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  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers..
  2. try using another manufacturer's software and see if they have a mode that suits you..
  3. I've had mine for two years now actually have two of there rgb/fan controllers hooked up together no problems with it syncing to my MoBo either I'm using an msi board.
  4. I have had one for two years now i love it you can use it6 with or without a pc.. I have always used the pc with it though but it has always work flawlessly for me..
  5. go into the bios and change it back to ahci find a youtube video on how to get a dell bios if you do not know how..
  6. Are the fans plugged in in order like all 4 fans in line 1234 if there are more than 4 ports try putting them in order hope you can understand me..
  7. The cpu needs the downward force to push the cpu in socket you probably burnt that cpu up.. never ever start up a pc without the cpu cooler on it.
  8. Go to the hardware store you can get a nut that wiil get you going.
  9. The threads are way different man. what you need to do is very carefully pull up on the board when you try unscrewing the screws since there the wrong thread they fit and spin your board can come loose from vibrations over time too.
  10. Raise your ram voltage to 1.4 and try that you should be fine. when running 4 or more sticks is pretty hard on them too.
  11. I would love to hear more if you don't mind!!
  12. Has this pc ever booted while you have owned it?
  13. What he is saying is they overclock themselfs and they do a damn good job at it.. The better your cooling the better it will clock and for a longer time..
  14. Hows that lucky RAM clock'in these days you made to 4000mhz yet Bro!!!! JK bro sorry?