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  1. In New Zealand the normal retail price for a RTX 2080 was around NZ$1300 (US$880) before the RTX 3080 was announced. The RTX 3080 by major NZ tech stores average is about NZ$1600 (UD$1080). Both cards retail for NZ$1033 (US$699). Why the hell is this bullshit the case?
  2. Better yet, if you want a series of videos build THE MOST HIGH TECH TINY HOUSE EVER!!!!
  3. I love the idea of building a off grid tiny house, one of problems is I love to game and would hate to go without a full desktop. Find someone building a off grid tiny house who wants serious gaming rig and do a video designing and integrating one for them. 1440p modern games at max settings, quiet, fully mechanical keyboard, plenty of mouse space. Lots of challenges, trying to take up the lease space possible, making more space when the computer isn't in use. You also want to be as power efficient as possible to give the option to run on off grid solar.
  4. I have a EVGA 650w should be plenty of power. Graphics card has all the slots are plugged in. All the squares and rounded bits matched. (3+4) CPU power has a 2+2 the first one the patterns match the 2nd one they don't, I looked on line and it said only the 1st is required the 2nd is for extreme overclocking. I have tried just plugging in the first and tried having both plugged in, same result.
  5. I have now (can't believe I forgot that). No change.
  6. Spec list: Power: EVGA 650 GD, 100-GD-650Processor: i7-6700 3.4GHz LGA1151 SR2BTGraphics: Gigabyte GTX 980RAM: Hyperx Furry DDR4 2133MHzMotherboard: Gigabyte Aorus H370 LGA1151
  7. I had a issue with my PC losing power, I found spots of corrsion on the motherboard and the outside of the PSU. I ordered a new case, motherboard and PSU. I have all the new bits, put it together and when I hit power it turns on for a few seconds then turns off, after a second it then turns back on the whole process repeats. I noticed some red LEDs on the motherboard first the CPU light flash's red for 0.5-1 sec then the goes off, then DRAM light goes for about 2 sec then it goes off then the vga light goes on for a instant before the whole thing powers off. I have