga or the gigabyte gaming oc... i need help for descision
  10. what do u think about the aoc monitors? ips or va panel?
  11. OKay, then i buy the normal one ? and what monitor u prefer?
  12. wow, looks nice!!! And the Ultra gaming version from evga?
  13. wow, nice, thanks so much for ur help!!! Can u take a photo from the front with coolers? This would be so helpful for me ?
  14. i had this card...this card was a bit to depth. So the evga should fit in the case?!
  15. cool, from length in my case ophion evo no problem. But how depth is the card? I tested the rog strix 2070, the depth was the problem,,,can u tell me that?
  16. and if u have to buy a OC card. which would u buy for u? from the 2070s..?
  17. https://geizhals.de/?fs=EVGA+2070+XC+Gaming&in= which card is urs?
  18. this card is for a none oc 2070 extrem high..? Sorry for sick questions ? but i need ur help ?
  19. yeah these are my thoughts in past as well. But there is my question to all of u: Should i buy a standard 2070 (for example armor) or a pimped 2070 like rog strix or anything else?
  20. yeah, i know, its overkill, but it was my dream to build my first own pc. And yes i know it is overkill :-). I am from Germany . Resolution: u have a tipp for an monitor? Budget for it is also 500 Euro... Budget for whole pc is 1800 Euro...but tell me ur thoughts that doesnt depend on budget ;-).
  21. th3ere is no special reason, only i thought 8gb is better for the future...isnt it?
  22. Ok, thanks! From Budget the 2080 is not real for me :-). My descision is between 2060-2070 and 2080.... budget look at belows comment ?
  23. Budget max. 600-700 Euro. Usecase is office pC and 2-3 times a week gaming... I want to play the newest games...i love sport games and want to play battlefield, tomb raider. Almost the newest games :-).
  24. Hey Guys, cool to be here in this forum after i watched the whole time only the videos on youtube :-). i built a new system (ready instead of the graphic card..): - Case: ophion evo - Mainboard: AsRock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX - Intel Core i7 9700k - Corsair RGB Ram 16GB - Corsair H100i Pro v2 RGB - Corsair SF600 - 3x Alpenföhn WIngboost 3 ARGB - Crucial MX500 1TB My monitor is at the moment BENQ Zowie RL2755..i want to renew it in a few months! U have any tips for it? At least i want ur tips for a ne