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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply but been busy lately with other projects. The company owners have no idea of my work, we are a small IT team of 3 (2 devs 1 sysadmin) and then there's the rest of the company. Only the IT knows what I actually do. For the rest no one has idea of my actual work (not even the company owner unfortunately). The thing is that our servers are at OVH, so we don't have anything internal that we could use local network. That's the main issue and that's why we're using that many IPs. Portugal is a really nice coun
  2. Guess that I need to do a lot of more research then. Our main problem is that since we are a startup and I'm just a junior sysadmin (1year and 8 months of experience) and also the only sysadmin here, I'm facing some "dumb" questions which no one in the company can actually answer them. I'll do some readings about this during this week and maybe try to re-architecture the whole VM/networks. Portuguese people usually are good in english (better than the French) but don't forget that Luxembourg is an independent country and not a village or city from France
  3. We've been reading about this as well. Guess that I need to do more research on this. Usually people advise to separate web servers from mail servers so they don't get the same IP. I could get you a full list of servers + IPs so you can get an idea on the architecture behind it. Because we run a lot of different services. In case of DDoS I can simply low the network speed under the affected VM. So even if that service keeps busy and down, it won't affect the back office system. Never thought there were showing taking place in Luxembourg. Small country a lot of mon
  4. for sure their website is https://www.vo.lu/ They didn't provide this info trough their website but by mail. And they didn't state if it was per IP or per block. The first time we asked them about the price for 8 IPs which they answered 30 EUR /month. Then I asked if was there anyway to get more than 8 IPs because we would need around 24 IPs which they answered "If you need more than 8 IP addresses you will need a Transit IP specific for your server 50 Mbit/s IP Transit: 100 EUR / month excl. VAT."
  5. I'm aware of this in case we use it it would be to store only the AS2 Messages which are taking a lot of disk usage at the moment. Each received message is saved and its values stored in the different database (it depends on the message type). Maybe the S3 would be enough for that matter. Thank you
  6. With our AS2 and SQL servers. We run master slave and currently have 4 servers MySQL and PostgreSQL (8 knowing they are in master slave). They have a NFS mount storage option. Which we are using for proxmox daily backups. Didn't had time to go further on this option but i'll do some research for sure. Thank you
  7. Thank you for the support @leadeater Our main concern about this idea of running our own hardware is due to get "unlimited disk space". The problem at OVH (SoYouStart) is that they cannot provide more disk space in case we need it. If we need more disk space we must rent a new server. We're not very AWS or AZURE friendly as well so I don't think that will be an option to run our services. Our mail services are running under a VM server inside our main server and it's doing the job perfectly. All our DNS are correctly setup giving us the possibility to run as
  8. They only have 1 facility tier2 and 1 facility tier4. Both have fire security and earthquakes in our country are not usual. We run multiple applications for different needs, For example 1 app related to our back office team will have a different public address than an app for our clients. We do this way to provide security while using different virtualizations. One of the IPs for example is used for AS2 messaging layer which we need to run the business. That IP is shared between partners and it cannot be down. So if we suffer a DDoS attack while the attacker used a p
  9. Hello, currently we are renting some servers at OVH, the service isn't bad at all with the only downside of them modifying the kernel. Since the servers are being rented I cannot just "upgrade" what I want (disk space for example). So we're starting to see different options. One of the options (and the best I saw so far) was to rent a half rack unit in a data center. This data center is located few Km from our office, so It seems to be a good option. They gave us some options which got me kinda lost, and this is why I'm asking here in the forums.
  10. Hello, Thank you for your opinion, regarding the data, we got our server back when I started working here, 1 year and a half. so these 200Gb of disk space were taken during this time. As we're storing a lot of client informations (electricity consumption data), this value will increase over time. Plus if we get new clients. Back then the data was taken in paper, but because of law changement this data had to become virtual, and we coulnd't store more paper data... The idea that I got was to get the front end applications with the database stored on the SSD, because even if we'
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a junior sysadmin and currently the only sysadmin in our company so I feel like asking to someone who is way more experienced than me. Currently we own a production / development server with the current specs: 8 x AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 4386 (1 Socket) 32Go RAM DDR3 2x3To HDD This server has proxmox installed in ZFS which has been working great for the past year and a half. This server currently hosts 16 LXC containers with different services on it. (We decided to proceed with LXC because we were never able to correctly