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  1. Does anybody know about a solution to use some sort of small device that could Link make almost wireless? So some form of thin client / streaming device, that then gives the image over via the USB 3. Some Raspberry stuff?
  2. That being said, you already can play PC games on the Quest via something like https://github.com/polygraphene/ALVR This, with the GPU of your computer instead of the lower resolution rendering on the 835 and wireless instead of via cable. That being said, the third market wlan solutions are reported to lag sometimes, can anybody confirm this for ALVR specifically?
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LSGKEC4/ Linus, I have a job for you. So far as I have seen, have you never done a review on a Chiclet keyboard yet.
  4. Yeah, there is just no subforum to report such mistakes. The video title says 21:9
  5. Cool down, its already pretty old. Anyways: 49 inch is NOT 21:9 P.S: I wanted to post this into LTT, which seems impossible. Is this on purpose? Matthias
  6. I would rather use this one, stay at the price, gain some resolution and step back a few inches. ? Thanks that you made me aware of those. Still think Sceptre has cool monitors in stock, like this one.
  7. I think thats worth testing: Sceptre 21:9 200Hz Curved 2560x1080 VA The resolution and price of this monitor make it suitable for budget gaming with .. not so budget appealing. ? Also, Sceptre is known to produce monitors with a good price-quality ratio.
  8. I am really concerned, like you, about the size. Since it seems to wide to type on it comfortably. Plus, the Key 2 LE costs 200€ second hand, this device 650 and I guess nobody will really sell it refurbished.