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    "Coding" The game "Oceanox"
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    Coded Anti-A, a globally used piece of software.
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    Professional Time Waster.


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    Intel I5-2400
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    8gb DDR3
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    Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1050TI
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    No case, It's on my table
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    500gb Seagate HDD
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    Dell F255E-01 V6V76
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    Pixio PX329
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    Intel Stock heat sink
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    Razer Blackwidow elite
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    Razer Naga (The old one!!!)
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    Manjaro Linux

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  1. As an Arma player I use the Arma Unix launcher. In order to play, I had to install Arma using proton, then run it though the Arma Unix Launcher. Make sure you have the game and Workshop path configured properly.
  2. I need to actually make my specs my real specs and not just a joke

  3. I am using Manjaro with Kde. After changing this splash screen, the computer worked perfectly fine for a few days. Now, it wont make it past this screen. I can still go to the terminal with ctrl alt f2.
  4. Fixed it and im going to try testing it right now. Also yes, I verified the IP reservation.
  5. I asked my ISP and they told me that they don't limit any of my ports, so all is okay from their end. I have two SSIDS, one is 5g and the other is 2.4g (of course. I have no guest networks. I have configured my router to use googles DNS servers ( There are no QOS ooptimizations. I have a IP reservation for my pc (which im using to host Sven Coop) and my phone. IPV6 is enabled. Something i just noticed which is probably the promblem is that my router is set to an incorrect timezone.
  6. Whenever i try to port-forward a game, lets say Sven Coop, my internet dies right afterwards. Could this be an issue with the settings of my router or just an issue with its firmware? I'm using a Netgear Nighthawk R6700v3 and it is running the latest firmware.
  7. Im actually worried for your own well being, never plug in a random storage device that you just found on the ground in the middle of no-where.
  8. The only anime Ive ever enjoyed enough to want to constantly talk about was Watamote. It's a cringe-comedy based around a teenage girl who wants to be popular. Here's a crunchy roll link: https://bit.ly/37aWz1K
  9. VoiceMeter looks like what i needed, thank you.
  10. I hoping to find a piece of software that as more settings than the standard windows 10 audio control panel. Could somebody help me.
  11. Are there any benefits of using one or the other? I have been using an Inkjet printer for most of my life and never encountered any problems with it.
  12. At 3ghz and 1 core, Intels amazing design of their processors are still used today. Does anyone remember this little guy?
  13. I have been looking at Wifi Range Extenders on Amazon from Netgear and Tp-link. I have area outside of my main house that i need covered by wireless (On 5ghz band). Would it be a better idea to invest in an access point, or get one of these repeaters? Or would it be efficient to configure a router as a Access point?