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  • CPU
    ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    asus prime a320m-k
  • RAM
    corsair vegeance 2166mhz 2x8gb dual channel
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1050ti OC
  • Storage
    Apacher AS340
  • PSU
    Corsair VS550
  • Display(s)
    MSI MAG241C
  • Keyboard
    Akko 3068 tokyo edition
  • Mouse
    Razer viper
  • Sound
    Steelseries Arctis 5
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    MSI GL65 9SEK
  • Phone
    Asus ZenFone 8

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  1. I just bought zenfone 8. but there's a problem that bugs me. it sometimes not responding to touch even though the phone can detect my touch (I enabled the show touch option on the developer option) And I need to force shut down it to fix this problem. Anyone have this problem too? Or Any solution?
  2. hi guys im planning to buy xiaomi mi 11. but i cant found the global version here in taiwan and if i buy it from the aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002003991515.html its substantialy more expensive. anyone have experience with china miui? does it affect a lot of user end experience? does it has english language? is china miui gonna be a huge problem for global user?
  3. my friend told me that my voice is very unclear. After some re install driver and steelseries engine(the latest steelseries engine). The problem still exist. this is the video when i try to record my voice . when i said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the volume become unstable. but in fact I say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with consistent volume and loudness. Can you guys help me? 2021-01-15 10-55-38.mkv
  4. my new robot white controller not working properly. When i press A the game detect it as rb. Can someone help me? 352612.t.mp4
  5. Spec: Ryzen 7 3700x MSI B450 Tommahawk max msi ventus gtx 1660 super Be quiet Pure Power BQ L8-600W Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200mhz 2x8GB cl16-18-18-32 Everytime i play some games it always crashing after couple of minutes. Crashed game : GTA V, Apex Legends, Forza Horizon 4 . I leave my ram setting on A-XMP. I havent try anything else
  6. So I need to still pay the text even thought I am an alien residence?
  7. I'm planning to buy a galaxy tab s7 cellular but I currently study in Taiwan and the price is more expensive here. Can i buy it from my homeland(Indonesia) and send it over here without paying Taiwan taxes? (I am holding an alien resident card here) (anyone from taiwan pls give me information)
  8. ah thankyou dude i didnt see that before
  9. does a mini displayport to displayport works in 2 ways? https://www.vention.cn/product/mini-dp-to-dp-cable/
  10. I have a budget of 250dollar. Should I pick Phillips 242M8,msi g241 ips, or asus vp249qgr. I mainly use the monitor for fps and rpg game. And sometimes video editing. Which one should I choose?
  11. It's a new laptop btw. So maybe dust isn't the problem. Is noctua thermal paste good enough?
  12. Ah so it's better to have msi fix this? Even thou the process will take up to 1month?
  13. is it okay to have cpu stays and 95 degrees under load? is it normal when my laptop power limit it self? does reapply thermal paste fix this problem?