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  1. Strange but I have these for 4k
  2. These are the results I got in uniengine
  3. So months ago my ex put her foot through my pc case and bend the gpu. I tried to bend it back after I opened it and also change the thermal compound. The thing is that I don't play stresful games usually. Titanfall 2 and sometimes Division 2 worked great, but after I tried horizon zero down and my god, the fps drops were so constant. I want to buy RDR2 but I don't know if the GPU will work good enough for it. It's an 1070 TI. How could I test my gpu to see if it still works as it should?
  4. No, I don't think so. I never see temps that high. I have an Corsair GS Series GS700 PSU The MB is an MSI B450 Tomahawk Max 16 GB Ram Stock cooler GTX 1070 TI
  5. I use an MSI Tomahawk B450 Max MB. From what I seen on bios, gamemode gets the cpu from 3.7 to 4.2 ghz, but I'm not sure
  6. So I have a Ryzen system. Till recently because I didn't have a lot of money I was running just the two fans that came with the motherboard and I didn't activate gamemode on the bios. Also I usually didn't use the case's cover because I realised the case would got pretty hot when playing games, even simple games as CSGO. The truth is that I don't know much about more modern Cpu's like this one. Now I aquired a three fan package with a controller and two fan speed modes and I choose to use the cover and activate that Gamemode from the bios to give the cpu more power. The problem is
  7. hmm, I don't really know how to do that
  8. So I didn't have a lot of money but I needed sound ASAP, my onboard sound card doesn't work so I went to buy a cheap second hand sound card. I brought gembird sc-5.1-4 pci-express x1. I just instaled it and added some fans. The think is that when I don't listed to anything, I have a lot of static sound for some reason. Is there a thing I can do? Can it be a power problem, a short circuit on the board? Could it create problems with my pc or something?
  9. Sadly, no! I went to buy an audio card instead
  10. So I have an Ryzen 7 2700x on a Tomahawk B450 MB. My processor fan is change speed every 5 seconds even on idle. Is is normal, but after 5~ seconds the speed incrases for 3~ seconds and then goes back to normal. This is pretty anoying. I don't know much about these new CPU's as my last cpu was an i5 3470, but I seen the fan curve in HW Monitor and I set all to default, but still nothing. What can I do to solve this?
  11. So I buyed some new parts for my PC. The thing is that the CPU Fan is really often very loud. I'm curious if there is a problem with the temperature. Those temperatures are on idle. It stays between 60-70 celsius. A second it's 60 then the next second I see it at 70. I have XMP enabled in bios and I thing that I have GameMode too. I did this because my CPU was reaching 3000~ in Cinebench and a user sugested XMP which solved the problem. Now I have aroung 4000~. Specs: Ryzen 7 2700X GTX 1070 Armor OC MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16G