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  1. So a year ago my computer (specs below) didn't want to boot for some reason. I pressed the power button and nothing happens. I then brought it to a local computer repair shop. The technician disassembled the computer and reassembled it on a test bench, which magically was able to boot. He then told me that it's likely that the side of my RAM that slots into the motherboard is dirty, he then advised me to just take out the RAM, clean that part of the RAM, and insert it back in the event that my computer refused to boot in the future. Ever since then, this has happened twice and the issue can al
  2. Oh wow I didn't know SoTR is an immersive sim.
  3. The Outsider from Dishonored. So that I can give random people powers and observe their behaviour and what they do with it.
  4. Reminds me of that scene in Mr. Robot when the main character pretended to be someone from the bank and tricked his target into giving away bank details lmao.
  5. Is releasing new SKUs when you can't fulfill the demands for existing one really a good idea?
  6. Not so long ago there cases that put the PSU at the top instead of the bottom. Why and why was it phased out?
  7. Yeah to be honest it's better to lower your time preference and save up for a more long-lasting computer.
  8. To be honest with you, I think pop music has always been the way it is and have never changed. It is you that has grown up and has developed a different taste in music.
  9. That's because they kinda are the same. The same way that AAA games have been kinda same-y this past few years. Profitability is easy, originality is hard.
  10. I enjoy plenty of pop music myself but I believe that's true. I'm just suggesting OP to explore other genres.
  11. So since you're fake. You didn't participate in the Waco Siege?
  12. Here's an idea. Stop listening to pop music, they're the lowest common denominator. Start listening to stuff not mainstream.
  13. My name + my birthdate.
  14. That's the binding I used but I changed to P L ; ' because it's more natural.
  15. We comprises 5-15 percent of the population. Much much smaller minority have been given much much more attention by society than us. So I'll say we go for it my dude.
  16. This image is not flipped horizontally. This is the binding of one of my game, Dishonored 2. The mouse I use is the Logitech G300S, which has an ambidextrous design because it doesn't have thumb keys as its macros, so all the buttons are accessible to me and I don't need to uncomfortably press them with my pinky or ring finger as I would have in a right-handed mouse with thumb keys. The extra macro keys compensates the fact that there are less 'ergonomically pressable' keys on the right side of the keyboard. The game already recognizes the 2 extra macros as mouse
  17. Fatih19

    Hey there! I was researching into the Corsair C…

    You may want to look at the Cougar MX331 Mesh, it has the 5.25 inch bay albeit only one of them. The airflow is also great and the X variant even has a 1 side fan slot for even more of it, or you could opt for the vanilla Mesh if you want boring old tempered glass. This was the case I originally looked into when foraying into cases with side fan but it only used 120 mm fans. Because I have 2 Noctua P14S Redux, I'll have to buy more fans if I want to use it. So I looked elsewhere.
  18. Is that your CPU or GPU?
  19. If I were to commit something that is morally questionable and can be seen as illegal, I certainly wouldn't tell it on a public forum. I would just said 'ok' once several people told me it's morally questionable, memory-hole this thread, and still do the thing if for some whatever twisted reason I still wanted to do it.
  20. Fatih19

    Hey there! I was researching into the Corsair C…

    Oh you don't? What case did you ended up getting?