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    New York
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    Military grade autism


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    ryzen 5 1600
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    asrock b450m pro4
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    32gb ddr4 2400
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    gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb
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    nzxt h440
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    a handful of ssds
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    evga 430
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    samsung chg90
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    nzxt kraken x52
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    velocifire tkl02
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    logitech marathon
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    logitech 2.1
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    windows 10
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  1. happened again apic id: 4 ErrorSource 3 ApicId 3 MCABank 5 MciStat 0xbea0000000000108 MciAddr 0x1fff80632aa281a MciMisc 0xd01a0ffe00000000
  2. ever since i got the ryzen 5 5600x (previously ryzen 3600) my system has been crashing while streaming. event viewer shows me this, with different processor apic ids. ive already updated chipset drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled ryzen master, made sure the ryzen power plans are gone, and i cant figure out why my computer is crashing. no blue screen, it just freezes and reboots. any ideas? GPU: Asus RTX3080 Tuf CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x CPU Cooler: Cooler Master ML240 Mirror MOBO: Asus Tuf B550m Gaming Plus Ram: Corsair Vengeance 32gb ddr4 3200mhz PSU: EVGA 750w G3 A fata
  3. found another contributor!! nvidia programs! it turns out geforce experience and rtx voice / nvidia broadcast were causing my gpu to run at full force. if i have noise removal effect enabled on nvidia broadcast it'l run my gpu at max clock speed. the second i disable it, i go down to 210mhz. my gpu and cpu both idle at 31c. the way the lord intended. finally.
  4. i know llc doesnt undervolt but i set llc to 3 as part of ryzen clock tuners procedure. ryzen clock tuner set up my cpu overclock nicely
  5. i actually set LLC to 3 as part of ryzen clock tuner, which also undervolted a lil. i thought 95c maximum meant that ryzen master doesn't let it go above 95c. cause even after a restart it says 95c max. it never hits that though. i hit around 65 MAX in game.
  6. So I left 1usmus ctr (ryzen clock tuner) on overnight cause i know it takes forever and check this out. Problem solved?? (it was also 53f in my room)
  7. i completely agree, i only use mobro because it's a nice lil fancy interface, since i do miss that about nzxt cam.
  8. yeah actually setting it to 0% finally lets me go as low as 1000mhz in ryzen master. mobro/nzxt cam still shows it as a constant 4200mhz though. im getting as low as 36c idling now. not so bad, but it shoots up to 50c randomly and crawls back down. i've tried the motherboard chipset and the more recent amd chipset driver, no difference from those. i definitely have some background software. i have msi afterburner, elgato wavelink, rtx voice, deckboard, displayfusion, and google drive running.
  9. by default it's at 100% min 100% max, i set it to 1% min and 100% max. none of that's changed anything for me
  10. Yeah, I even swapped to a different motherboard!
  11. So I've had this issue for around a year now. My ryzen 2600 seemed to be stuck at 4200mhz. I thought it was an issue with nzxt cam reporting the wrong temperatures and always showing the max clock speed because it would only show 4.2ghz no matter what. I changed to the ryzen 3600, same problem. I changed my motherboard and windows install. I can't figure it out. Today I swapped out to a cooler master ml240 mirror and I have the exact same issues. I've done about 15 builds as a side gig since covid started and I usually idle in the high 20s to low 30s. For whatever reason I idle around the 40s
  12. Unrequested update, I drilled some ventilation holes between the basement shroud and main section of my case. I'm now idling in the 30s and gaming in the 50s. TimeSpy score 14405. Graphics score 17413 and cpu 7281. Old scores are 13751, graphics score 16552 and cpu 7021. An absolutely measurable difference.
  13. Would I be running cooler at 4k?????? Would changing my cpu make my gpu run cooler???
  14. I don't think I should be getting 500 fps at 20c. I know that judging by benchmarks it's supposed to be a 50% improvement over the 2080super, but instead there's 0 notable difference and it's actually hotter. I'm seeing other people's benchmarks and I'm absolutely not getting what their getting so I would assume it's an issue on my end. I was just curious if this happened to anyone else because maybe there's some obscure setting that I'm unaware of.
  15. It worked! I can't explain it but it worked!!! Thanks so much!!!!