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  1. Agree
    GarnetG reacted to Osangar in Best wifi card ?   
    Check out the Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE. It's the same price.
    I own one, and I've never had any issues.
  2. Agree
    GarnetG reacted to The_russian in Should I upgrade or wait?   
    If you are not satisfied with it or want more performance, then upgrade. If you can wait, I would wait until 4th gen comes out. 
  3. Like
    GarnetG reacted to Flyingchickennugget27 in Are rgb gpu backplates from v1 tech worth it   
    Are they worth it for 70 bucks
  4. Funny
    GarnetG reacted to philip1077 in How does one get a job at Linus Media Group?   
    So I'm still really dumb...
  5. Informative
    GarnetG reacted to 3 Lions in LTX 2020   
    They haven't even started planning LTX 2020. 
  6. Funny
    GarnetG reacted to ProjectBox153 in Would you put stickers on your case?   
    That makes it 15% slower. Not joking. 
  7. Funny
    GarnetG reacted to dcgreen2k in Would you put stickers on your case?   
    +500 gigahertz
  8. Funny
    GarnetG reacted to Eclypseon in Would you put stickers on your case?   
    Sticker goes here...right?